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An alternate view of God

Updated on May 29, 2013

I first have not been religious, then I converted to christianity as a child. However, its teachings never really got hold of me, because, it was about restictions on you like read only one book and never question. So I started researching into other religions, including the New Age teachings. I am now believing the New Age things, including the 2012 December Ascension and such. I have been thinking and elaborating a lot about such things, and now many or most of my old questions are answered through logic, that falls in line with science, and New Age (most of the main religions are illumanti constructs that are deviation from the main teachings of the founder of the religion). However, I now have new things that are starting to fall in place through my new idea/theory (I am sure, many beings got to the same theory, even many humans here on earth throughout the ages). My new theory, which I will put forth shortly arouse from an inconsistency about the nature of God/Alla/Source. Every religion and theory says that the purpose of life (and many lifetimes) is to get back to God/Allah/Source. With the exception of a New Age theory, this implies that God is static. This is in contradiction with nature/universe/multiverse, because everything is about development. How come then the God him/her/itself doesn't develop, neither grows? There is a New Age theory that says that Source divided up herself, so through the developments and experiences of the subparts (souls, which are individual units of consciousness, which are part of the overall consciousness), Source (because she is sum of all the units of subconsciousnesses) herself will experience new things and thus grow, and develop. However, I feel that there is still an inconsistency in this theory, because everything that grows, becomes something else. For example a cell grows, then splits, then some cells become "carnivores" and eat other cells, then they grow, and spilt, and the process continues. Another example, two human are born; a baby girl and a baby boy, who grow up, meet, "merge", and produce a new baby, which will adapt to the new environment, while maintaining the "strong" genes of the parents. I will not go into how chromosomes are upgraded by high frequency (galactic) energy, or how every 26 million years or so the animal kingdom gets a sudden "upgrade", research that if you are interested.

You probably, if you think about it, starting to see the inconsistency regarding God/Allah/Source; they teach the exact opposite of nature. They essencially say that somthing (God), degraded, so it can become what it once was. This is illogical, and in complete opposition to nature, where nothing goes back to go further. They might develop sideways; can have new abilities, while keeping the old ones, with emphasis shifting towards new ability, which gradually degrades the old ability. Or simply they enhance the old ability.

So, here is my theory: what is God/Allah/Krishna/Source is not the ending point, but the beginning. In other words, what if God/Allah/Krishna/Source is not the biggest of things but the smallest of things. What if he didn't create, by will of thought, but rather, he/she/it developed, and the development process turned him/her/it into something else, which split, grew and developed, and so on. For example, energy has particles, and we now know that everything is energy, such as atoms (different frequencies of energy make up, and hold in place different components of an atom), thoughts, feelings, soul, consciousness, dark energy, etc. So God is the most basic, single component that make up different parts of energy that make up the energy itself. What this implies is that to get to God, we actually have to devolve, not evolve. Butif we devolve, then we become more and more stupid. Then our consciousness decreases. If our consciousness decreases, we loose the ability to consciosly decide to devolve, and then finally, we can't even decide to devolve unconsciosly. If we cannot make the decision to devolve, then the evolution process automatically kicks in, and until we can uncounsciously, and then consciously make decisions again, so we cannot hold back God from developing. Go and figure that!

When we decide, to evolve, what we essentially do is what cells do: develop and develop, until we become just a part of something new. Then that something new also develops, and become something even more complex and different.

Further Speculation!

In accordance with the constant process of everything growing into something bigger, until everything is so big that the original level doesn't know, and can't even imagine the sheer size and complexities of things. I know, New Age says that the human body was engineered, and animals and plants were bought here (research Dolores Canon), and that explaines Darwin's evolution theory's problems. However for example, for a momemt, take one celled bacterias. Evolution says that once they were the only living thing on Earth (if you don't cound Gaia, and energy as living). If you ask a bacteria in your intestines, he will say that the only thing that exists is the inside of your intestines. We now now that there are many universes, with trillions of galaxies in each of them (depending on there stage of development in Big Bang and Big Crunch). A bacteria cannot even imagine that there are many universes. And ask a Quark; it probably doesn't know that it is part of a living organism so huge as a human or even a whale.

Here is my next question; What if there are trillions of universes out there, and all those universes are like a cell in a humongous living organism, that also thinks and feels and all the rest. What if each of us are just one subparticle of that living organism, and we are just a too small part of that being to know that we even exist? What if there are many such organisms out there? Or will be out there? What if, by our own development (lightbody, pure consciousness), we develop and grow that humongous being?

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