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Am I real?

Updated on June 1, 2012


This may appear to be a strange question I know, but it is one which I find myself asking in those quiet moments of contemplation. I suppose we take the reality of our world for granted and why not? It always seems to have a habit of being there when we wake up in the mornings and is pretty predictable throughout the day, and is still with us at night when we drift off to sleep. Reality overall has both a physical and social dimension. We live and work along side people and we also live in a world that contains physical objects such as houses and cars. What then is there to question?

What Is The Truth?

Scientists are constantly trying to improve theories of reality for us and some might argue that their attempts do come closer and closer to the 'truth', however this is defined. It is true to say that we no-longer believe that the sun and stars revolve around a stationary earth, because this has been found not to be true. Instead, we believe it is more true to state that the earth goes around the sun. This is a better and more accepted description of reality. So why do I find myself questioning reality? I may be a dreamer, but I can certainly tell dreams from reality!

Does Money Buy Happiness?

I, like many others often feel that this reality we live in is so consumer based it becomes absurd. We strive to earn enough money to buy things we don't really need and to make our lives simpler, but actually that simplicity often comes at a high price. Working 24/7, feeling stressed and ultimately often having a negative impact on our health. I often wonder if it is really worth it, living in a reality that our society has created and expects? Money may make misery more tolerable but I would argue that it cannot buy true happiness.

Feeling Trapped

We all at times feel 'trapped' and that there is alot in our lives that we have no control over even the little mundane every day things. Our reality and view of the world is created by individuals, yet this reality is so ingrained that we neither challenge nor reject it. Doing so may impose sanctions which again society has created. We appear to have no real choice or free will, but instead are imprisoned by the rules of our own creation. No wonder we sometimes feel trapped!

Who Am I?
Who Am I?


The subject of reality has been a topic for the worlds greatest thinkers and theorists throughout the centuries. Philosophy is a perfectly natural human activity. It is there without us even being aware and we engage in philosophical speculations with little effort trying to make sense of the world around us. My question 'Am I real?' is one which I've brought to light as an example of the philosophical side of our humanness. We cannot separate from this. Most importantly of all, if we can gain enough understanding of the problems and possible solutions, then we can form opinions of our own, have a voice and be heard. We then may move closer to a truth that is more in sync with who we really are.


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