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Alien Bases and UFOs on the Moon?

Updated on March 6, 2012

So, people think that the reason we never went to the moon is that we were told to stay off. Now who or what would tell us to stay off the moon? Why would NASA suddenly end the Apollo program after spending so much money getting there? Even at the end of the moon mission there were still several more missions planned, and the rockets were almost done. They just dropped everything and said we are not going back because we learned everything we can from the moon.

Edgar Mitchell in recent years has been an out spoken critic on NASA for abandoning the Apollo moon missions. Edgar Mitchell has also been noted in talking about classified information that he learned while he was in the NASA program about alien visitation, and Bases on the dark side of the moon. He claims he was privileged to meetings were the discussion between extremely high ranking officials revolved around the alien dilemma.

Other astronauts including Neil Armstrong commented to Houston control the “there are enormous ships across crater” They are standing their looking at us, and boy are they gigantic”. Both of these comments were recounted by Neil Armstrong in the first interviews and recordings from the Apollo missions. Yet, after that he has refused to discuss anything having to do with a spaceships or crafts that may or may not have been on the moon. Today, Neil Armstrong extremely, rarely ever gives an interview to anyone. Neil Armstrong has become acutely withdrawn from society, and wishes to be just left alone. Not that, I can blame him for wanting the privacy, but those that are in pursuit off the truth will continue to nag him.

There is constantly new information, photos, and videos concerning the moon being released in little tidbits every year. Is NASA or another entity trying to explain the reality of an extraterrestrial presence on the moon in small tidbits, so we can get use to the idea? I honestly do not know. I cannot even claim that the information being released is authentic or a hoax. But, in everything there is always a small grain of truth no matter what is told.

Buzz Aldrin was the second man on the moon and he has even been quoted on record on a number of occasions about the UFO that followed them to the moon. There are even astronauts that have been seeing and documenting strange lights in orbit around the earth from the shuttle missions. Many of them cannot explain what they see at all. With all this information and official documentation from NASA own cameras they still deny ignorance.


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