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A short story-saved by Angels

Updated on December 28, 2013

God's angels of protection

A total white out! A blizzard! The snow was so thick they couldn’t see to drive. The roadway ahead was totally obliterated.

Drew was a young girl at the time, but she was old enough to have faith in our Father that would bring her and her family safely through this frightening ordeal. It is amazing to me that such a young child can lead parents to take the right steps in disastrous situations.

I love when she mentions the Ford hood ornament! I had forgotten about the ornaments that the cars of that time period, the forties and fifties, all proudly displayed. Various sizes and shapes and the owners were always changing them to represent something that was important to them. But here I go, getting ahead of the story. Read on as Drew tells us of this frightening night in her young life.

It was a white Christmas and we were on our way to Denver to visit my sister Thelma and her husband, Joseph, for the holiday. I was barely thirteen, still a child in many ways but moving into young adulthood.

My father decided we would have dinner first at the base of the mountain road before continuing our journey. The weather report indicated it was clear over Vail Pass. It was almost an hour before sunset.

As we traveled along on the two-lane, winding road nightfall came and the darkness seemed endless. There was a wall of forested earth on the left and a sheer drop of two or three hundred feet on the right of us

The snow began falling, lightly at first, becoming more dense as time passed. Gradually the road became harder to see and then, suddenly, we could see no farther than the Ford hood ornament!

Father became panic stricken. Although he didn’t express his fear, I could hear it in his voice. Mother tried to keep him calm, as he moved the car cautiously through the darkness.

As my fear grew, I felt a strong urge to pray for help and being the youngest in the car I thought it would be better for my parents to do the praying. Scared and trembling I said, “Maybe we should pray for help.” As I sat between them, heads bowed, my father and Mother prayed aloud and I prayed from my heart.

As we lifted our heads a supernatural light from a long dark car shown from behind us, all the way to the next curve and another long dark car led us out of the white-out blizzard all the way to the next town called Royal. Just as I turned my head to check the car behind, they both vanished!

We were able to rent the very last room at the little old inn and have a not-so-tasty, late-night meal.

The following morning we woke to a beautiful, sunshiny day and continued our drive to my sister’s red brick home in Denver.

We were so grateful to be alive and thankful to our heavenly Father for sending His angels to protect and guide us through that extremely dangerous ride.

Snow Angels

The snow fell lightly, that December day.

No problem, my Father knew the way.

We were traveling through the forests of Vail,

winding road, no wider than a trail.

We continued along, amid laughter and song.

Snow was falling harder—wind gusting strong.

News report said don’t worry -my heart filled with fear.

Was this a blizzard? Snow banks began to appear.

It covered the ground in no time at all.

The roadway was impossible to see.

Dad said “Don’t worry, it will be just fine.”

We’ll ask God to protect you and me.

As we bowed our heads and began to pray,

a light shown from behind to light our way.

And then appeared a second light, just up ahead.

The Angels guided us to safety, just like Father said!


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