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Apostasy the Struggle

Updated on November 18, 2016

Backdrop - The Beginning of Apostasy

The Apostasy of Angels (From Angel to devil/demon spells out the apostasy)

Jude 1:6 - And the angels which kept not their first estate, but left their own habitation, he hath reserved in everlasting chains under darkness unto the judgment of the great day.

For these creatures that were not satisfied with their accommodations; and who they were, and the measure of authority they were given by God, that implication and indication was and always will be treasonous, an act that sends any creature spiraling out of control.

We can learn from examples given in Scripture concerning the fall of the angelic hosts and the fall of mankind, that we as individuals are not exempt from apostasy and falling away from our being and who we are.

According to Scripture apostasy began with a host of angelic beings who didn’t regard their first estate as something valuable to them, but left their own habitation. The moving away from that habitation changed these being from angels to demons. The story progresses to the apostasy of man and woman who were changed into sinners because sin set in motion their apostasy.

What is apostasy? The Greek word Apostasia means away from your stand, a departure from. A great falling away and to fall from the state of being (who you are and what you once believed)

The Creator created all creatures and all creation are the works of His outstretched hands. Apostasy is because of sin; all separation from the Creator is because of sin. The premise is first seen with created beings (Angels) keeping not their first estate, domain, or rank of what the Creator ordained them to be. All creatures are created beings and must be subject to who created them, or that is apostasy.

Our parents did not create the life that we are and have, however, the design and blueprint were embedded in them and is from a higher source. Moreover, we were entrusted to them. Life is extended through man, in that he carries within his body the ability to produce a life from a starting point, it could be male or female. The woman was given the ability to carry that life for the term prescribed then to bring it to the birth. The mysterious part of this union is when did conception take place? There are biologists and those in the science field who have come up with tentative dates to ascribe to this scenario. It is very rare that a man and woman can pinpoint for themselves the when did conception occur, only that it did occur.

Parents fall away from the state of parenting because of many factors, such as divorce, and separation, which are the apostasies of the marriage. Fathers and mothers are both necessary for the raising of children. The disappearance of either is apostasy from the family structure and leads to rebellious, stubborn children and a falling away from the family structure because the family structure has derailed at some point.

Who we are as a creature is our first estate as well. We didn’t create ourselves, and we didn’t birth ourselves. What is the first estate? What the body indicates. Today, of course, people do not have to wait to the birth date; they can be told what the gender is beforehand

Just as we get parents and we learn that we must be subject to them, and even Scripture validates that we should honor both our father and mother. Making decisions that we will do as we please in our parent’s house would be disrespectful and treasonous. Apostasy is influential even as children, therein lies the fall from being a child who needs direction and counsel to thinking that we can function as an adult.

We learn to appreciate the Apostle Paul describing to us that he learned how to be content no matter what state he was in. The conditions that he had to forbear and learn were not as those creatures who had everything except gratitude. That attitude was the sin that separated them from the Creator and ushered in their apostasy and the apostasy of man and woman.

To fall away from the state of being

If a civilization falls away from faith in God it means they fall away from the state of being who they were created to be. We can see glimpses of this in society in a marriage which is established and institutionalized by God and falls away from the purpose that He set upon it to be.

Apostasy begins with the stubbornness and rebellion not to keep the estate which governs divine order and to do things one’s own way, rather than the way prepared. Rebellion and stubbornness according to Scripture, is as the sin of witchcraft. Fornication, adultery, and homosexuality, are paths by which the union that God has set in motion is profaned and perverted through apostasy and is the falling away from His paradigm and standard for its success in relationships.

To hear the word “apostasy” what comes to your mind? If you know Scripture, you will think of the great falling away. The great falling away carries the premise of the culmination, peak, zenith and height of the fall, the adjective “great” is suggesting something massive and more than before. All of the various forms of falling away will erupt into a greater form with all the unrepentant and unresolved pieces that have over time contributed to the fall. Sin is the transgression, and trespass, and the wrongdoing against God’s standards, but apostasy is what has happened and is happening as a result of the wrong choices made. Apostasy is a fox that will destroy any vine.

The serpent beguiled Eve on several levels to commit apostasy. He twisted her thinking to believe that she could be as god knowing good and evil. This was the beginning of deception; he was suggesting that the woman changed her natural affection and aspect to that of a masculine. How do you tell a woman that she can be what only a masculine can be? God is masculine only! When you know she has an identity problem, she doesn’t know who she is. Identity crisis continued through to man and woman, not understanding who they were and wanting to be something different by way of deception. Only the Creator could have designed woman, she is his design for man.

Homosexuality is the number one apostasy from who you are conceived and birthed to be. The origin of it goes right back to the Book of Genesis. In this provocation came the reversibility of genders. If in his suggestion to the woman to be god, what was the suggestion to man to be????

Homosexuality is primarily apostasy from who the Creator created a man and woman to be by design of their bodies, differing from each. Secondly, it is apostasy from who you were conceived and birthed to be by the design of your body.

There is no reference in Scripture that a woman can ever be God, yet here is the temptation being presented to her womanhood that she should fall from being a woman which is her first estate and state of being, to be a god. Why not a goddess if he was pitching a fly ball, you know one that flies right over your head.

Here is when the enemy persuaded the woman to commit apostasy. Be what you were not designed to be, fall with me in sin. Why didn’t he pitch his idea to the man first? It would at least make a little more sense to tell a male about being what can only be attributed to a masculine. Of course, God is more than manhood, but we perceive Him in the masculine only.

Today the same pitch is being made in many offices. Scripture is clear in distinguishing between a prophet (masculine) and prophetess (feminine), yet today some woman are calling themselves prophets. There is discombobulating information as to who can be a prophet. Both can operate in the Spirit of Prophecy but both cannot be prophets according to Scripture. There is a fine line of demarcation between the two. It sounds like the same pitch of the enemy in the garden, you will be a prophet if you will denounce your feminity and usurp a male title, and these offices are not interchangeable. This is apostasy, why? Because the woman has fallen from functioning in what her office in prophecy is, a prophetess.

The apostasies can be clearly seen today as well. We know of a prophetess being a woman according to Scripture but how does a woman become a prophet? It is the extension of the lie told to Eve about being as a god. Prophecy being the mantle of prophets and prophetesses and if the Scripture grants us clarity and distinction between the two why should we believe anything other than what is outlined therein? It appears that the enemy meant to cancel the role of man in the earth. Why this abhorrence of man?

The template of what a man really should resemble is only found in Jesus Christ, the adherence to the will of the Most High and the relationship that God and man were ordained and destined to have can only be seen through Christ in God. The relationship between God and man was rudely interrupted by sin and then apostasy, but God has never given up on man and I don’t believe that He ever will. Man is returning back to His first estate with God every second of every day because Jesus Christ stepped into the picture and is leading the way out of apostasy and sin.

To offer the title God to the woman is to pervert and profane her and the title. This mindset of being as God lives in Eve’s nature it translates into being and doing that which only man can do. We see its manifestation throughout history. The fall had to do with more than falling because of sin, it had to do with apostasy and the falling from what the Creator ordained you to be. If you are created and formed a woman than rest assure your design should speak who you are.

Apostasy has manifested in creatures that enter the world with body parts which distinguish what gender they are and they are ensnared to believe that they can be something other than the formation that they are. How does one with man genitals determine they should have been a woman and vice-versus? It is through apostasy and falling away from your own state of being. Most trespassers do not know or realize that the misery who loves company has fallen to the lowest level that they can ever be. From an Angel surrounded by light to a devil or demon which knows the darkness.

If these apostasies do not make you think about how the great apostasy will play out then you are deceived and asleep. Most people will tell you that you have the right to choose because of free will. I ask you this question how is will free when you can only use it to choose what is wrong. It sounds like the will is in bondage, not freedom. Free will to me means I am free to use my will to choose righteousness and that gives me the right to choose. When I don’t choose what is right, how am I exercising the free will which is only choosing what is right?

We learn about apostasy throughout Scripture and how Israel turned towards idolatrous practices. But do we learn from their examples how we are not exempt from it? We should be looking through the lens that affords us a clear and precise view of what apostasies look like in our personal lives so that we too do not fall into it. Sin has led and always will lead to apostasy. America was founded upon some good principles and morals; it even went as far as to proclaim in God we trust on all currency. The question in this present day is, which god are you trusting in? Yet apostasies have surfaced and come in various forms. Prayer the pinnacle by which faith in the Most High can be exercised was removed from places of stature where people needed it most, out of government, policies, laws, schools the workplaces, the home etc.

The Bible and Ten Commandments have been taken down and out of the system of the world. These are all strategetic maneuvers of apostasy, cunning craftiness of leaving the God it once professed out of all of its endeavors. The removal of metrics, such as the Commandments have produced and endorsed apostasy and is not helping society to heal.

A percentage of men have fallen from their first estate of natural man, and now men desire other men instead of a woman. This is called in Scripture inordinate affections. There is also a percentage of women who have fallen from their first natural estate as women and their state of being to be with men.

The Apostle Paul warned of this condition plaguing societies in the Book of Romans, Chapter 1 approximately 2000 years ago. He stated that man and woman would both leave what is natural affection between man and woman, and burn in lust for the same genders. In this, we see today the apostasies of redefining marriage. How can you redefine something that you can never create or orchestrate? You can only commit that sin and the apostasy that goes with it. I will never be willing to call any union that is not between male and female a marriage or I am functioning with a reprobate mind that endorses the apostasies of men and women.

Here is the apostasy concerning homosexuals. Just as Jude 1, explains how, the angels which kept not their first estate, but left their own habitation, these men and women have not kept their first estate mandated by God and have left their habitation as natural men and women of their own volition and haven chosen a route that is not motivated or ordained of God.

Concerning fornication, this is a lifestyle of apostasy. Marriage should always precede any relationship which involves intercourse. Adultery is another aspect of apostasy. We learn that no one who commits these things will inherit the Kingdom. Why don’t we believe that, because of falling away from what the Scriptures tell us. We cannot re-write our own version of the Word, we can either take it for what it tells us or reject it and end up with an apostate mind. The Scriptures describes fornication as being a sin against our own bodies, we hurt ourselves through this act of apostasy and it is against God. At the birth of any infant, what are the parents, doctors, and nurses waiting to see? If it is a girl or a boy, how is that determined? It is determined by the definite distinction between the bodies.

I am learning that apostasy is an individual realism. All failures have to be aligned with the counsels, admonitions, warnings precepts, principles, and all that the Word of God offers as the stance to take for righteousness as the combatant for apostasy. Before is spreads like a wildfire it generally takes place individually first and then burns toward a collective assault and this is how it is culminating towards a great falling away. It is actually taking place swelling towards its prophesied greatness.

Apostasy has many faces and disguises; it takes on many different forms, it has in the past as well, as in the present, What is the answer for the apostate individual? REPENT and turn back to the Creator! Apostasy doesn’t care who you are, its mission is to produce a falling away from God. We must all examine our lives for traces of apostasy and seek the reproof only the Scriptures afford us.

2 Corinthians 13:5 - Examine yourselves, whether ye be in the faith; prove your own selves. Know ye not your own selves, how that Jesus Christ is in you, except ye be reprobates?

This is a good verse and it provides sound counsel, it articulates to me that I should examine myself and not assume that everything is alright when apostasy is on the loose.

1 Peter 5:8-9 - Be sober, be vigilant; because your adversary the devil, as a roaring lion, walketh about, seeking whom he may devour: Whom resist stedfast in the faith, knowing that the same afflictions are accomplished in your brethren that are in the world.

SOBER - Regular; calm; not under the influence of passion; as sober judgment; a man in his sober senses. serious, solemn, a cure of intoxication

VIGILANT - Watchful; circumspect; attentive to discover and avoid danger, or to provide for safety. Take your places and be vigilant, to keep awake that is to watch (literally or figuratively): - be vigilant wake (be) watch (-ful).

The Apostle Peter is sounding a trumpet here. In the garden the enemy showed up as a serpent, in the dispensation, the apostle was under, he saw him as a roaring lion seeking whom he could devour and his admonition was and is to resist him steadfast in the faith.

Grace and peace


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