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Angles On A Pin Head

Updated on December 11, 2011

A Hub About Nothing

This is a Hub about nothing or better yet nothingness because without religion, nothingness is the only option left for those who are sober, intelligent, and honest and, for what ever reason, man has set about to remove religion from among us. Ironically they have made a religion out of removing religion from among us.

Personally I am not ready to throw in the towel on religion just yet, but I thought I'd write a Hub which no one will read about nothingness. In other words, let's throw red meat to the lions and see what happens.



The basis for all "sophisticated thinking" today is naturalism which states that everything must be explained by the natural observable laws around us. Therefore there is no room for God or gods. We came into beiung by the natural laws of the universe and we will exit by them also. (No explanation is provided about how these natural laws were brought into being)

It is a pretty bleak picture since it renders our humanity pointless and meaningless as a momentarily clown shaped cloud on a summer's day.

Morality, along with purpose is a myth created by feeble minds in an attempt to apply meaning to their lives. We kill insects because we can, but and in this godless reality only emotional baggage separates the insect from the child since they are both accidental results of natural law. Hmmm...Isn't that an oxymoron?

Oh, by the way, if the child is unborn then we can erase even that emotion and kill the meaningless offense with out guilt.

If you have a reaction to this, spare yourself the effort of a rage, you are merely a product of evolution as is the insect and the virus. What makes you so special that you should be offended?

Maybe the virus should be offended by your non-stop effort to eradicate it. Or maybe the unborn should weep tears for a life unspent to pay for an evening well spent?

Virus and babies all down the drain...

If it is so then...

God was made up by humans in order to create meaning and to give purpose and structure to their lives. But if there is no God then there is no meaning and without meaning there is no truth.

Sure, I can talk about "my truth" as if that makes it mean something, but you can't build castles out of air and you can't create meaning out of nothingness.

I enjoy a chicken leg, so I condone killing chickens for my pleasure and others prey on the weak among us for gain or pleasure. Since the chicken got here the same way the weak among us and in fact we all did, then what is the difference?

Pandora is even fearful of what we have let out of her box.


You can't ride this fence

Why save the planet? Why worry about global warming? Why try to dance on pin heads with the angles?

The tree of truth fell in the forest and no one heard it. So there is no remedy for nothingness. It is either what the universe is or it isn't and the only way it isn't is if there is a cause and not just a cause, but a first cause.

Atheists, you might as well park your high horses, because there is no god for you and there is no meaning for you other than your deluded ramblings of imaginary rights and wrongs that you have somehow pulled out of your backsides to worship.

Be it stomping on an ant or killing a baby, or exterminating thousands of people, it is all meaningless and nothingness. At least in this side of the fence...


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    • profile image

      Gabby 3 years ago

      It's a real plrsuaee to find someone who can think like that

    • Christian Walker profile image

      Christian Walker 6 years ago from Maryland

      It seems an undeniable truth. Consider the following statements...

      There is absolute truth.

      There is no absolute truth.

      Which statement is true...answer carefully.

    • lone77star profile image

      Rod Martin Jr 6 years ago from Cebu, Philippines

      Nothingness, indeed, CW!

      In all of mechanical continuity there is nothing but machine -- action-reaction -- a pretty, Rube Goldberg concoction without a destination.

      But this is the moment the Lord had been working toward. This is the crowning glory of civilized opportunity -- the moment of our salvation from physical continuity, back to the seat of creation, and within the loving arms of He who is source of all.