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Anger, our worst enemy! How to conquer it?

Updated on April 1, 2013

Jesus, a compassionate incarnation!

The effects of anger on mankind!

Anger has a more devastating effect in human mind than the destructing bombs. In today’s life, tempers flare up even over flimsy reasons. When the tempers rise, better leave that place in a trice. Don’t be arguing with others which tend to increase the anger. There was a sage in ancient India named sage Viswamitra. He was originally a king ruling over his country. Once when he was on an errand to some far of places, he reached a hermitage founded by sage Vashista. The King and his entourage were received with all honors and respects due to the King. The sage entertained King Viswamitra with tasty meals and his retinues were also fed likewise. The king enquired about the wherewithal with which the sage could hoist tasty lunch to so many. Sage Vasishta is in possession of a heavenly cow known as “Nandhini”. The cow is capable of granting the boon of any since it was of a divine origin. Sage Vashista told the King about his possession of a Divine cow which grants the desires. Naturally, the King was eager to possess the cow since it will be more useful to a king than the sage. When he asked the sage to part with the cow, the sage was unable to comply with the request since it was the cow which enabled him to run the hermitage without any problem.

Finding that the sage was refusing to part with the cow, the King wanted to seize the cow forcefully. But the Divine cow, out of its ear produced a battalion of soldiers who fought with the Kings retinue and forced them to flee. Thus the king Viswamitra was always brooding about this incident and his only intention was to stealthily take the cow in his possession! This is the result of anger and jealousy in the mind of the king. He started doing penance for many years but when he was about to succeed in his penance, his anger stood in the way. In addition, once he was seduced by a damsel who was very beautiful and the sage lost all the effects of his penance. Though he gained much power, everything was lost in a trice. His fall was triggered by anger, jealousy and lust. When a sage himself has fallen from great heights, what to talk about common mortals?

Anger is difficult to conquer and it confuses our intelligence and we become a slave to the anger. Hence leave the place, once you find that anger is rising in you. Do not talk or argue. Move away and have a brisk walk for a mile or so. Otherwise drink a cup of cool water and go to a secluded place and lie down. These are certain simple ways to get over anger. First we should not bring to memory, past events in which we are victimized by others. Only when our tempers cool down, we will be able to realize our folly. Anger will produce incalculable effects. It will harm the heart of others when we utter unpalatable words about them. It is said in the scriptures that the wound inflicted by fire can be healed but not the wound inflicted due to angry words! Let us guard our tongue from angry outbursts by practicing the above golden rules. Most of the wars fought on the earth are due to anger. Yes, all the world wars are the result of anger only. If someone strikes us due to wrong reasons, we tend to get infuriated. Then we want to take revenge against them. History is replete with many such instances when most of the worst wars are due to retaliation of opposing forces.

What started as a minor conflict developed into world war as per the history book? Minor skirmishes lead to huge conflagrations. Hence we should avoid angry outbursts at others at all costs. There is nothing like ‘forbearance’. Even if someone offends us, let us try to reply in a soft way. This is one of the ways to avoid unpleasant arguments. Fire cannot be quelled by fire. Only water will extinguish fire! A single hand cannot clap. It will require two hands to produce sound. A spoken word cannot be taken back. People who are interested in their welfare should avoid arguments at any cost!


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