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Miriam Delicado and the Great Gathering

Updated on September 6, 2015

Miriam Delicado contactee and author

In 1988, Miriam Delicado, at the age of 22, says that she had an encounter with Tall Blonde alien beings that was to totally change her life. She was given a very great amount of information and discovered what she was meant to be doing in future as well as gaining insights into other strange experiences she had gone through.

Miriam says she was told by the aliens that they wanted her to write a book and that she was to go out into the world and share her knowledge with people. The book is entitled Blue Star Fulfilling Prophecy and was published by Trafford Publishing in 2007.

In the book Miriam reveals much about her life before and after this and she tells of other experiences she had in which she met with aliens or saw their craft, which she describes as orbs.

Miriam was guided to go and meet with the Hopi people and discovered a link between the Tall Blonde aliens and the beliefs and prophecies of this American Indian tribal people.

Miriam Delicado on Amazon

Photo of Miriam Delicado

Miriam Delicado
Miriam Delicado

The Blue Star

Miriam learned about the Hopi belief that a Blue Star will be seen in the skies as a fulfillment of their prophecies for the time we are now in. I had heard about this prophecy too many years ago in my own researches, so I am well aware of what Miriam has been talking about, and I have also had personal UFO experiences.

The Tall Blondes explained to Miriam that they were "caretakers" of the planet and had played a hand in creating us. They explained that there had been three previous worlds and that we are in the fourth but soon there will be a fifth world, which is being prepared.

The Hopi have prophecies that are to do with the "End Times," but it is not so much the end of the world but rather the end of an age, and the end of the world as we have known it with all its insanity, death and destruction.

Miriam is currently organising and telling people about the "Great Gathering," which is for all people. as "One Voice, One People , One Earth." She feels that this year of 2010 is the year for great changes to be taking place in us and in the planet.

Besides meeting with the Hopi, Miriam has also been to the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta in Columbia in January this year, where she met with the Kogi Mamos. MIriam has written up her report on her time spent with these incredible sacred people and has a collection of photos she took whilst over there on her website - see links below.

Miriam went there with my friend Sabrina Montanaro after I had put the two women in touch with each other, so I have a personal involvement in this to a small degree.

Miriam ends the last chapter of her book with the following words:

"Listen to the wisdom of the Ancient Civilisations and the Aliens, both are here to guide us to a new way of life. There is a divine plan; the Alien presence is a safeguard to protect everything that was reated by God. There is no reason to fear them when they arrive."

Miriam Blue Star: Project Camelot interviews Miriam Delicado

© 2010 Steve Andrews


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