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All We Have Is Now

Updated on October 31, 2012

Popular entertainment and literature would have us believe redemptive moments are rare. They may only happen once in a lifetime.

This is a lie.

Every single moment experienced is a redemptive moment, if need be.

Because all we have is now.

The past is merely the string of previously experienced nows, the steps behind that have brought us to where we currently are.

The future is simply the next now, the subsequent step in the string.

All are interrelated. All influence each other, sooner or later.

Go overboard in the current now experience, it will impact the next now, shape it, define it.


Substance abuse.

Uncontrolled emotions.

Gluttonous appetites.

Neglected health issues.

Their impact will be felt.

And the potential of the current now diminished. Future ones, as well.

Every current now is loaded with potential. Each lays the groundwork for the next. Each holds the capacity for change, if you choose that moment to do so. Each holds infinite possibilities – if you choose to accept the consequences that follow.

For every action, there is a reaction, for every decision, a consequence.

Yes, you can quit your job – now. All you have to do is accept what that means for all the subsequent nows.

The idea of control is an illusion. The only control you and I really have is how we act or react within the current now, what we decide to do with and in the current now.

The idea, then, is to spend the time in each now in such a manner that the subsequent nows will either maintain or enhance the current now experience.

But you and I live in a tough world. Curve balls are thrown. Plans don’t always work out. Forces over which we have no control can have a major impact on our lives.

Change happens.


It is one of the few constants in the Universe.

It is also an oxymoron, which provides a significant clue as to how this Universe in which we live operates.

Here’s another constant: We always have now, even as we draw our last breath....

And, at that instant, the most significant event in our experience happens. The energy that is our consciousness is freed from the body and moves into another form of now, while our discarded bodies move into their separate now experience.

Embrace your now. It’s all you and I have.


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