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Alien Abduction - a Partial Recall of an Invasive Ufo Encounter / Chapter 1

Updated on September 15, 2019

The following series of excerpts were taken from a true story which I've managed to piece together by drawing upon vivid past memories combined with carefully documented physical evidence pertaining to an incredible core experience, and subsequent periodic spurts of inexplicable paranormal happenings and occurrences, which may or may not be related to the original incident. A detailed chronicle of sequential events which may seem to the casual reader upon first impression, to exhibit the qualities or characteristics of an extraordinary, possibly even unbelievable documentary, which is certainly an understandable initial reaction until further exploration of this account is pursued. In a conscious effort to be as forthcoming as possible, standing before you as a primary witness who is an officially certified rational thinking person, even I find it difficult at times to comprehend, reconcile, accept, or believe the experience at face value in its totality, when the aged ingrained mental scenes are automatically rewound, and uncontrollably played back in recall mode while in solitude. But I can assure you, it did happen, and to the absolute best of my re-collective ability, all intricate details that I can possibly manage to extract, will be plucked from the past and presented here for your consumption. Hopefully, my words as written, will serve not only as a chronicle for intrigued, interested universal viewership, but as unintentional therapeutic healing sessions for distinctly unique visitors to this site whom may have had their own mind penetrating and body testing, arduous encounter that now continuously forces them to unwillingly enter an unknown physical or quasi illusionary venue only to participate in the inexplicable, invasive agenda which is part and parcel of the far reaching grip of the alien abduction phenomenon. I hope you can find a place of solace, comfort, a natural sense of inclusion, and most importantly, a semblance of normality in my words. For it is written just as much for you as I.

In the past, I had always been reluctant to publish the photos I've been fortunate enough to capture and retain over the course of time however, once I began the process of developing the presentation concept, laying out the chronological order of events unto the self engineered blueprint from which to follow, and organizing the myriad of ideas and related data stored within my memory upon parchment, in complete visual harmony and time syncopation with the literary works, I had decided to finally, after so many years of mild trepidation, share the images in their pristine state for additional perspective and clarity. And for the first time in my life, I fear not the public skepticism that I might be subjected to, for it is understandable, accepted, duly noted, yet shall demonstrably pale in comparison to the uninvited psychological and spiritual testing born out of my terrifying, life altering ordeal.

If you are not inclined to do so, I ask you to please keep an open mind as together we explore a genuine, prima facie, first hand account commingled and inherently interwoven with intermittent gray area passages and excerpts that have been unintentionally relegated to a state of suspended judgement and classification for decades. To my knowledge, nothing contained within this brutally honest account falls into the surreal or ambiguous realm of "Pseudo Reality" although my skepticism level presumably along with yours, is and always had been healthy and true to form. In an effort to finalize the experience, I've systematically embarked upon an exceedingly difficult, lifelong, precious time consuming quest to find the ever elusive true answers so I can definitively understand and properly classify these reality challenging excerpts, which ultimately depict either real, delusional, or, a yet undiscovered psychological "Hybrid" mental account of events that happened during and following my UFO experience, to no avail. I can say with the utmost confidence however, following extensive psychological and mechanical testing, competency evaluation, recall enhancing hypnosis, which rendered clean capacity certification from the finest of professionals, that the vast majority of my experiences, which will be forthcoming and shared here in this chronicle for the very first time, is unequivocally true and not a synthetically induced by-product of a known or unknown altered state of consciousness or reactionary act of the sub-consciousness.

A non fictional, partial recall of real, solid, tangible life changing events at which there were two other witnesses or "Experiencees", while unfortunately the balance of this now public diary remains unexplainable to this very day. An unforgettable life shattering encounter that inexplicably continues to foster and feed an unwelcome, unsettling, and at times deeply disturbing environment from which manifests in the occasional spontaneous flurry of physical and emotional terror that I cannot to this very day, intercept, prevent, nor intervene to mitigate intensity once it begins. Fortunately for me, and an extremely close knit family unit consisting of respected loved ones, all of whom I cherish unwaveringly, this seemingly unavoidable, invasive, indiscriminately violating regimen I've been involuntarily subjected to, is precipitously interrupted by vast, expansive, peaceful time and space intervals which fill the voids. Intervals in which contain Utopian like fulfilling segments of joyous, euphoric, and no less than sensational life experiences. Here is my story and words in lucid retrospect.

- RECENT UFO SIGHTING - The object depicted here differs from my original encounter years ago - 2 of 3 lights (Lower Left) appeared to be attached to a structured triangular craft - A tree line skirt then disappeared -
- RECENT UFO SIGHTING - The object depicted here differs from my original encounter years ago - 2 of 3 lights (Lower Left) appeared to be attached to a structured triangular craft - A tree line skirt then disappeared -

---- "You will never truly believe until it happens to you, and when it does, you will never find those who truly believe it happened to you" ----

The Genesis

The following partial recall of this fact based account intertwined with interludes of visceral exercises, which will be presented uncensored, in several segmented entries here at this venue, is just that, a meticulously chronicled diary accompanied by associated images that document what I, and two very close friends of mine encountered one fateful early summer evening. An experience they still refuse to utter a single passing word about to this very day, albeit the distance between the time when this intrusive incident actually occurred, and each passing day, has dramatically blossomed from years to decades. Surreal, confusing, disturbing, mesmerizing, fascinating, terrifying, and unquestionably life changing, are just a few short, exceedingly inadequate words that cannot even begin to fully describe what would subsequently turn out to be a possible connection or link to an excruciatingly painful, physically demanding, and mentally strenuous affair presumably the direct result of my personal encounter that was neither solicited nor appreciated in any way. An uninvited, sweeping anguish in totality which I have fortunately learned over the years to reign in, re-direct, control to a certain degree, and manage to the best of my ability out of necessity through unprecedented trial and error.

Fortunately, these unprecedented, somewhat exhausting, energy draining exercises I've been forced to develop without the aid of previous hand book knowledge, those which are specifically designed to thwart and stave off the detrimental impact of this unknown force as I continue to fight on with a righteous struggle emanating from within to find coherent, logical answers before the inevitable day arrives when I can no longer handle the physical demands required to perform necessary research, or possibly enter a mentally challenging or even incompetent stage of life that can significantly reduce a persons capacity, have helped me to maintain what highly skilled professionals would certify as an above average level of sanity. A relatively relaxed, balanced psychological state that I'd enjoyed my entire life which enables me to fully engage in the entire spectrum of daily casual and intimate activities for which I am very grateful. Normalcy, like the vast majority of us.

Unfortunately for those who are afflicted, apparently as a result of random selection or some other arbitrary sinister process, you learn to live with, cope with, and try to eventually mitigate the almost unbearably challenging circumstances of this hidden agenda through performing a rigid sequence of thought filtering and blockage exercises, or mind control manipulations. But unfortunately, even after innumerable painstaking years of conditioning your defenses to perfection through unwavering willpower testing discipline, to deal with the unique, seemingly surreal situation that induces energy draining circumstances, always wonder what life would have been like if you had been passed by and it never happened. My determination and perseverance to "Block Out" and conquer my daily struggle in an effort to retain peace of mind has delivered me spiritually to a place in which I can, and have in the past, led a very fulfilling and productive life despite the undeniable existence of a still unidentified menacing force that constantly lurks with impunity on the outer fringes of my conscious and subconscious being.

There is one invaluable positive however that I've managed to inadvertently extract and salvage out of this grueling, predominantly inconclusive, involuntary yet fortuitous calling. I do believe, with all my very essence, I'm the closest I've ever been to definitively deciphering the basic underlying concept of "Life" as we know it here within the tangible and invisible confines of our rigidly structured world situated in environmental perfection third celestial body from the sun. It suddenly appeared to me as a quasi prophetic, post encounter quatrain and the contents of which were revealed to me while in a lucid state of clarity, are demonstrably more meaningful, highly cherished, and I contend, rise to the highest spiritual level at par with sacred scripture. Not such a bad consolation for enduring the challenges that confront me. Blessing, curse, or something in between? I've stopped myself from engaging in the brutally vicious psychological circle of endlessly searching for the answer to what I now believe to be an unanswerable question until of course convinced otherwise - "For those who have claimed miraculous access to closely held privileged knowledge, will knowingly and without hesitation, only share with subordinate followers a skewed, preferred version. So I've learned how to alter the effects, and not my life nor core beliefs" -

- CLASSIC "DISC" or "SAUCER" SHAPE - A rough sketch made shortly after the encounter illustrates some of the peculiar unconventional features of the craft -
- CLASSIC "DISC" or "SAUCER" SHAPE - A rough sketch made shortly after the encounter illustrates some of the peculiar unconventional features of the craft -
Within the setting of a typically mundane, warm, uncomfortable, annoyingly sticky, humid early summer evening in Central New England - The late afternoon once again began to recede as the genesis of another twilight almost simultaneously materialized to observe her passing. The sky was crisp, translucent, and abnormally clear, accompanied by companion stars randomly flickering in a silent symphony situated off in the distance while emitting a subdued, faint, pin point iridescence as they always do at that time of day. Nothing noticeably unusual or different in the air or physical realm, just what seemed like at first impression, to be the beginning of a normal, orderly, non eventful mandatory transition from a typical Saturday, into the anxiously awaiting spirituality filled average Sunday. It always begins this way -
Suddenly, in unison, as if controlled by an unforeseen supernatural hand, my friends and I abruptly stopped engaging in our mischievous adolescent banter, then immediately looked toward the northeastern skies all as one, we then turned to observe each others reaction. Stunned, shocked, and utterly perplexed, we stood motionless as hearts began to signal the very beginning of what would ultimately turn out to be an ultra hyper emotional experience about to engulf and test to the limits our youthful yet seemingly paralyzed bodies. This object was no obscure, minuscule, natural nor synthetic terrestrial originated light illuminating the evening sky far off in the distance, this was absolutely no conventional aircraft, this was no pre-planned experimental military stealth exercise, nor planet or star, it was a crystal clear, unambiguous structured manifestation of something unrecognizable, an unknown. Off in the distance, roughly two hundred feet away and one hundred feet in altitude, floated softly and slowly, a very large, silent, illuminating, stereotypical saucer shaped structured airborne craft as we all watched motionless for mere minutes but what seemed like hours. I was stressed, disturbed, excited, confused, fascinated and to my utter horror as I slowly come to grips with the incident in regression and retrospect, possibly even probed, scanned, and tagged for future electronic surveillance, but was unaware at the time -

Forthcoming Bio

By all means, not an indiscriminate indulgence nor self adulation exercise in any way, those of whom I've built a solid fulfilling life around over the years I'm confident would surely attest to this fact, but considering the somewhat anticipated, potentially lofty degree of healthy skepticism and or discourse I may find myself in the midst of for merely publishing a story which questions our very genesis, existence, and the implied or expressed spiritual laws by which we conduct our everyday lives, I do feel an inherent obligation to recite here in writing, a succinctly articulated foundation outlining the basic fundamentals which briefly yet accurately, describe who I am. Including insight regarding my personal religious belief preferences both past and present.

Although I've always had a proclivity for, and inherent intense curiosity toward exploring the sciences and related subjects, an absolute favorite of mine in high school which has grown into an unbridled hunger filled passion satisfied only through extensive study, I have always been considered by friends, family, and informal acquaintances, as a levelheaded, intelligent, rational thinking person not necessarily prone to over extended imagination. The "Professionals" apparently agreed. "Show me the prima facie evidence for I shall not convict with merely circumstantial assertions, allegations, nor innuendo" is one sentence that could accurately describe my inherent need to actually see something before my very eyes to believe it, for better or worse.

I've been told I'm very creative, imaginative, innovative, passionately romantic about so many aspects of life yet still securely grounded in reality and presumably devoid of all but the most common of delusional tendencies. I am certainly no stranger to spirituality and a particular mainstream religion in which I was transitioned into at a very young age, however my practice of such faith would not be considered to the extreme nor unhealthy measure. I, like just about everyone else I'd encountered during my life, both casually and intimately, had at one time during my adolescent through young adult years, experimented with reasonably measured quantities of alcohol and very mild doses of the "Herbal Experience", all of which were willfully terminated and voluntarily excused from my life by the time I had reached the all knowing age of twenty four. I fantasize yet do not live my life in a psychological state of detached reality, and on several occasions subsequent to my encounter, I've been delicately seduced into a hypnotic state under the close supervision of a formally trained, highly educated and qualified professional. Memory probing hypnosis sessions with a sole purpose and intent calibrated exclusively toward discovering once and for all, what exactly happened to me on that early summer evening when everything changed forever. An unwanted, intrusive violation without my permission nor consent.

The Psychiatrist

A good man, a kindhearted, well mannered man, an extremely intelligent, highly capable, and knowledgeable man, soft spoken yet firm and confident, slightly eccentric yet rigidly academic accentuated and contrasted by a cordial, friendly demeanor. Observing his interactions one could easily assume he was revered by peers and subordinate staff as the quintessential psychiatric healer in many aspects. I opened up completely, willingly, and without reservation. Emotionally disarmed and enthusiastically encouraged by his precise diction, eloquent speech, conviction in his delivery, and deliberate, seemingly competent suggestions. For the very first time since my encounter, a true sense of hope had finally struck down my confusion and desperation.

After rescinding my protective defensive posture and finding a brief interlude of comfort from within, my mind flashed. This was it I thought, in a few moments or hours, or at most a couple inconvenient weeks, while in both a conscious or subconscious state, I would be induced to incrementally draw upon the enlightening segments of my deeply submerged, previously un-retrievable memories that had been inexplicably suppressed for so long, and within a reasonable amount of time, have the ability to rapidly piece the blueprint together allowing us to eventually unveil the truth regarding what had actually happened to me. And after each uncomfortably enlightening mind expanding recall session with this seemingly masterful mental "Fixer", I would finally be relieved of my intermittent physical pain and concurrent emotional bondage. When the Doctor stepped out of the room for a moment I prayed to god and swore to the holy heavens. When he returned, I'm sure he could see the visible signs of distress that had surfaced in my young innocent eyes, which try as they might, could not contain nor camouflage the remnants of no less than a handful of tears, maybe more.

Before I was excused from the initial orientation, he gave me a tranquilizer that I reluctantly swallowed with the much needed assistance of a small dixie cup filled with sparkling fountain water. Ingesting the small blue pill frightened me to death. Not simply because I was instructed to take it, but because his overt suggestion that I needed even mild pharmaceutical assistance in the form of a mainstream sedative, enlightened me to realize the first true indications about the potential severity of my symptoms which inadvertently revealed in spades, my restless underlying psychological state. With implications of my condition fresh in my mind and looming large until next visit, I stood up, thanked him for all the initial help, walked out of the cozy yet foreign place of purported therapeutic healing, made it home safely, walked obliquely through the doorway accompanied with each passing step by the supportive hand of a loved one and somewhat eerie sounding, slightly audible creeks emanating from the aging maple hardwood floor, managed to wearily make my way to a relaxing, much earned horizontal spread on the living room couch as the pharma began to hijack my natural motor skills, looked up toward the ceiling in utter terror at what began to happen. Then immediately, without further confrontation nor protective measures, fell asleep until the next morning.

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