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After the passion of christ

Updated on September 21, 2016

A woman walked along the streets and roads and distributed a Christian tract as she walked. A picture of Jesus Christ knocking at someone’s heart was on the Christian tract and something like “he is still knocking and if you open the door he will come in” was written on the Christian tract. I was touched by the Christian tract as I wondered how long Jesus will have to stand and knock at people’s heart. Some people will wonder why he is still knocking after all that was done to him. The answer can be that he wants to save the soul of men. But not everyone believes that Jesus saved humanity by his death on the cross and so many people will not accept that as an answer although they do not know if he is knocking at their door or not. If some of them knew that he is at their door they will simply open the door and kill him again. Some people will crucify him again if he comes a second. Why will they not crucify him again when some men are even ready to crucify God if only they can see him?

No wonder my father said that God is so wise that he stayed where the mortals cannot see him because he knows we mortals have a lot of questions that needs answers. People will flood (in large number) the house of God, if he has a house on earth, and some people will try to kill him. We do not need to argue or doubt what men can do because it was said that Satan rebelled against God and we know that such rebellious minds still exists and can easily come up, if men know where to find God, especially by those who direct their sufferings, pains, and heartbreak to God or those who believe God does not exist and should not exist. Let us not forget that the devil has agents. Therefore, Jesus Christ should not expect total love from all despite that, it is said, he desires to save humanity.

It was not easy for Jesus to pass through the pains of the cross. Left for him alone, he may not have done it. He may not have suffered the pains though some people would doubt and make it look like an easy task but let them remember that he even prayed and said, “Not my will but let your will be done.” He also said, “If you will let this cup pass me by.” His comment confirmed that it was not an easy task for him as many have taught. That was why I penned that “Jesus felt the pains, the pains were great for him to bear yet he held on till the end.”

The Christian tract reminds me of the movie “the passion of Christ,” the movie confirmed the pains he passed through and his prayers to God. Many people were touched by the movie, even those who did not get the clear picture from the bible got it from the movie and they got more passion for Christ. That is why it is good to know your passion for Christ. Do you have passion for Christ after the passion he showed by what he did?

My own passion is for many people who have suffered injustice in various stages of human history. My passion is for those who have fought and those still fighting for, love, unity, peace, equity, and above all for justice. Most of the injustice was because of ignorance of men. That was the same ignorance that led to the crucifixion of Christ, the killing and persecution of Christians, the rejection of Mohammad by his people, the pains of the other religious founders, slavery, racism, apartheid among others.

It is because my passion is for many people that my ground is created for all who love justice to trend on without bias. Therefore, if you do not have passion for Christ after the passion of Christ then consider those men who fought for the independence of Nations like George Washington.

Consider those men who fought against slavery like Abraham Lincoln.

Consider those men who fought against apartheid, like Nelson Mandela.

Consider those men who fought against racism, human right abuses, and religious tolerance like Martin Luther King Jr.

Consider those men like William Sharepares who wrote love stories for you so that you can learn how to love and be loved.

No matter what you are or what you choose to believe and if you are not a devil, you must have a passion for someone or some people because the freedom you enjoy today was fought and won by men if not for these men, your freedom would have been compromised till the present day and I may not even have the permission to write nor will you have the right to read whatever you want. You may not have passion for Christ because of your religious conviction but if you truly love justice and desire justice for yourself and for others, then you must have passion for those men who fought to make the world a better place for all to co-exist in peace, love, unity, happiness, and justice. Truly, it should be the desire of God that we mortals keep these virtues and it is useless to worship a loving God that would be more interested in your praises and worship without minding if you keep these virtues that are important for human peaceful co-existences. If the statement is false, then to what purpose did Christ show his passion by his death on the cross? Did he die that he would be worshipped as it is been done today or did he die so that man can change their ways and turn away from evil?

Therefore your desire and effort to keep these virtues would, at least for a start and a prove of your passion for Christ after the passion of Christ.

N. K. David

Author of the book

“It is time we truly know why Jesus wept at the grave of Lazarus”

Published by author house UK Ltd and it is available worldwide online stores and on the publisher's website.

It’s a most read for all humanity


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