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Subtle Reality

Updated on July 24, 2019
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Life study of awareness and non-linear patterns of perceptions. Life is what You perceive it to be ...

Thinking Outside of the Box ... A Study in the Abstract.

This Hub is a tease trying to push You to look beyond socially conditioned patterns of thinking and belief.

The gap between

Subtle reality is the gap between awake and asleep, between life and death, between this and that. Subtle reality is the gap of empty bliss. It is the reality we go to when we day dream. We can slide our awareness to enter the subtle reality. It is the unseen reality that exists within our minds, waiting patiently for us to find.

Subtle reality is the space of a deep state of meditation blessing us with its feeling of bliss. Sliding awareness into the subtle reality via a meditative day dream is one way to enter it while maintaining a degree of control. This is essentially what my paper on Sliding awareness discusses in more detail. To enter subtle reality in this way one simply calms the mind into a mild day dream state and then imagines themselves moving into the day dream while remaining conscious. It takes a little practice, but is fairly easy to do. Obviously more practice brings better control and success.

Brain Hack - Hang onto your your Seats!

Space without thought

Subtle reality is what I am calling the mental space without thought or between thoughts. It is the world one experiences while enjoying a mental state of calm empty bliss. It also can be the reality of deep dreams or even day dreams. It's just a buzz word used to label many states of non-ordinary reality. The dream world can be said to be one state of subtle reality, also what people refer to as the astral world would be another state of it. It is basically a general state of subconscious mind. To study subtle reality is to study subconscious mind.

Subtle reality is also the dream state where all originates before being manifested into the world we know. It is the space where dreams occur, where all new ideas of creation begin before being created. A general state of dreams and behind dreams, the place where angels and demons live and play. Where our joys come to life as angels and our fears come to life as demons. In this world we can work directly with subconscious issues within our mind. It is not a land for the feint of heart, as it can be filled with dangers. One can effectively attack and kill their fears in the subtle reality, but could also be overwhelmed by them. Subtle reality is the world of unconscious mind that we can learn to become conscious of and use in positive helpful ways. It is also possible to be harmed in the subtle reality if one meets a fear demon that is beyond the their ability to overcome.

Subtle reality has much potential for mental health and as of this time has not had much study. I believe it is a whole new world that has only slightly been touched on by medical science, but with much potential for positive use. This is because this idea or view is mostly outside of our normal state of awareness, due to life's distractions. Through the ages there have always been a few people who have dabbled in it. The occult has been dealing with subtle reality for thousands of years, but there are many other uses for this to be studied. I think there is a whole new science here that has yet to be touched on by serious students of mental / spiritual health.

Light thru the Trees

See the light - Be the LIGHT shining thru the trees.
See the light - Be the LIGHT shining thru the trees. | Source

Just for Fun - Use the gap of surprise to bend time!

The gap of surprise can be used in various ways to cause effects. This is a study of time and how it works. Time is a concept that we use to measure our life span and the life span of the universe on the macro scale. As a concept it is mental and can be used to help us in several different ways.

Did you ever notice that when we are having fun or are very busy time seems to move faster. When we are bored or doing something we do not like, time seems to move slower. I say to you now that this is because time is only real in the sense that it is a mental concept, a yardstick if you will. Time in the past is a memory and in the future is a hope or conjecture. It's all mental and the only time that is real is right now, which continues forever. Using this as a basis we can bend our concepts of how time appears to move. Also, have you ever noticed that when we are surprised or shocked time seems to stop for a split second. This we can call the gap of surprise. But its not time that stops, its our thoughts. The gap is really a gap in our thinking process. Using this gap of surprise we can appear to speed up time for a split second. Imagine you are in a fist fight and suddenly your opponent does something that shocks you into surprise. In this split second you are caught in this gap, now he can punch you in the face without you being able to react. I'm sure with some imagination we can find more positive uses of this tool, but you get the idea behind it.

Bend or Kick time - using the gap of surprise we can appear to bend time slightly allowing us to react while the other is caught in amazement. This occurs when you do or say something that causes the others mind to stop and consider what just happened. While they are caught in their gap of surprise you keep following through.

Stop time - To appear to stop time for an instant you basically do the same thing, throw the other into a gap pf surprise. Another way time appears to stop is when your mind stops thinking. So in effect to create the illusion of stopping time, stop your thought process. The gap created in your mind between thoughts will cause time to appear to stop.

Speed time - To cause the illusion of speeding time you would put yourself into a feeling of pure joy and ecstasy by controlling the thoughts going through your mind. To accomplish this simply keep your attention on these thoughts of joy and ignore any other thoughts. If they come just let them go by without focusing any attention on them.

Slow time - To cause time to appear to slow down do the same as speeding time in reverse. Think about things that bore you or simply do not put your attention on any thoughts that pass by. This is also how you achieve the state of mind I call empty bliss by simply not putting your focus on any thoughts. In empty bliss time appears to stop into a calm state of bliss.

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

© 2019 Randy Horizon


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