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Albert Einstein was here

Updated on May 10, 2010

No prince Albert here

so he speaks .....


It has been a month since Albert Einstein was here at my home...and at a time in my body...speaking his jargon through my lips. Wow at I knew very little about this man, However I now have a very real sense of who he is and what he really was.

My daughter (in college) was having a hard time with a physics problem...she asked me to intuitively help her with the answer. All of a sudden I saw angles and the number 3 ....3 times within the dimensions...and I told her what I saw and she was able to get the answer from what little I actually could share. Then a week later she asked again.......I closed my eyes and said 9....she says "mom that was the answer...I need the equation" I told her...." well it does not work that"

A few days later...... I was in the kitchen doing dishes and I felt like something popped me in the a hand hit me.......I felt light touches on me all day. As I was telling Haley about that....she said my voice changed and I said : You dont like me" Haley assured me that she did.......she said "mom I really do"but she was perplexed at my new voice and irritation with her. I said then to her " No you don't....because I am so nice!!!" Haley knew then this was not me speaking and she asked who this might be? I told her I felt Albert was here...and she asked if it was Albert Einstein................I was able to give a nod yes, She said I snapped out of it for about 20 minutes when I ask her if she would help me talk to him. He had been here a week or so...showing me his laughter and antics and I was ready to ask him some questions....and I felt she would be able to ask the better questions. What we found next was more of a confession than any scientific equation that he could have formulated.

While I was in a trance...and he was speaking thru me...Haley asked a question on his theory of relativity. From what she has explained to me...he was sharing that if you threw a ball in the air ...that the speed was not what it appeared...due to the velocity and density of the air....and so on.... I wasn't really there

He showed me a T shirt that had his equation of realtivity on it.... intead of the " got milk " T shirt i had seen in the past and he was laughing...and seemed to be laughing at us.

He kept repeating that we had his theory all wrong.....but he then went into his childhood.....and showed me his house and his mother....he was in the backyard with some little boys near his age, He mentioned to Haley that something happened with his mom and he had to go live with another family member.... He showed his arrogance for his wife and said he never loved her....and then showed me a pic of his cousin that he married. He shared how ugly he was as a person but how he loved his cousin.

Haley spent much of her thought making sure I was It took much energy to do this. We spent 3 hours doing this...he had so much to say.... but when I ask she was worried about me....she said she wished someone nice and not famous had come to us. I have to admit he was arrogant and not so nice in his ideas that we all are beneath him in intelligence, but I think I now know what he was talking about ...with us having his theory all wrong. Right before he passed he was working on the "string theory" and scientist today have taken his works and now feel he was wrong in that theory........go figuire.....Albert is still laughing at us..and feels he was correct .................

Well I never heard of a string theory until Albert graced my home and then my body....and wish I could remember all the 3 hours he was here with and in me........and Haley...bless her heart....could care less about this experience as it is not unusual in our home, but I didn't know anything about Einstien until he revealed...and I for one thought it was exciting for him to choose me to talk to.

So much was shared that night and I can only remember small slivers here and there.......but I know he wasn't a warm and fuzzy individual....and his arrogance was exuded..........thats enough to keep me from asking him to dinner!



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    • someonewhoknows profile image

      someonewhoknows 6 years ago from south and west of canada,north of ohio

      I guess I have the honor of being the first to comment on this experiance of yours with Einstein.I'm wondering if it was truely him or someone Impersonating him as I've heard that a discarnate being has lived many more lives and that the way they resemble the way they looked when they were living.This appearition if that's what it was.You didn't "see" him I gather when he related to you that he was Einstein.Do you have telapathic abilities? If,he ever makes contact again ask him what he thinks of science as it's practiced today.I think he already answered that though in his laughter.

    • Momma Mia profile image

      Momma Mia 6 years ago from North Carolina

      Hi someonewhoknows thank you for being the one and only to comment on this hub. He showed me his face often thru out that week and I was more interested in figuiring out why he of all souls would want to talk to me. After his visit I did some research on his theories and got aquainted with "wormholes' and such on time travel. I have been calling it mind travel...but none the less its all there for someone open to it. I do have telepathic abilities as well. Last night I had an Out of body and was texting someone, and her friend recieved the whole entire conversation and called my friend to ask questions, I will have to analyze this, for it may be that person is very gifted or my friend has a very soulful connection with her and was able to recieve from that aspect. we shall see. My life is never boring LOL

      thanks again for reading and the awesome comment!!



    • S Leretseh profile image

      S Leretseh 5 years ago

      Do you have any power over which spiritual entity appears before you?

    • Momma Mia profile image

      Momma Mia 5 years ago from North Carolina

      Hi S Leretseh

      Thank you for stopping by and reading. The question you pose is a great one, my answer may not be elaborate enough but here goes... I feel I have no power and that God works through me. Since we are created in Gods image I feel that this side of reality crosses closely over to Gods world.... and I am so blessed he allows me to be a part. Thanks again for your time.



    • davidkaluge profile image

      davidkaluge 5 years ago

      Albert left his name in the foot print of time. I heard he never really did well in school at first but later it seems he was the best in his time. How was that? Can it be liken to the story of Bill Gate? There are many things left that should be done.

    • Momma Mia profile image

      Momma Mia 5 years ago from North Carolina

      Yes he did leave his footprint in time and should be applauded for his many efforts and answers in our lifetime! Thank you for reading and your great comments!You are def someone that would be fun to talk to and get a great true debate with ...I love that!! Hope you have the most wonderful week davidkaludge!


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