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Angels Are Amongst Us

Updated on August 21, 2013

Looking for Angels

What are they where do they come from and what do they look like? Angels are one thing that many different religions agree exist. In fact people who do not follow any particular religion believe in Angels. What is it about Angels that allows them to cross different barriers; having believers of their existence come from many walks of life? It amazes me that people who battle against each other on one field agree with their enemies that Angels exist. I have heard so many different stories about Angels. Many people when they picture an Angel see a figure in a loin cloth with gentle eyes, a set of wings protruding from his back, and a halo over his head. This is a pretty general description I know but it is not the only one; apparently Angels come in an array of shapes and forms.

God's Right Hand Angel- Arc Angel Michael

The most famous Angel within the Christian faith would be the Arc Angel Michael who is said to be the top Angel within the hierarchy of Christian Angels. He is the protector standing at God's side he battles against evil protecting all that is good. He battles against Satan and his army of dark Angels. Arc Angel Michael trys to keep them at bay and keep God and his followers out of harms way. This is no easy task and with battles there are casualties, many of which were good souls that did not deserve to die as they did. Many die too young or others through some type of plague or disease there is no cure for. The one comfort these poor souls have is knowing that they will be taken care of in the Holy Father's Kingdom tended and cared for by God and his angels. This vision is something that gives many of us comfort when thinking of our own mortality and what lies beyond it. For those of us who believe there is a heaven draw comfort in the thought that we will join our heavenly father and his Angels in heaven someday.

Guardian Angel

Another type of Angel is the Guardian Angel this is our own personal Angel that watches out over us while we are here on earth. I know I have been in certain situations through-out my life where I have felt my Guardian Angel has protected me when I was in need. I myself didn't visually see a form but I had the sense that my Angel was near.

Angels Come in Many Forms

There are many accounts of people who have experienced some kind of miracle that they know their Guardian Angel was responsible for. Some people see what seems to be another human but realize later that it was their Guardian Angel that appeared in the form of a human. Other people have seen a bright light or orb which they believed was their Guardian Angel.

The Red Thread

I remember being told that my grandfather or (Papa) as I called him, when lying on his death bed there was a bright red thread on his pillow beside his head; my father (his son) tried to remove the thread but my Papa got very upset claiming that the red thread was his Guardian Angel. My father left the thread and with that my Papa passed away peacefully knowing his Guardian Angel was there to guide him to the other side.


We all have our own ideas or experiences with Angels but what they look like doesn't matter. We know they are an Angel by the feeling they give us when we encounter them; we know without question we have been touched by an Angel! We know within our hearts that Angels walk amongst us.

Do you believe every person has their own guardian angel?

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    • Pamela-anne profile image

      Pamela-anne 6 years ago from Miller Lake

      Thank you very much for the lovely compliment I am glad you liked it Sapphireid. I love your name it is beautiful! bye for now Pamela-anne

    • Sapphireid profile image

      Anna Taylor 6 years ago from San Diego, CA

      Hello Pamela-anne. Nicely written. Thank you!

    • Pamela-anne profile image

      Pamela-anne 6 years ago from Miller Lake

      Thanks for the support and it is a favorite topic with many people in the world its one of my fav's too!


    • profile image

      anne kinney 6 years ago

      Well written Pamela anne and my favorite subject