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An Alternative Theory to Alien Visitations

Updated on May 19, 2019
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Evie Sparkes is a published novelist, content writer, and company director from the UK.

When You Appear to Be Having an Alien Encounter

I've discussed this theory many times. If you've been experiencing what you think is an encounter with an alien or aliens then ponder this for a moment:

I experience what is known as lucid dreaming and sleep paralysis and often I experience these two things together. Sometimes the experience is so terrifying that I force my body to move, but it takes a minute or so because as the condition implies. I am paralysed.

Other times however, it is mildly disconcerting but at the same time a little bit thrilling. I can feel hands on me, I can be forced down by something that I can't see. There is a presence, it's there because I can feel its hands on me but I can't move. I sort of want it to go away and sort of don't.

I feel like I am moving on one hand, but on the other I know I can't be. If I was I would wake my husband from his very light sleep but I don't. Therefore it's my conclusion that I am not moving.

Could This Really be An Alien Visitation?

I don't believe it is. I have researched my condition and I understand it. I also completely understand why some people might be convinced they are being visited by an alien species. That's what it feels like.

In my opinion however, such people have not done anything to prove there is something else going on here. They want to believe it's a visitation. Why not? It's not a thoroughly horrible experience and perhaps it makes them feel special in some way.

I know that the brain works in mysterious ways and mine especially! I am not surprised that I have this condition, if indeed it can be classed as such. I have been blessed (and sometimes cursed) with a very vivid and sometimes wild imagination. I am open to other wordly things, I am not closed off to the weird and the wonderful. However, in this instance I would have to ask why me? Why would some alien species come to earth and visit me when there are any number of people in the world that would be way more interesting. Anyway, why would they come here simply to touch us and mess with our heads?

My lucid dreams don't just revolve around alien type creatures. I can just as easily have similar experiences with people. Sometimes people I know and sometimes not. The actual experience is the same.

The Definition of Lucid Dreaming

Lucid dreaming is a state that transforms your inner dream world into a living alternate reality. Everything you experience is real in that moment.

The Definition of Sleep Paralysis

Sleep Paralysis is a temporary inability to move or speak that occurs when you're waking up or falling asleep. It's not harmful and will pass in a few minutes.

Put These Two Sleep Conditions Together to Explain Alien Encounters

To mean it's a no brainer, but to those that believe they are having alien encounters, it's probably not even a consideration.

When you get caught up in a belief, it's very hard to allow any alternative theories is, especially if you enjoy the experiences and want to believe in your own theory of alien visitation.

Just consider this as an alternative. Do you have similar experiences that don't involve alien type entities? If so, then what makes those experiences any different? Can you find an explanation as to why those experiences and anything other than the same thing?

I'm Sure Aliens Have Better Things to Do

Would an alien race be so superficial as to only be interested in the physical experience these encounters provide? Why?

Why can't be properly see them when we are having these physical experiences? Might it be because we are in a semi-lucid state? We are not quite asleep and not quite awake. We are in the in-between.

Are we saying that all alien species have to gain from us is the physical? When we think of it like that, then surely there is an alternative explanation to what is going on here.

Dreaming is Not Rational

Our dream state is never a rational one. Dreams are bizarre, crazy and a little bit frightening at times.

Explaining lucid dreams as alien encounters is a little more exciting than just a bizarre dream that really has no rhyme or reason.

Of course, I am open to being challenged here. I am no expert and can only go on my own very strange experiences. I have found a satisfactory way to explain away my entities but perhaps I have it all wrong after all.


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