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Alien Abductions The Reality What Happens

Updated on December 31, 2010

Alien Ship Scene from Fire in the Sky Warning Graphic and Disturbing!

2nd Part

Alien Abductions The Reality

I'm sure you've seen the previews for the new film The Fourth Kind the new movie about abduction accounts from Nome Alaska. Here I will discuss the reality of abduction experiences. I'm willing to bet that this film will show and focus on the horror aspect of the abduction experience and I'm sure for those who are taken there is an element of horrific realism to what they perceived as a violation. So what are we to believe? What is happening to these people? Is it just another fainted attempt by some people looking for their moment in the limelight? Is it that these people have had what to them seemed real but may be explained by psychological problems or hallucinations? Are they being influenced by the media and the images of aliens that now permiate our consciousness from movies and magazines? The truth is we cannot truly say yes to any of these questions. It may be a sort of mass hallucination, shared by many individuals but what ever it is... real or psychological this is a real phenomenon and should be considered and treated as a real problem in the realm of medicine and psychology. People do seem to believe they've been taken at night from their homes and taken aboard vessels by these beings and that they were experimented on and even claim and have had surgically removed what they call implants from their bodies. What is this phenomena and why is it happening to people? These are the questions I am asking here.

Alien Abduction

Man being beamed into a saucer!
Man being beamed into a saucer!

alien abduction

What is an Alien Abduction?

For years now people have been reporting being taken from their homes, cars, and other locations and being whisked away in nightmarish scenarios by unknown creatures that seem to have technology unlike any known to exist here on Earth. People have reported being taken from their rooms while sleeping, stopped on a highway while driving, or even taken from a boat in the middle of a lake while camping. Most of the time these abductions happen at night when the person or persons are in bed. Some of the time electrical surges or even power outages occur when the phenomena is taking place. The victims report missing time where it seems that only a few minutes had past but hours have gone by suggesting a hypnotic trance like state. Later on they may find evidence or recall under stress or hypnosis that they were taken aboard an alien ship and that tests were conducted on them.

Famous Cases:

  1. Betty and Barny Hill Case - September 19th 1961 Betty and Barney Hill were driving back to Portsmouth New Hampshire when they saw a point of light in the sky. They would see through binoculars it was a disc shaped craft. On a nearly abandoned road the craft landed and humanoid figures could be observed moving around inside the craft. Later the Hills came to and they thought the incident was over. Berry discovered a strange pink like substance on her dress. Through hypnotic regression both Betty and Barney recalled the event in horrific detail. Betty even described a pregnancy test done through her naval a test not developed till years later and she also described how the aliens showed her a map of their home world and its relative star system which when placed against existing star charts seems to be the Zeta Reticuli star system.
  2. Travis Walton Case - In November 1975 Travis Walton and a team of timber cutters were driving in a truck in the mountains after a day working felling trees. They saw what they thought was a fire in the woods or a downed plane and drove near a clearing in the forests. Travis exited the vehicle to get a better look and was hit by a beam of light and the team drove away thinking he had died. Police investigators and news media outlets jumped into the fold and invaded the little town of Snow Flake Arizona to find out what had happened to the man. Search teams and investigations into a possible murder of the man were out in full force. on November 10th after missing for five days Travis called his friend to come get him out in the mountains. Polygraphs have been taken and show none of those that saw him be abducted are lying.
  3. The Allagash Four Incident - in 1976 four friend camping on a lake saw a light out over the lake at night. The four friends took their small boat out into the water to get a closer look. Once there a light came out and took them into the craft. All the men reported being gassed and drugged and them experimented on by insect like creatures aboard the ship. Later they were returned to their campsite and the fire they had left blazing was a pile of cinders.

In Conclusion

The truth is we have no real evidence that something is actually going on, no concrete proof either way. There are some scientists such as Doctor Roger Leir who removes objects from reported abductees but has been unable to find elements of an alien nature in the implants. But there is no smoking gun case, nothing showing that it really happens even video evidence doesn't show good enough proof now a days. So we are left to wonder what is happening here. I say it is just another in the long line of paranormal events we have no explanation for. One day we may know, perhaps some already do... but no matter what happens these experiences are real to those that have them. To those people I say good luck and god bless.


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    • profile image

      amelia 6 years ago

      Hi my name is amelia and i have a friend who was abducted by aliens her name was HIBO she was one amazing friend i wish people believed her :(

    • profile image

      nimo 6 years ago

      Thank you my teacher will be well happy with the information I'm bound to get an A*

    • profile image

      ron von der ahe,,,  7 years ago

      i saw travis on t v,,, he spoke about his abduction,,,

      when i was ,, 21 in college,,, also a private pilot,,, took first flying lesson when,, 14,,, my pop was flyer also,,, it is in the genom,,, i saw a U F O,,, i will never forget that night,,, after it went over,, i called

      Lambert,, feild,, St Louis,, spoke to A T C,, gave him speed and vector,, he said,,, i,m,,, watching it on radar

      as we speak,,, the goofy thing,,, was,, it did, not have a propulision that i could explain,,, little airplane,,

      goe,s ur rr rr rr rr rr,,,, jet,, goes,,, whooossssshhhhhh,, this craft was quiet,,, like levitation,,, it was metalic,,, like dirty copper patina

      it was not shiney,, and new looking,,, kind of stained,,

      it was very spookey,,, i was a skeptic,,, B,4,, but after

      not any more,,, we are not alone,,, i am,,,,

    • profile image

      Sparkster 7 years ago

      Interesting article. Funny how Stephen Hawking has just released a warning saying not to try to contact aliens as they could try to steal our resources! Yet he then goes on to explain that alien life is most likely microbial - can microbes really invade Earth and steal our resources?

    • prasetio30 profile image

      prasetio30 8 years ago from malang-indonesia

      nice information. thanks for sharing with us. Alien is still mystery for me.