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An Appointment That No One Can Miss -- Our Final Hours On Earth

Updated on January 20, 2015

Do we have an appointment with the maker of all? Sure! But when, how, or where? Most of all, are we going to be ready?

Why some people depart in the midst of terrible accidents... and some just go to sleep overnight and bye!

Just to give you an example, a nephew of mine, who was five, had time to be laid down on his bed and waved bye to us and closed his eyes slowly... and returned to heaven.

I was thinking to myself, if we all fight every day for problems, do we change our mind knowing that today will be our last day? How can we have time to fix things that will be left undone in a matter of minutes?

Some parents left for work, and didn't have time to share their last words or warmest good byes, like on September 11 for example.

Some performing artists went for a trip and never had a chance to come back. Comes to my mind this movie, 'Final destination.' You deeply feel in your heart is coming and want to cheat death...If your guardian angels pleaded for those extra days or months, then you are spare until your next 'calling date' is due again.

Was wondering if those guardian angels were decreased relatives -- somehow--

Let us share some vivid example of ours:


Our own footage on South Western Pennsylvania

Pennsylvania Turnpike

Breezewood Exit

January 16, 2001, 7 p.m.

We found ourselves, driving a 1994 Nissan Sentra (coming back from Belle Vernon PA). We had a rough day, and we knew we were tired. While driving through one of those Appalachian curves, we did bump into a mess of some deer remains, slaughtered with no mercy. Didn't have a chance to avoid it; driving at 70 miles/hr on a dark blind spot didn't help us at all.

A few seconds later our car stalled and we saw, clear as right now, through our rear mirror, an upcoming 54 footer trailer that... whew! Managed to avoid hitting me It stayed behind me as a 'Transformers' shield. I didn't know then, but my guess is that one of the battery clamp bornes got loosen, or some spark plugs were already acting up -- potholes and those deer bones added up to the long list, of uninvited cast members for the new 'Final destination' flick.

This driver knew we were in danger, and called 911 on his two-way radio. If it wasn't for him we would've been in big time trouble. He actually told us to get onto his truck for safety.

Trailers were coming at 70-85 miles/hr. and they were not in the mood of stopping for this small sedan of ours.

State troopers arrived within minutes and did help me to get my car towed. They were kind enough to take me to a nearby Econo Lodge. We knew we were lucky that night. Looking back 13 years from today, this felt like a miracle, because this good samaritan of a driver needed some space to... brake on time. The shoulder to my right was big enough for him to use it and slow down his 'monster' to a safe stop.

How about some movie stars that didn't make it?

Let's see... checking dates, pictures and events. Here are some tragic examples that were chosen randomly. Bad luck and wrong decisions played a big role in the end.

The Queen of R&B, Aaliyah.

Aaliyah Dana Houghton

Born on January 16, 1979, Aaliyah was predestined to succeed in the entertainment business. Her auntie was award winner singer Gladys Knight. Her uncle was producer Barry Hackerson from Blackground records.

Aaliyah signed for Jive records at the tender age of 12 and R. Kelly became her mentor and producer when she was barely 14. Rumors has it that, both got married in a Hotel in Ohio. Her star started to glitter and shine more than ever, when she landed a role on the Movie 'Romeo must die,' next to Jet Lee in 2000. There were no signs of a nearing appointment until one day on...

August 25, 2001

Aaliyah had been shooting a video clip for her song 'rock the boat' in Abaco Islands, Bahamas. She was already missing coming to the States and made the 'decision' to leave around 6 p.m. She knew that her flight was scheduled for the next day. But she did not change her mind afterwards. Things were unfolding with tragical consequences: The pilot was unlicensed and the small Cessna 402B got overloaded-- They arrived in a 404 that was bigger. How could you hand this soul to a destiny like that?

By 6.30 p.m the ill-fated Cessna took off. After a few seconds both engines gave up -- the pivoting effect from heavy musical equipment didn't help at all.

The plane practically fell 200 feet from the runway, on a swampy area -- A family of mine that can foresee things, told us that she was conscious for a few seconds, to let her breath and hardly pronounced her saviour's name.... and that was it.

Hard to go into details for respect to a beautiful soul and her family. Aaliyah, wherever you are, we will miss you and your heritage will continue. The post has been handed to so many talented singers that learned from that unique style of yours. R.I.P.

Her last 35 seconds...

Lisa 'Left Eye' Lopes

Lisa Nicole Lopes born on May 27, 1971 was a member of the Hip-hop and R&B group TLC.

We know a lot about them since they debuted in 1992 with their single, 'Ain't 2 proud 2 beg.'

From the beginning Lopes boasted and 'told us' like it was. There was constant friction with the other members: Tionne T-Boz Watkins, and Rozonda 'Chilli' Thomas.

April 25, 2002, 6p.m.

La Ceiba, Honduras

Lisa went to Honduras for a healing retreat, like other stars went to India. Her mom was a drug addict and that impacted 'Left eye' for the rest of her life. She was driving a Mitsubishi Montero when the accident happened. Studying this video to our right, we notice, on the last 25 seconds of her life, a Left eye almost dosing off. Whatever she had in that Coca Cola container, was not a good sign -- lack of alertness and an announcement of a reddish end...?

Days before she died, Lisa's personal driver hit a boy with a similar last name: 10 years old Bayron Isaul Fuentes Lopez.

Going back to this footage, Lopes wanted to pass a truck in front of her, moving her Mitsubishi to the other lane. But there was another vehicle heading towards them in the opposite direction. In seconds she was facing herself with death . The thing is, in small poor areas, two lanes are all they can afford. The area shows a tropical scenery, and heat is an all year round companion.

Instinctively, she swerved all the way to the left, and her Montero Sport rolled several times after hitting two trees, throwing Lopes and three others out of the windows. She died due to severe head traumas and fatal neck injuries. What we want to rescue from this tragic event is her desire to sponsor a School down in La Ceiba Honduras. One tip for our readers: driving down there is not the same like in the States. No one happens to obey any driving rules.

Our close calling?

Talking about other countries, I took a Taxi (South America) from the Airport to my Hotel. The driver got lost, and missed my Hotel. He seemed to be nervous from the very beginning -- Some youngster rent the Cabs from retired drivers as I learned later on.

Knowing that he was at 'fault,' he decided to make a sudden quick turn on the same road without even putting the the left signal turn on. What he didn't do is watch before making that 180 degrees turn. What happened? If you go back to Lisa Lopes blurry and surreal second, then you are there with me as well. The first chilling words that I still remember were: "Oh ##k! No!!

What was happening? Yep, mister death came for me this time. I saw a black shadow on the left corner of my eye, and in a split of nanosecond I got hit by a bus. The impact was so severe that it blew the taxi's windows. I threw myself to my right and felt the collision. It was so traumatic that... I could not breath for five seconds. I thought I broke my neck. We both got out of the cab and fell on the unforgiving road. My lips burst and I was sweating cold. My nose was bleeding, and the scene was like my best shot on my own 'final destination.' So dantesc and unreal. Felt like Cinderella's Cristal royal 'Cabriole couch' was crushed to pieces by the biggest Ogre. I swore not to trust young drivers anymore.


We have learnt from experiences, and sometimes we cannot predict uncoming things. Life is too short to create problems or fuel fights that don't make any sense. Just glad to have awaken myself today to finish this hub.



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  • frogyfish profile image

    frogyfish 5 years ago from Central United States of America

    It is amazing how those nan0-seconds make the those premonitions or incidences change ...OR was it NOT to change? Like you indicate, we don't know...but we will not miss our appointment.

    Interesting set of examples here as well as deep thoughts. Thank you!

  • Lord De Cross profile image

    Joseph De Cross 5 years ago

    Hi Flora,

    Actually your name is still Spanish for flowery. Maria could've been a perfect name, since it is blessed. We read your story, and we see that there is a reason for you to be on earth. Your dad was lucky to be alive as well. We all have a certain degree of luck. There is not enough room in our brain for logical explanation. Thanks for sharing your personal story.


  • FloraBreenRobison profile image

    FloraBreenRobison 5 years ago

    I was born with pneumonia and nearly died. My parents were told that had a been a boy-there would have been a 0% chance. As it was, I had only a 30% chance of surviving. I was baptized and given the Catholic name Maria. It is not on my birth certificate. The nuns who taught at the school where I would have attended had we not moved away were praying for me. They said they would waive school fees if I lived. Who knows why I survived? Even at 30%, that is very low. I wasn't safe until I turned two months old.

    Dad has survived serious accidents where he should have died but for being an inch over from where he was or a second difference. Often he ended up with a mere scratch, sometimes broken bones-nothing fatal.

  • Lord De Cross profile image

    Joseph De Cross 5 years ago

    Dave Matthews,

    His call will be our final call. There is no time to pack up and leave. So if we are too materialistic, we won't be able to reach his Glory completely. Thanks for your commenting friend.

    @@Hi Tammy. I'm sad about your own loss. Life is so short compared with our universe age. My own condolences to you and your close family.


    We have been this close to...say good bye, and fro some reason we are still here. We don't brag or sound pretentious...this is just a hub about life and its final hours... for some/ Your story is touching as well. Thanks for those kudos.

    @@Hi there RHW,

    We thank you for these warm visitation to our hubs. You are right. Kindness is not buyed, it's given freely and makes a difference in everybody's lives. I appreciate your insigthful thoughts


  • RealHousewife profile image

    Kelly Umphenour 5 years ago from St. Louis, MO

    Lord - I am so sorry about your nephew. Life can be so unfair - and I do think we should be as kind as possible to others because I do not want to have deep regrets for using my energy to do worthless things. Time is of the essence! What we do with our time is what defines us in the end, correct?

    Great - thought provoking hub!

  • profile image

    jenubouka 5 years ago

    Powerful message and my deepest condolences for your nephew, just about the age when loves ones take a breath of relief that their children have surpassed certain infancy personal close encounters are what make you such the insightful and amazing individual today, or what I believe I should say.

    I have had my run ins with death for sure beginning at the age of 4 and my skull being crushed by a farm tractor, and each time I continue to brush death from my shoulders, I question to what greater purpose down here is my dwelling. As for the blessed women you wrote about, they were my favorite artists growing up and I remember the incredible loss of there lives.

    Such a wonderful hub.

  • tammyswallow profile image

    Tammy 5 years ago from North Carolina


    I am so sorry to hear about your nephew. I read this as I deal with a tragic loss in my own family. Life is short and precious and we must appreciate our loved ones while they are here. Beautiful!

  • Dave Mathews profile image

    Dave Mathews 5 years ago from NORTH YORK,ONTARIO,CANADA

    lord de cross: When? Where? How? Why? We will never know the answer to these questions, when it is our time for God to call us back to heaven.

    As a Christian, if one is a Christian, All any of us can do is to believe thru faith that God is God and that He called us so He must have need for us in heaven.

  • Lord De Cross profile image

    Joseph De Cross 5 years ago

    I believe you Gypsy Rose. You have experience it as us, and it really changes your priorities!

    @@Debbie Brooks,

    You should write about your own experiences. Do we make sense? Glad you enjoyed it friend!

    @@ NellyAnna.

    Wow dear! My goodness, you have shared some personal experiences. Family is around us, and can hurt the most. Life would be so different if there could be a solution to very deep issues, regarding sibblings and friends. Thanks for pouring your heart on that confession.


  • Gypsy Rose Lee profile image

    Gypsy Rose Lee 5 years ago from Riga, Latvia

    Voted up and interesting. We never know what life will bring us but the one thing my sixth sense and experiences with the world beyond has told me that I will live for quite a long time. Now I of course can't say how old I'll be but I have had many experiences where something tragic happens just seconds after I have already gone by or turned a corner and if I hadn't??? A lot of that occurred in N.Y.C. I worked downtown in Manhattan just blocks from the Towers and Sept 11 found me a whole world away in safety but no less shocked.

  • Deborah Brooks profile image

    Deborah Brooks Langford 5 years ago from Brownsville,TX

    wow Lord. this is amazing.. I have had similar stories myself. I love how you write about it all so vivid. Blessing to you my friend. I am so glad you are alive and I have gotten to know you..

    voted up


  • Nellieanna profile image

    Nellieanna Hay 5 years ago from TEXAS

    Lord - an amazing account of some tragic nano-seconds between the worlds.

    What matters at the end is what's been while it was ongoing.

    My eldest (much older) sister, her husband, their three little boys (all under 5) and the beloved maid were hit in their station wagon in 1953 with a train - all died instantly. I would have been with them, in place of the maid, had I not defied my sister in leaving Dallas after I graduated, instead of staying here and living out her plans for me - for that remaining six months, anyway.

    I've tried to imagine the moments for them, but it's incredibly difficult. I heard about it on he radio in my apartment in Houston. My own life nearly stopped and almost didn't recover. She hadn't forgiven me for fleeing her control. It changed my life. My bravest effort to assert myself in my 21 years at that time - crashed and burned.

    One never knows when death may visit, as your own personal experience proved for you, I'm sure. What matters is to LIVE while one is alive. There's no rehearsal or refilming it when it arrives. I'm glad yours wasn't that 'moment'.