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Always hope for the best but always be ready for the worst.

Updated on December 19, 2012

It is said that our mind can be a powerful weapon in that it is the center of all imaginations and as such it can works like a double edged sword. That is why we are expected to be optimistic in our thoughts. In as much as we expect/wish for the best things in life but we know that it is not often the case. Therefore, the words of the masters instruct thus, “Always plan, hope, and work for the best and always be ready for the worst by being prepared.” The truth is that most of people think it is wrong to think that something bad will happen as such thought may even attract the bad situation to us. It is one of the mystic laws that our thoughts be constructive and positive. Even preachers teach the need for us to always trust God for the best.

We know that some unexpected events do happen in virtually all the things we do in life. Most people are taken unawares either because they never expected such a thing or they expected it but they were not ready for it. Some other people are aware of this life fact so they always have plan B which they put in their back pocket while they continue working with plan A. some people even have numerous alternatives just in case of any unforeseen circumstance. They simply don’t put their eggs in one basket. Well, how we plan depends on the thing we are planning for.

The biblical parable of the ten virgins can be used to explain this situation. This is because all the ten virgins went with oil in their lamps so they were all prepared expecting the bridegroom. But five of the virgins were wise enough that they had extra oil for their lamps. That shows that they prepared for any unforeseen circumstance. May be the other five virgins were so positive that they did not expect that the bridegroom would delay so they did not come with extra oil. The five foolish virgins missed the event because they had to get oil. They parable was used to teach the need of being prepared at all time.

Therefore like the masters taught, we should always hope for the best we can get from life but we should also be prepared for any unforeseen circumstance. This is because if we have it in mind what worst that can happen then we won’t be so strongly moved when it happens in that we can adjust easily and move on and in that way nothing will be able to hold us back. But it is a difficult task yet it is what we must learn to do if we do not want events to take unawares.


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    • davidkaluge profile image

      davidkaluge 5 years ago

      I think the energy concept still have to do with a positive thought like I mentioned. Preparation is very important if we don't want to be taken unawares.

    • yoginijoy profile image

      yoginijoy 5 years ago from Mid-Atlantic, USA

      I tend to agree with you, the more prepared you are, the better no matter which scenario manifests.

      Personally, I also believe in the power of energy. We need to work as a collective at sending and receiving positive energy: love.

      Take care!