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Animal Spirits

Updated on August 25, 2011

Humans are not the only ones that can still hang around on earth after death. The ghosts of once living animals have also been reported. Pets that have passed on have been seen, as well as wild animals.

Here are some accounts of spirits of the animal kind.

  • In Gettysburg, Pennsylvania, where the famous Battle of Gettysburg took place, some people had seen the misty form of a horse carrying its rider. It then disappeared right before their eyes.
  • Also in Gettysburg, people believe they can still hear the growls of a Bull Terrier named Sally that once was a Union Army mascot at Gettysburg.
  • The United States Capitol building in Washington, D.C. is reported to be haunted by the spirit of a cat. People describe the animal as having glowing eyes, and it is said to appear suddenly out of the shadows.
  • In Edgehill located in Britain, the ghost of a white horse has been seen galloping across the fields. The road it is seen on has been named after the horse spirit (White Horse Road). This very road also runs from the area where the first real battle of the English Civil War took place in 1662 to the burial site of the slain soldiers.
  • A cliff in Texas is the site where some cattle reportedly fell to their death in the late 1880's. It is also known as Stampede Mesa, as disembodied hooves can be heard stampeding across the ground.
  • At the Tower of London, a large bear was reportedly seen in 1816 by a sentry who was guarding the building. At the time, the tower housed a menagerie which consisted of a variety of animals, including bears. Most likely thinking one of the bears had escaped, the sentry threw his bayonet at the bear, only to have it go right through the animal into the wall on the other side. The sentry reportedly died from shock a few days after the incident.
  • At All Hallows Church located near the Tower of London, the ghost of a Persian cat is reported to be seen wandering around the church. The cat is said to have once belonged to an organist at the church who left instructions before she died that when her pet passed away, she wanted it to be buried on consecrated ground. However, once the cat did die, the vicar would not allow her wish to be fulfilled.


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