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An Awesome God Reigns on High

Updated on December 7, 2013

Approaching Storm

all rights reserved
all rights reserved

Power of the Father

Do rejoice, you people of the cross, for the special time draws near,

Christ Jesus shall return, soon to come, as His enemies sulk in fear.

Our God is an awesome God, and His grace he has shown to us all,

Now's a time for a new recompense, for the unworthy then, shall fall.

Christ Jesus shall lead the charge, riding upon His great white horse,

Christian soldiers to follow behind, directed by grace in their course.

The greatest battle of our days shall by our Lord's will, to take place.

The blasphemers, all who live in sin, to disappear, without any trace.

Our God is an awesome God, His forgiveness, no limits to be shown,

The final curtain will soon be drawn, and saved souls will all be flown.

At Heaven's gates, our Lord waits, there is His acceptance, for us all,

One last chance he gives to each, and in His knowing of "Adam's Fall".

His strength and power is equaled by none, our Father there on High,

He seeks our souls in love and peace, yet defends us all, when we cry.

Take care in asking Him to be saved, and then join His spirit of the light.

Our futures, to be lived in happiness, in a world so beautiful and bright.


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