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Convenient Christianity: America's Faith Wavers

Updated on May 26, 2015

For Worse

In the days and weeks after the 9/11 tragedy the Holy Bible was the #1 bestselling book in America. Churches were packed. People were either getting saved for the first time or they were rededicating their lives to God. Elected officials were holding prayer services on government property and they were attending church. During this time of fresh, open wounds and hurting hearts I don't remember anyone objecting to the US of A allowing church and state to stand so close together. I didn't hear of anyone demanding that the president not be paid for the time he spent addressing church congregations. I do not recall anyone picketing on street corners and holding up signs that said Christians are hateful people. But I certainly noticed more people asking me where I attended church and then asking to come with.

Say His Name

After the movie massacre in Colorado recently several church pastors and ministers were invited to pray and help comfort the families and residents who were affected by the shooting. I don't think a single media outlet tried to manipulate the public into being outraged over God being acknowledged in such a public way. Any other day and they would have been accused of trying to ram God down people's throats.

Think back to a tragedy or a difficult period in American history and then think of how the public responded. The great depression, Oklahoma City bombing, hurricane Katrina- prayer and church every single time. Why is that? Because each one of us was created by God and he reaches out to those who don't believe in him. Especially to those who do not believe in him. He wants them saved. I have heard so many non-believers express how they felt such a comforting presence during a particularly difficult time in their lives. Even though they aren't quite ready to say that God is real, they acknowledge that there is a higher power. New age hippies, atheists and anti-Christianity critics call it "something". I guess, in their mind, anything is better than having to admit that what they openly confessed to believing doesn't make that much sense to them anymore. They may even feel too guilty to pray or start talking to God after all the things they have said about him. What they don't know is that God has heard every word and every thought and still loves them.

So why is it that America, founded on Christian principles, has become so lukewarm when it comes to God? One day we hate God and religion. A week later we want God to rescue us and avenge deaths. Then a month later God is non-existent.

This is the sinful nature of humans, I suppose. Still it's very frustrating to watch people file lawsuits to have the name of God removed from the pledge of allegiance and to have prayer banned from schools and to make it offensive to put up a nativity scene on public property at CHRISTmas time. Then when tragedy strikes we suddenly remember that Jesus saves. We suddenly can tolerate prayer and a moment of silence out of respect for the belief of another. We suddenly realize that our children will not burst into flames if they bow their heads in prayer.

God is here always, every day, every minute of every hour of every day. But he is quite the gentleman. He leaves our lives when we ask him to, and he will not force himself on us. He leaves our choices up to us and he listens carefully as we blame him when we make the wrong decisions.

Though He is painfully aware of how we treat him, still he shows up every single time we call him. That is what fathers do.


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  • Motherbynature profile imageAUTHOR


    5 years ago from Los Angeles, CA

    You are exactly right. When I went through a crisis 2 years ago I went straight to church bawling my eyes out. Most of it was because I had been a 'sorry' Christian for some years and now I was asking God to help me. It was a humbling experience but I know it wasn't in vain.

  • Motherbynature profile imageAUTHOR


    5 years ago from Los Angeles, CA

    One of the things I love about God is that in our darkest hours he makes his love and his presence felt. And he makes his power known. And yes, I am a Christian :) I'll check out your article. Thank you for reading my hub.

  • Motherbynature profile imageAUTHOR


    5 years ago from Los Angeles, CA

    Exactly. Thank you for reading and commenting, RJ68.

  • Mhatter99 profile image

    Martin Kloess 

    5 years ago from San Francisco


  • lambservant profile image

    Lori Colbo 

    5 years ago from Pacific Northwest

    Great point. God and Christians are bad and hateful, and banned from the schools, courts, gov't and public property until, like you said, some tragedy happens. After the pain has waned, God, Christ, Christians, and the Bible are once again despised.

    I think it's quite telling of both believers and non-believer's. When everything is going along, we forget about God, or only give him nominal attention. When tragedy strikes we realize that God is someone we need. If only we would follow those feelings and revelations up with wholehearted commitment to follow him no matter what.

    "Before I was afflicted I went astray, but now I obey

    your word...It was good for me to be afflicted so that I might learn your decrees." Psalm 119:67, 71

  • Mr. Happy profile image

    Mr. Happy 

    5 years ago from Toronto, Canada

    You have made some good points here. It is indeed interesting how many people disregard spiritual matters, until they brush by their own Death. It seems to me that it is only then that such people find Jesus, or sometimes they turn to monasteries, to preaching, etc.

    I think there is sometimes a need to hit the bottom, like people who suffer from addictions. Indeed many people are addicted to their specific life-style and cannot phantom anything different: busy with their work, busy watching their shows, busy ... busy to stop and think, about what Life is all about.

    Well, your article is certainly food for thought. I appreciate it.

    Since I suppose You are Christian, I would love to have your opinion on an article I wrote not long ago. If You have the time, perhaps You can give it a look: . It is the conversation that matters for me, raising awareness, getting people involved ...

    Thank You for putting this piece of writing together as well.


  • RJ68 profile image


    5 years ago from Memphis

    That's a good question especially since God is with us all the time.


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