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Alien Encounters Caught On Video

Updated on May 2, 2011

Mexico 2006

Mexico 2006

A cell phone video taken in the Merida Yucatan Mexico of what researchers are saying is an alien hidin behind a pole that reached out for a young man playing soccer. When authorities came to the site of the incident they found high levels of radiation where the creature had been filmed. What is it and how can it hide behind a single street pole. It seems to reach out for the man and then peak out from behind the pole again at the men who are heard saying Go Go Go on the film.

Alien Held Captive

Alien in window

What Could These Creatures Be?

What are these videos capturing? What kind of creature looks like these? They appear humanoid, but the videos both lack clarity and resolution when it comes to identifying these creatures and the detail one would need to get an idea. The Mexico incident seems to suggest that they are using some sort of cloaking technology or some sort of multidimensional technology to slip between their reality and our own. Notice that the cameras both lack any detail of the creatures. Perhaps this is because they are using some sort of electrical interference or perhaps they do not actually fully materialize in our dimension to exist in a totally physical form. They may be phased into our reality making them seem less tangible in our reality. What ever the case may be I do not think these videos have been doctored up in premier or after effects. These are grainy videos one from a cell phone shot in real time and the other was a CCTV. Not to say that it can't be done. There is always a way to fake a video. I will let you be the judge of what is happening in the end. I just find them very interesting.


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