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Aquarius: The Age of Man

Updated on October 24, 2017

Aquarius is depicted by a man pouring water out of a pitcher. To me, this depicts a pouring out of a new form of consiousness on mortals below. This is what the Age of Aquarius is all about.

The Ages change every 2160 years. There is a 30 degree arc of sky for each Age. We are at the end of the Age of Pisces, the fish, and beginning the Age of Aquarius.

The Ages start at the beginning of the Age of Leo, 12,960 years ago. That is one half of a Precessional cycle. We are at the halfway point in the Precession. Major things happen at the change of Precessional seasons.

A quarter of a Precession ago, civilization began.

A half a Precession ago, the Ice Age ended.

One Precession ago, the Neanderthals died off.

Two Precessions ago, there was an explosion of art and artifacts, and way of life for human beings.

A Precession of the Equinoxes is a 25,920 year cycle. What is the Precession exactly? As the Earth spins on it's axis, there is a slow wobble. This wobble creates the Precessional cycle. That is why we have changing Pole Stars. The Pole Star isn't always Polaris. Sometimes it's Vega or Thuban. As the Earth wobbles, the stars in the sky appear to slowly shift. So slowly that it only moves one degree every 72 years.

If you look East on the vernal equinox at sunrise, you will see the tail end of Pisces. 12,960 years ago, you would have seen Leo. Soon, you will see Aquarius in the sky on the vernal equinox.

I believe that Regulus in Leo is the starting point for the Precession. I believe it was named that for that very reason. To regulate time. This is why the Spinx was built. To commemorate Leo and Regulus, and to mark the beginning of the Precession. The Sphinx faces due East.

I believe that something important happens with the change of Precessional seasons. That means every quarter Precession, or three "Ages". A quarter Precession lasts for 6,480 years. That was about how long ago civilization started, around the beginning of Taurus. The Fall season of the Precession (since it goes backwards from the normal zodiac).

There have been major changes in human thought and society during these nodes. For instance, about 50,000 years ago it is estimated (about two Precessional cycles ago), there was a huge leap forward in human development. Humans began creating fantastic works of art, as depicted in European caves. They also began to use much more advanced tools and implements, including making rope and eyed needles. They also began to live in organized settlements. So what happened at these change of seasons?

I believe that there is an influx of higher consciousness at these times. That is the pouring of the water pitcher depicted in the Aquarius constellation. Evolutionary changes happen. I picture it like a fountain. A tiered fountain overflowing with water. It starts at the top, and then overflows down into the next level. This water is consiousness. When the time is ripe, the next tier overflows and changes occur. This is spiritual growth. We start as single cells and move upwards along the chain. From bacteria to sponges to fish to amphibians to reptiles to mammals to humans. Ever increasing rationality. Ever increasing consciousness and self-awareness.

What changes will come this time, as we move into the Age of Man? The Neanderthals died off one Precessional cycle ago. Were they unable to change for some reason? What will be our fate? There is so much evil and greed in the world today. I find very little use of our higher consciousness or rationality. If we are unable to change for the better, what will become of humanity?

There is hope. We also have an inborn capacity for compassion and love. Which side will win out? It is an individual battle as well as humanity's battle. Progress or defeat. I have hope for humanity as a whole. i see change. Like women's rights and gay rights. People are becoming more accepting of others. People are freer. There is less violence overall. I think we are growing up. It is hardly noticeable, but if you look you will find it.


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