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Angelina Jolie’s Past, Present and Future as Seen Through Numerology and Astrology

Updated on June 15, 2013

It's always interesting for us to interpret the comprehensive numerology and astrology charts of those in the public eye. Instead of us telling you what we see in the charts, we will show you what we see through customized visual representations of personal fate, as seen through comprehensive numerology and astrology.

We don't have a good sample (at least a 1/2 page) of Angelina Jolie's handwriting*. If we did, we would be able to determine potential love life blocks and money problem areas, in addition to the Timelines.

As shown in Angelina Jolie's Love Life Timeline, much of age 28 for her was dynamite for rewarding love (she turned 30 June, 2005), but ages 29, 30, and 31 don't look as promising for stable love that's relatively free of conflict and sacrifice. She's currently moving away from a long stretch of time including a lot of fantastic romantic love energy. It will be interesting to see how her romantic life goes over the next several years.

Note that age has nothing to do with when a person is fated to experience their most rewarding love. Angelina Jolie just happens to have the bulk of hers before age 30. Others are destined to have it in their 40's and 50's; still others, in their 60's and later.

Her Money Timeline tells us that she is and will be, for the next several years, doing even better financially than the last few years, but also that age 31 through 33 ultimately include some net worth "corrections." By this we are referring to detrimental financial circumstances, such as significant obligatory financial disbursements, or other monetary misfortune or loss, despite her earning a lot of money during the same period of time.

Your fate is measurable and timing really is everything.

*Graphology, or handwriting analysis, allows for subconscious character analysis. In other words, the hidden, yet prevailing part of your personality is examined. Graphology is classified as a branch of psychology by the U.S. Library of Congress.

Copyright © 2005 Scott Petullo, Stephen Petullo


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