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Alien’s Right of Abduction

Updated on June 16, 2011

All around the world from America to China, from Brazil to Russia people are being abducted in what are called UFOs (Unidentified Flying Objects). This UFOs are staffed by alien beings which come from a wide range of species and demonstrate a wide range of capabilities. What is done to these people during these abductions ranges from tests, to implants, to sperm/egg samples being taken, going a step further to implanting embryos in the creation of hybrids.

Indeed these are very trying experiences which are typically blanked from the memories of those that endure them. Yet these memories do surface and some don’t have them suppressed and these experiences even when not remembered can and often do cause adverse psychological conditions in the victims.

A common occurrence is the claim that they have the right to carry out these acts against the victims. Even one particular case related that it is not any difference from what humans do to animals capturing, taking samples, and tagging them before releasing them.

Yet a good question that must be asked is “Is there a right?”. Well first let us look up the definition of the word right.

“a just claim or title, whether legal, prescriptive, or moral.” [1]

Since the right cannot be moral we can see a “right” is in conformance with the law. What is law then? Bastiat described law as “Collective Force” or basically force. [2] This is why the law should be used as a last resort (common law logic) since it is the defacto deciding force.

There exist two kinds of Law; Scientific Law and Political Law. The difference is simple, Scientific law or common law as it is referred is based on Natural laws while Political Law is based on nothing, it is simply the whim of politicians and people and is archaic. [3]

These two forms of law are vital to understand the situation that we now live in. We used to live in common law of which no body was above anyone else and everyone had the same rights, now we live under political law which is senseless and changes on whim and is used to give whomever a benefit edge over others. Under Common Law protection we are afforded life, liberty, and property protection with the two simple laws (more may exist but common law was removed before said laws could be discovered). 1) Do all you have agreed to do (contractual law) and 2) Do not infringe upon others or their property. Under these laws abductors have no right to abduct anyone but we don’t live under this system or at least most don’t.

To understand where we are we must first understand true history. In 1871 the Republic was put dormant (now reawakening) and a corporation which owned the District of Columbia was formed by Abraham Lincoln superseding the Constitution and Common Law. This martial law as it is called lasted until 1933 when it went bankrupt and another was declared. [4]This is around the time the straw men were created as the people themselves were now used as collateral for the debt or in other words they became property.

The strawman represents the corporation that was set up in your name when you were born. This entity is in full capital letters as can been seen on your credit card, bank statements, drivers license, and social security card and on and on. The full capital letters is referred to as Capitis Diminutio Maxima and in legal terms it means that you have no rights. A full explanation of legal terms and name meanings.

As a Citizen (Corporate Property or Slave) you are not protected by Common Law but are under Political Law. Another thing that must be understand is that the elites control the country these people could have sold the rights of people to these aliens and there is a theory that such a deal was struck with the grays to allow them to abduct people. In this case since the citizen has no affordable rights outside what the law gives them and they are governed by Political Law in essence legally the aliens do have a right to abduct and do as they please with the abductees. This is true for the vast majority of Americans.

Now there is a second class of people called Sovereigns. These people (myself included) have declared their independence and have recognized the Republic as the true government of the United States not the corporate sitting in the District of Columbia, not the corporate townships or states but the true constitutional republic of the United States.

It is these people who are still protected by Common Law and the Constitution and the Magna Carta. This in essence protects us and technically if any Sovereign were abducted there would be no legal right since these people are no longer corporate property but individual beings afforded the rights nature (Or God depending on your interpretation of the origins of Common Law) gave us.


In conclusion as harsh as it seems people who are citizens have no rights and can be abducted at the abductors will. With Sovereigns the case is different since they are possession the rights that citizens have been stripped of. Though much like how government treats these rights, it will probably hardly matter to those who abduct people for their own ends. If law is indeed force than those who possess the greatest force will continue do as they please (see US Government for a nice example).

A good moral to take away from this is to not devalue your own existence and the existences of others.


[2]The Law by Frederic Bastiat

[3] Whatever happened to Justice? By Richard Maybury



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