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Adore God, abhor sin" is the message of Jesus to all.

Updated on December 25, 2015

Gain the Lord!

Relinquish the Ego to reach the Self!

Attachment to forms causes immense grief in the mind of all people. Still people are entangled in the web of mundane life attaching themselves to their kith and kin, wealth and properties, power and position and their personal preferences. Many scriptures assert that Maya or illusion entices everyone. The fact is that we are clinging to Maya and not the other way round. We tightly grip the mundane world and complain that we are trapped. No, we are mistaken. None traps us except our own attachments. Hence some spiritual texts clarify that “I” and “Mine” are two great shackles of individuals.

How to get rid of “I” (ego) and “Mine” (possessiveness)? It is not so easy. For many generations of previous births, we retain the strong attachment to the body which is nothing but ego. Hence, slowly we have to turn our focus from the body to the Self within. The self is the repository of all holiness and hence all blessings. One who focuses his entire attention on the self alone is sure to reach the self. Otherwise, one who always tends his body and pampers it has no chance for redemption in a particular life. The more we are immersed in the thoughts of mundane life, the more grief and pain we will undergo. Hence every human being should try to escape from this mundane existence by following the disciplines ordained in their religious scriptures. We would have wasted the precious chance of human life, if we always cater to the whims of the mind which is attached to the body.

Sufferings are inevitable on earth. We are witnessing the sufferings of many people around the globe and come to know through print and visual media. Even the wealthiest and powerful suffer due to worries which cannot be offset by material possessions. Hence all the people now suffer due to various causes. The leaders of countries are concerned with acts of terrorism, rebellions, price rice and insecure atmosphere everywhere. While the ordinary peasant is worried about loss of crops due to floods or draught, the middle class people suffer due to misrule by the authorities in government. In addition, all the people are confronted with newer epidemics which have no known remedy. Current generation is the most affected due to unknown medical conditions which turn into life threatening. The economy is also not presenting a rosy picture. Some governments are spending billions of rupees on space exploration and other unproductive programs. The fundamental concern should be to alleviate hunger and thirst of the poor citizens. Hence, the amount spent on space exploration could have been spent for amelioration of basic needs of citizens.

We watch with consternation the frequent wars that are going on in Middle East, Afghanistan, Syria, and Iraq and in Nigeria. Terrorists threaten the very existence of human society. Peace is nowhere to be seen. Only Divine intervention can solve all the problems faced by human society everywhere around the globe. There is no single Nation which is peaceful and harmonious. These conditions were predicted in many of the ancient religious texts of Islam, Christian and Hinduism. This is the Dark Age where only evil takes the upper hand over righteousness. Hence, by definition, the condition of the lives of the people is clouded with ignorance and most of the people are engaged in immoral ways of living. The heinous crimes against humanity are on the rise day by day. The newspapers each day bring reports on many atrocities in most of the regions of the world. Children and women suffer innumerable tortures at the hands of terrorists. There is none to check these beastly behavior patterns. Evil needs to be erased from the face of the earth once for all. Since evil is deeply ingrained in the mindsets of most of the people, the sufferings it brings engulf the entire globe. People who fear god and live in truthful manner too suffer at the hands of evil persons. It seems that humanity undergoes punishments at the hands of nature for the transgressions of the past. Observing the situations everywhere, we all must abandon the old ways of evil mongering and focus only on virtuous activities. If we do good deeds we will reap good results surely. If we engage in evil activities, it is sure to retaliate on us. Hence “Adore God and abhor sin”. This is the main message of Jesus to entire humanity!

Messages of wisdom!


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    • profile image

      saisarannaga 2 years ago from Chennai in Tamilnadu, India.

      Merry Christmas to dear friend and family.

    • manatita44 profile image

      manatita44 2 years ago from london

      Timeless message. So beautiful! Merry Christmas!