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2016 Yearly Horoscope ;Aquarius

Updated on December 28, 2016

Aquarius in 2016

This is the year to shine for Aquarians. The road to success is easy to achieve this year due mainly to the fact of the alignment of the planets are mostly in your favor. Gone are the days where you wonder where your career is going. This year, Aquarius is more aggressive, more focused and more insightful then ever, which will do wonders for the work life.They will shine in a way ,which has never been seen

Determined Aquarians will become even more determined this year as Saturn influences them. They get to obtain long term results as their social position is consolidated. Once Saturn leaves the sign there might be a minor plateau in the professional life. Saturn will be back in the foreground in the summer and for the next three years. Aquarius will then feel true motivation when it comes to social activism, organizational interests, partnerships, friendships and groups. You can handle it as long as you take care of your health. You will also feel extra determined this year for any project you put your mind in. Your colleagues and your coworkers as well as your boss will be amazed at your insights, determination and true focus on your job. Long lasting achievements are the result and this year, marriage and love are issues that you will need to be thinking about. This includes partnerships at work and relationships at business. This is the year to sign new contracts and finally nip those money issues in the bud, making them a think of the past once and for all.

This year you will see Aquarius as a star rising. When all your work is rewarded and acknowledged, it is time for you to shine. A lot of your brilliant ideas and work will be mental. There won’t be a lack of ideas that are brilliant in 2016 for Aquarians no matter how trivial you feel they are. Others might overlook potentials but the good news is that you won’t. In your 2016 chart, there is an opposition of the moon and Saturn. This guarantees that you need to be careful in planning and thinking that will be to your advantage and for your success. There is a conjunction between Pluto and Mercury which will give you boldness and strong nerves. Make sure you make a move only when it is wise to do so.

At large, your social life and issues of love will be looming, keeping you happy and busy with charming people and gorgeous surroundings. Shine as this is your rightful place. An appetite for adventure and knowledge may seemingly come from nowhere. Satisfy these yearnings and you can do that by finding practical ways to do so. You won’t be able to sit still for long as your strong Mars in 2016 is in Scorpio.

Enjoy steady progress in your career this year. It will most definitely lead to huge successes. Your friend is the fact that Sagittarius is inhabited by Saturn, so you might want to take this into consideration and take smart risks where you think it is appropriate. The bottom line is that you might be the ultimate winner this year in more aspects than one.


Tons of energy for professions and businesses will occur during the months of fall. People will enough energy will be able to take on any level of stress and become a true success. On the other hand those who don’t really put extra effort in keeping their health up by eating right, taking vitamins and getting enough rest and exercise may suffer the opposite, and that is nervous breakdown. Spare yourself this trouble by making sure that you put a true priority on your own health.

Money Talks

The first quarter of the year is perfect for gaining immediate objectives in terms of finances. You will overshoot expenses and may get your budget upset in the middle of the year around summer time. Your finances becomes more stable around June and to balance expense and earning, you need to work out a plan of finance by the year’s end. Personal luxuries and account expenses are most likely going to happen during this year for every Water Bearer.

Love in 2016

There is prominent love in the charts for this year’s Aquarians. Harmonious relationships for couples are going to be apparent during the months starting March of 2016 and July. Forming new partnerships and emotional development will take place as well. This dominates in the months of August and onwards. Serious relationships demand decisions and there might be pregnancy in November. There are dating opportunities for single Aquarians around the time of Christmas of this year. For a relationship of yours to last this year, there needs to be true compatibility in terms of sex.

Aquarius at Work

This year is all about building new contacts socially. Create new relations and even if you are feeling extra argumentative, it is time to take your career matters into your own hands. This year, minor and major projects are going to need to be handled without arguing with anybody. Find your balance between harmony and aggression in 2016. When you make new relationships, look for loyalty. At work, this is your creative year and make sure you are ready to throw those old ideas out the window.

All about Aquarius

The word "zodiac" comes from the Greek and, roughly translated, means "circle of animals." It is an imaginary belt through which the sun, moon, and planets move. It was divided by the ancient Greeks into twelve sections, each given the name of an animal, thus its name. Your sign is Aquarius, the Water Bearer. His influence is supposedly felt by all those born January 21 through February 19. Astrologers feel they can predict a person's character and future based on where the planets, sun, and moon stood at the time of the person's birth and their positions throughout any given year.

You were born under a remarkable sign Aquarians are the visionaries of the z original, deeply inventive, and Aquarians are interested in everything. Problems of the past, but they live totally in the future. It is said that what the Aquarian thinks today, the rest of the world will think in 50 years. It is this trait that connects other Aquarian tendencies: humanitarian concern about social problems, utopian thinking, and the hallmark Aquarian inventiveness. Aquarius is the sign of genius, and while not everyone can be a genius, a talent for problem-solving will be just as apparent in an average Aquarian Your ruling planet is Uranus, the planet of inspiration, associated with the number 8 and with Saturday, so these might be lucky for you. Aquarius' colors are anything is very, iridescent, and blue like the water and sky. The favorable precious stone is garnet. The particular genius of your sign is clearly evident in the following list of fascinating fellow Aquarians.

Some Famous Fellow Aquarians include Christian Dior January 21, 1905; Fashion designer. Placido Doming January 21, 1941; opera singer. Virginia Woolf January 25, 1882; Writer. Douglas MacArthur January 26, 1880; General. Paul Newman-January 26, 1925; Actor. Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart-January 27, 1756; Composer. Lewis Carroll January 27, 1832; Writer. Jackson Pollock-January 28, 1912; Painter. Mikhail Barishnikov-January 28, 1948, Ballet dancer. Franklin Delano Roosevelt-January 30, 1882, 82nd President, Barbara Tuchman-January 30, 1912; Historian. Vanessa Redgrave-January 30, 1937; Actress. Franz Schubert-January 31, 1797; Composer. Jackie Robinson-January 31, 1919; Baseball player. Clark Gable-February 1, 1901; Actor. James Joyce-February 2, 1882; writer. Norman Rockwell-February 3, 1894; Illustrator James Michener-February 3, 1907 Novelist. Charles Lindbergh-February 4, 1902; Aviator. Babe Ruth-February 6, 1895; Baseball player. Mary Leakey-February 6, 1913; Archaeologist. Charles Dickens-February 7, 1812; Novelist. Laura Ingalls Wilder-February 7, 1867; Writer. Jules Verne-February 8, 1828; Writer Mark Spitz-February 10, 1950; Swimmer. Thomas Edison-February 11, 1847; Inventor. Abraham Lincoln-February 12, 1809; 16th President. Charles Darwin-February 12, 1809; Naturalist. Galileo Galilei- February 15, 1564; Astronomer. Susan B. Anthony-February 15, 1820; Activist, feminist. Nicolaus Copernicus February 19, 1473; Astronomer. Andrew Albert Christian Edward-February 19, 1960; Prince of England, Duke of York.

Create a Family Tree

Millions of people in all walks of life enjoy looking into the history of their family, known as genealogy. People have preserved accounts of their ancestors since the beginning of time. The Old Testament contains genealogies showing the descent from Abraham, Noah and Adam The ancient Greeks and Romans traced their origins to heroes and gods. In the middle Ages most records were kept for kings and noblemen, who depended upon them for succession of power and possessions. Every family, including yours, is unique. As shown by the following, these studies sometimes produce surprising results.

England's Queen Elizabeth II George Washington, Colonel Augustine Warner of Virginia (1611-1674) The family of Sir Winston Churchill’s mother, Jenny Jerome, descended from early settlers of Massachusetts and Churchill and Franklin Delano Roosevelt the two great leaders of World War II were seventh cousins once removed Richard Nixon can trace one line to the 14th century king Edward II. He is also a seventh cousin twice removed of William Howard Taft Jimmy Carter shares an ancestor with two other presidents, William Henry Harrison and Benjamin Harrison. George Bush can trace his family's arrival in America to the 1620s. He has British ancestors that include a king, Edward I, who lived in the 13th and 14th centuries. Winston Churchill is an eighth cousin, once removed. He also shares ancestors with former U.S. presidents including Lincoln, Garfield, Teddy Roosevelt and Franklin Roosevelt. His own vice-president, Dan Quayle, is a very distant cousin. It is reported that Bette Davis, Marilyn Monroe and Katherine Hepburn can count George Bush as distant kin, too.

Abraham Lincoln's first American an r was Edward Lincoln. In m Hingham, England, to Salem, Massachusetts. He was descended from a person that came to England from France with William in 1066. Using a form such as the following you can do as much or as little as you like in building your family tree. Extend the branches as far as you can. Even though you may not choose to follow this "tree" pattern, you may find it interesting simply to compile a written history of your family generally and more detailed ones on individual members. Important information to include are full names, dates and places of births, deaths and marriages. As with a detective story, other "clues" which may later be useful are information on schools attended and military ser- vice and job or professional records. Two things must be kept in mind: this is a long-term activity and nothing can be taken for granted. Names often have been changed. Brown, for example, may have once been Browne, Broune, Bron or Braun. And place names change. What began as Rhawackbacka, New Jersey, later evolved through Rahawack, and Raway before becoming known in as today's Rahway.

Your Ancestry

Keep alert to the fact that some of your ancestors may have had more than one spouse. Sources of information may well be close at hand. Birth certificates, family old letters or news clippings, yearbooks or other school records, photo albums, and sometimes even financial records such as checkbooks or ledgers. Even objects such as old furniture, pottery, and needlework or quilts can sometimes provide historical clues. Your local library is a source for old city directories, newspapers and magazines (especially useful for marriages and obituaries), and books on local history City records or the county court house can provide vital details on such items as property transfers, mortgages, deeds, etc. Many states have centralized this information as well. Church records often have details on births, baptisms, marriages, and funerals.

Today is The First Day, Hour, Minute and Second of the Rest of Your Life! If you're tired of celebrating your birthday in terms of years, the following table will give you other options. Jack Benny could have given his age as a few days instead of 39 years! INTERESTING OBSERVATIONS In the midst of your 27th year you will have TEN THOUSAND DAYS behind you. During your eleventh year, you will have been around for OVER ONE HUNDRED THOUSAND HOURS. By the time you reach twenty, you have clocked OVER TEN MILLION MINUTES. Who says life begins at 40? At that age you have ticked off OVER A BILLION AND A QUARTER SECONDS. At 100 your heart will have beat ,681,619,200 times, pumping 27,323,260 gallons of blood weighing over ONE HUNDRED TONS. If you're tired, you've earned it!


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    • elle64 profile imageAUTHOR


      2 years ago from Scandinavia

      thankyou manatita44 and FlourishAnyway for stopping by

    • FlourishAnyway profile image


      2 years ago from USA

      Passing this on to an Aquarius I know. I like that you included famous people born under this sign.

    • manatita44 profile image


      2 years ago from london

      Wow! I mean for me this is all great news! So many encouring signs. A lot for February and beyond! Nice one!

      Some famous Aquarians : Manatita ...


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