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Angels The Messengers of God

Updated on December 3, 2015


Angel | Source


Who here has not heard of Angels, we learn about Angels from stories our parents tell us when we are young, from Movies and Television, we see them depicted all around us. In every media form imaginable, images of Angels are everywhere, on t-shirts to coffee mugs. We use the word, to describe a person who we hold dear to our hearts ( she/he is an Angel ), to describe food ( Angel cake ). We talk about them, put them on top of our Christmas tree every year.

But how many of us actually think about Angels? what are they? who are they? what form does an Angel take? do they have individualistic personalities?

Angel statue at the Katedrala in Zagreb

Angel Statue
Angel Statue | Source

What are angels?

Angels are commonly believed to be messengers of God, and instruments of his will. Whether they are beings of pure spirit, or have material form, what is known about them is that they bring messages from god to man.

They also carry out the will of God, not always with a happy ending, for instance the expelling of Adam and Eve from the garden of Eden by the angel Camael.

Where does the word Angel come from?

The word Angel originates from the ancient Greek word Angelos, meaning messenger. And Angels are often thought of as being the messengers of God, relaying his word to chosen people throughout history.

Is Christianity the only religion that believes in Angels?

Definitely not, Angels are mentioned in many religions and faiths around the word,Judaism, Islam, Sikhism,Zoroastrianism,Baha'i Faith and many others. Although they have different names for them, they are all referring to Angels.

Beautiful angels

Angels | Source

What image springs to mind when the word Angel is mentioned?

For most of us, the first thing we think of, is a beautiful being with white wings. Some of us will envision the Angel surrounded by a white light, or with a halo around the Angels head, wearing a flowing white robe.

Actually the Angels attire that we are so used to seeing, is heavily influenced by the Roman Culture.

But is this the true form that Angels take?

The first paintings of Angels did not have wings, and only later art work depicted Angels with wings.

One of the oldest known christian tombs decorated with biblical scenes is the Catacomb of Priscilla, the paintings on the walls had angels without wing.

Could it be that angels look just like us. And be walking among us? Many people do believe that Angels walk among us.


Do you believe in Angels?

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Guardian Angels

Nearly all cultures believe in guardian Angels, even though we might call them by different names. A large percentage of the population believe in guardian Angels, and feel that they have intervened on their behalf, saving them from misfortune. An article written by Dan Harris quotes a survey, done by the Baylor University's Institute for studies of religion, states that most Americans believe in Angels.

Famous Angels





and of course the fallen angel Satan.

While the list is actually longer. These are the most famous in our time.

Whatever religion you believe in, Whichever continent you reside in, the odds are high that you believe in Angels.

© 2013 ketage


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    • ketage profile image

      ketage 4 years ago from Croatia

      Thanks for commenting Rayne123, Angels are a truly fascinating subject, I am going to be searching for that hub you are talking about.

    • profile image

      Rayne123 4 years ago

      I agree, Angels take many forms, God sometimes sends certain people into our lives until we realize the message and then they disappear.

      Sometimes you are led to someone's writing, this to me is an Angel.

      I once saw a tip of an Angel white wing at the beach. I was sitting down there in quiet and I thought I seen a man walking down a dirt road (beside the beach) with a white dress shirt on, I had to look again and then all of a sudden it was the tip of an Angel wing.

      God wanted me to know my prayer was answered about something and at that time it was.

      I also wrote a hub on a very true Angel story and how they saved my life. It was quite an amazing experience.

      Great hub

      thank you


    • ketage profile image

      ketage 4 years ago from Croatia

      Thank you for commenting Kejanny. Glad you found this hub interesting.

    • Kejanny profile image

      Kejanny 4 years ago from Papua New Guinea

      Yes, I do believe Angels are God's messengers. They are ministering spirits as the Bible says. I also believe God can use real human beings to speak to us, give us messages. Excellent Hub.