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An Unknown Saint Of The Catholic Church

Updated on July 27, 2021
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For some 30 years now or more I have been doing creative writing. I have written and was published often.

Herb, A Friend, An Unknown Saint Of The Catholic Church

January 28, 2011

The Catholic Church has many unknown saints. All are called to be saints. Today @the Catholic Church, we received Jesus who is the same yesterday and today and forever again. God is our all in all, forever and ever. @Our church, is a beautiful old man named Herb. I've always liked him . Some old men were truly on the Way with me. And he was one of these unknown saints that was liked by me.

After church, I stood on the corner near the store by myself. I needed money. He was walking past. And I asked to be lent $10.00 and he lent that to me. Without hestiation, and quickly. He says the Holy Rosary with Adelle, his sister and they attend church real often.

This piece of writing is for Jesus to honor Herb for his spiritual works of mercy and kindnesses. May God ease his sufferings and give him salvation and happiness for he is a regular @church.

He attends Holy Mass @our Holy Church practically everyday. And he makes the sign of the cross when the priest says may God have mercy on us and bring us to everlasting life. That's almost mystical.

Holy Mass is said by the priest, then we say the
Rosary after Holy Mass everyday. I do try to stay to say the Rosary, a most efficiacious prayer!

Herb leads the rosary everyday by saying the Holy Mysteries of the Rosary. It is considered that the Holy Rosary is a most powerful weapon against demonic forces. And graces of the Virgin Queen, the metradix of all graces is showered on us when we say the holy rosary.

Our holy catholic church has this rosary group together after every Holy Mass at high noon. He is often seen @the Adoration Chapel before Holy Mass. Many people can be saints, however unknown by the pope. And we do pray for Pope Francis and his intentions every holy rosary we pray together.

We say some great prayers together on this our Holy Catholic Church!

And whatsoever he desires, may God, the Holy God, the mighty God give that to Herb.

For like before ever I will always remember him. And I do feel love, spiritually for that holy catholic, christian man. A day maker with God!

And its true the Catholic Church has many unknown saints. One Sunday, when I was watching FAITH AND CULTURE on television, Colleen Campbell had a guest on her show

and she said "for today, live like a saint!" O that we would live each and everyday with that idea on our minds as we strive to be holy and to do holy things! However unknown or private to us here and whatsoever happens publicly in church!

By Shea Jubelirer


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