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Ancient Mysteries of the Bible Part VI

Updated on March 12, 2011

Next I will discuss another ancient example of divine architecture, Noahs Ark. Before we discuss the actual Ark, we must first discuss Noah himself. Noah is a very interesting and strange character from the patriarchal legends of Genesis. The original Bible story tells us very little about him other than his father is Lamech, the 9th great grandson of Adam (indicating a direct bloodline from Adam to Noahs sons Ham, Shem and Japheth). The Dead Sea Scrolls, however, tell a much larger story.

In the Book of Lamech, a scroll found among the many Dead Sea Scrolls, we have the story of Noahs actual birth. According to the scroll, which was translated by famed scholar Yigeal Yadin of JerusalemsHebrewUniversity, Lamech was married to his own sister, Batinosh. Lamech was a shepherd and was away tending his flocks for many months while Batinosh stayed in the house of Lamechs father, Methuselah. When Lamech returned home he found his wife to be with child and he accused her of adultery. Lamech went to his father, Methuselah and asked who she had been with. His father said he did not know and advised Lamech to go to his grandfather, Enoch and ask him for counsel. Lamech went to Enoch and asked the same questions. Enoch replied that the child was imparted to Batinosh by God. The first immaculate conception.

How could Enoch know this? Enoch is only mentioned in a few verses from the Bible, but in the Book of Enoch, from the Dead Sea Scrolls, we can find that there was much more to Enoch. We will cover more about Enoch later.

To continue the story, Lamech accepts the child his wife is bearing and at the birth, Noah was able to speak from the time he left the womb. He was, according to the description, an albino. The Book of Lamech is translated to say Noah had “skin as white as snow, eyes red as the blooming of a rose and hair as white as wool”. But there is more, even stranger things in the description. Apparently when Noah opened his eyes they lighted the house “like the sun”. This implies a very strange being. Lamech later told Enoch he suspected his child was from “the Watchers”, or angels. It seems we have a very strong indication of an artificial insemination, where a human woman was fertilized by a celestial being from space, and the offspring is a more-than-human type of hybrid.

Noah grew up in the land outside of Eden, modern day Iraq, in a city called Fara where he had a wife and three sons. He lived on the banks of the Euphrates river and was most likely a fisherman or a carpenter. He is said to have been a very pious and quiet man. And during those pre-flood years, there was much wickedness and idol worship, sexual indulgence and drunkenness and also, the Nephilim were everywhere. Legends of the Jewish Midrash describe the world as being ruled by giants, who built gigantic cities and enslaved mankind during the pre-flood days.

It is written in Genesis chapter 6 that God himself talked to Noah and gave him the actual blueprints for the construction of the Ark. God even specified the materials and construction methods to be used. God even told Noah how many decks and where to put the doors, windows and sanction pens for the animals. This seems very unusual to me. The notion of God speaking in engineering terms seems indicative of something else. I speculate that it was rather an alien intelligence that taught Noah these things.

How could this intelligence have had the ability to flood the earth, or even a portion of it? We have that technology today in the H.A.R.R.P facility in Alaska. Using its massive radio telescopes, our military can utilize H.A.R.R.P. to ionize weather fronts causing huge storms the size of hurricanes. We could cause torrential rain for forty days and nights if we chose to. We could also use our explosives to destroy natural land dams to release vast bodies of water into lower land regions, causing regional flooding on a large scale, if we chose to do so so I find it very easy to believe an interstellar civilization has technology capable of much more. Our technology is only several thousand years in the making, imagine a civilization that has had millions of years to advance medical knowledge, engineering, aviation, time travel, dimensional travel and weapons. To a primitive race like the ancient humans, these beings would appear to be gods!

So why did God choose Noah and his family? In Genesis 6:9 it states:” Noah was a just man, perfect in his generations. Noah walked with God.” Remember that Adam was the first man that gave rise to the entire Hebrew/Jewish bloodline. Noah was the 10th generation from Adam and his line had never mingled with other bloodlines like those of the line of Cain, lines from the hybrid races of giants or the lines of the pre-adamic humans before Eden. He was pure in the sense that the original hybrid design from Eden was intact inside of his DNA.. Genesis goes on to say “all flesh had been corrupted on earth.” This means that the gene pool was polluted by these giants breeding with humans which is why it is mentioned several times before the flood actually is recorded, to emphasize why God needed to literally “cleanse” the planet of genetic pollution of mans DNA. And through the technology given to build the Ark, pure DNA was preserved!

Ron Wyatts team map out the linear alignment left by the iron used in the construction of the Ark. Core samples into the Ark revealed animal hair, animal dung and petrified grains.

Another incredible example of ancient technology is the building/construction methods used around the globe which can be dated back to times before the flood. On every continent we find pre-historic ruins built with megalithic sized granite stones. These sites are often dotted with amazing pyramids, towering obelisks and mysteriously positioned in perfect, cosmic alignments. These “cities” often belong to several civilizations who find them abandoned and simply occupy the empty dwellings or build newer structures around them, as is the case in the Egyptian civilization and the Great Pyramids of Giza.

The mystery of Stonehenge persist to this day. Who built this colossal calendar?

Many ancient ruins demonstrate that the people who constructed them had not only a special regard for celestial bodies and mathematics, but also a spot-on accuracy. From Egypt to Mexico, there is no doubt that past civilizations were involved in incredibly complex space calculations, mathematics and architectural endeavors. Although many historians and archaeologists debate exactly what these civilizations did intentionally and what they did by mere chance, the fact remains that these places were constructed by a very advanced intelligence.

The Great Pyramid of Giza. Perhaps the most incredible structure ever built.

These colossal temples and ziggarauts are echoes into the distant past, into the times before the flood when the earth was populated by different races of humanoids. The original man, the Adamic/Cainite lines, the Nephilim and all of the successive crossbreedings from their time on earth. When man was “oppressed” by these giants and ruled by them, enslaved by them, slaughtered by them and even eaten by them. Many modern theorists support the notion that before recorded history there was a very advanced race of beings here on earth. These beings were either aliens who colonized this planet or they were the hybrid offspring of the previously mentioned. Perhaps both. The simple truth is that there is no way to account for the advanced construction, riddled with geometric/mathematic codes as well as being built with cosmic alignments and cycles in mind, that we find all over the globe.

The next structures to speak about are the obvious choice, the Great Pyramids of Giza. Modern academics say they were built around 2500 B.C. during the early Egyptian Dynastic period. That they were constructed by a workforce of 100,000 men over the course of 20 years. This theory is ridiculous. It would mean a 10 ton stone had to be placed every 9 seconds(depending on the hours of work per/day). The theory is simply unsupported.

The Great Pyramid is a true wonder, as well as a true mystery. It is perfectly aligned to true, magnetic North. How could the ancients even been aware of that concept has never been explained. The Great Pyramid is built in the exact center of the original Pangea continent. If you averaged the height of all of the land on the earth, the average is 455 ft. above sea level. The Pyramid is exactly 455 ft tall. The pyramid was constructed using two and a half million blocks that weighed between 5 and 20 tons a piece But this is just the beginning.

For every ten feet up the slope of the pyramid one rises nine feet in altitude and by multiplying the altitude of the pyramid by ten raised to the ninth power we arrive at the figure of 91,840,000, which is the Earths distance from the sun in miles. This fact was not even known to modern man until the early 20th century.

The sides of the pyramid are not actually straight angles, rather they are slightly concaved with a tiny radial dimension of approximately 10 seconds of a degree. Amazingly this is the exact radial dimension which describes the curve of the sphere of the earth. This indicates that the builders knew the earth was round thousands of years before modern history credits the discovery.

There are many books written about the mysteries of the Great Pyramid which go into great detail concerning the mathematical mysteries held in this monument of the ancient world. Some theories even describe it as being a prophetic structure which timelines the last 5000 years of the human race.

The actual time the pyramid was built is a mystery, although in all of my research I would place the pyramid before the Great Flood. The Midrash writings of the Jews have a tradition which speaks of the line of Adam building the pyramid for Enoch. This has many supportive pieces of information to it. The base measurement of the pyramid is the same as Enoch’s lifespan. There was never a body placed inside the Kings Chamber tomb( Enoch did not die, he was “taken” into heaven by God). There was never a capstone on the Great Pyramid( the Midrash describes how the Sethite builders constructed a capstone but it was rejected by Seth). It still does not answer the basic question of HOW was this built? And why?

It is obvious to me that the pyramid builder(s) was a genius who possessed knowledge in astronomy, mathematics, planetary science and quite possibly technology far beyond the capabilities of our own modern technology. It was not the Egyptians. It may have been one of the Patriarchs, the Giants, the “watchers” or “angels”, the Cain bloodline or even God himself. It is obvious, from all research that humans could not do this today, so the mystery remains….how did they build them? And who built them. For what purpose?

An emerging theory posited by Chris Dunn states that the pyramid was used as a hydrogen fueled microwave powerplant. By pouring certain naturally occurring chemicals into the various shafts, they ran into the different chambers and mixed producing gaseous effects which interacted with resonators in the Grand Hall, thus shooting a microwave energy beam into space where it was collected.

In Peru, Mexico and Chile we see the remnants of a pre-flood civilization that also used gigantic stones to build with as well as pyramid construction. The Maya, Inca and Aztecs all have legends which speak of giants from space who came and taught mankind civilization, writing, reading, math, astronomy and agriculture. There is even the gigantic throne of Pakal the Great, who ruled the Mayan civilization for over 70 years, which was made for a being at least 12 foot tall(the throne shows signs of actual wear from being sat in). Pakals tomb cover shows what most people agree is Pakal blasting off in some sort of rocket.

What is the significance of the fact that all of these ancient, monolithic structures were built in a perfect circle around a perfect ring on our planet?

When I read and compare all of this information, I am left with a loose theory of what I think happened so long ago, part of which involves the global flood that all cultures from the ancient days seem to have in common. I will get into this in my last chapter.It is plain to see that before the flood there was a civilization with advanced knowledge and technology that is simply gone now. It seems the flood has erased even the memory of these beings. The silent stone is all we have.


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      Lucas 10 days ago

      God created The Bible as a basis for humans to have faith in Him, because The Bible would not have accommodated all the information. So beyond The Bible it's every man for himself to seek the rest of the Truth.