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Aquarius in 2020

Updated on February 13, 2020

The sign is symbolized or represented by a water bearer. This bearer is known as a mystical healer who bestows life and water, on the land. It rules the 11th house. As we will learn, Aquarius is the most humanitarian sign in the entire field of astrology. Both its planets stand in direct conflict if looking at the essence of personality traits. One represents restrictions and the other represents freedom. Aquariuses are not fans of being restricted.

Main Features of Aquarius

Also known as the Sun Zodiac sign, it stands out as one whose element falls under the ‘Air’ category. This air element represents the Prana; the realm of ideas that link the non-physical and physical world together. If you were born under this sign, one could characterize the personality between strengths and weaknesses. The traits associated with strength would be friendship and originality and, with weaknesses, the traits are rebellion and outsider. Now, this can work in the favor of an Aquarius at times but, other times, not so much.

The planets that are regarded as the ruling ones of Aquarius are Saturn and Uranus. Saturn stands as the planet of limitation and the life trials experience. This further includes traits such as punctuality and discipline. In reflection of this, Uranus is regarded as the planet of revolutionary change and freedom. It represents the area of originality that was stated as strength.

These people are often seen as those with an extremely strong sense of will power. They can differentiate between what they should do and what they should refrain from. This can have an adverse effect on them since they often find themselves trying to accomplish difficult tasks and they see it as a form of weakness to seek advice or help. They are quite flexible and can adapt to the situation if it is not unfolding in accordance with their wishes. Even in terms of a person’s nature, Aquariuses are quite gentle souls and they try their utmost best to avoid conflict when it can be avoided. One could say that, due to this nature, they are also seen as philanthropists who take part in social issues and tackle different situations of injustice.

They are absolute lovers of nature and once they’ve set their mind towards tackling an issue, they will not back off until and unless they’ve solved it. Since friendship is a positive trait in an Aquarius, they are considered to be quite compassionate and selfless. They will often present ideas that may be beyond the understanding of a large majority but they will alter those ideas to present them in a more understandable fashion. These ideas of theirs are often driven by a passion or will to improve the world. The following article will expand upon how 2020 can work its way into the health, finances and, basically, everyday life of an Aquarius.

Aquarius Love

In terms of love, it can be quite an eventful year for an Aquarius. It can be predicted that, in accordance with Eros’s (the god of love) movement, the love impulses of an Aquarius can differ. When Eros moves itself through the romantic sector of an Aquarius, erotic impulses can run high and between April 3 – August 7, romantic relationships can pick up speed due to Venus also being in the romantic sector.

An Aquarius is more likely to feel extra passionate with their partner and if they don’t have one, it is a great year to work towards getting one. Their entire aura of romance and charm can draw new people near them. If speaking of their current partner, the spontaneous quality of their nature will bring heaps of excitement and fun into their marriage relationship. This is sure to spice things up more than a little bit.

It can also be predicted that they will be likely to feel more emotional and full of sentiments around their friends and family this year. They may, basically, feel more comfortable around these people. There is no requirement for them to keep up appearances and they should feel absolutely free to be themselves. Circling back to love, it is also considered a great year to have a baby.

Grand developments are bound to come your way with the North Node’s tour of Gemini. There is a high probability for you to meet your soulmate, finally, get engaged, have a baby or achieve some other milestone in your love life. You are also assuredly going to experience a lot of socializing and partying, with both old and new people alike. Get ready to fill that calendar with a great amount of never-ending rendezvous.

Although your love life is probable to be wonderful this year, you may experience slight conflicts. Between May 13 and June 25, the period is complex and you may end up having arguments in your relationships. Be sure to take this in account and try to remain calm, all the while handling your issues with a logical approach. Don’t forget to work on your mistakes, avoid comprises that could be resentful and reflect on your downfalls. Try improving communication and in case you find yourself all trapped up, try talking things out instead of keeping it all bottled inside. That is never a good thing to do anyway.

Career and Finance

It is advised to an Aquarius to ease into the New Year in terms of career. They should take the first few weeks of January to think over their plans and observe from various perspectives before actually appearing in the spotlight. They will find new and innovative pioneering ideas and improved ways of doing things. In 2020, they may be quite astonished towards events that will cause them to step out of their comfort zone. These are the types of events that cause a sense of personal growth inside an individual, allowing them to work even more efficiently towards their goal.

The summer of 2020 is predicted to be a bit tough due to pressure from more than one end of their career line. That kind of pressure can be from the superiors above or from outsiders such as rivals or competitors. This is the time that they’re advised to seek outside assistance and advice. It is to refrain from any long-form of conflict that they usually try to avoid. It is also said that any professional rivalries an Aquarius may have throughout the year, may get personal sometime after August starts. They will also get a chance to further expand and extend their circle of friends and to meet significant people who will allow them to take part in unique and new opportunities to advance. It is also advised to them to let their colleagues do as they wish rather than commanding them about, and they may return the favor before the year is up. Other than this, an Aquarius is not impulsive in their decisions and maintain a sense of professionalism if they intend to progress well in their career.

In terms of finances, this is scheduled to be a good year for an Aquarius. They will progress well in their career from the financial perspective and they will continue to retain their social status as well. The very position of the planets in the Aquarius sign may cause a change in career that they have always wanted or have dreamed of at some point in their lives. They should be stable enough to buy everything that they wish to and need, nearly. That being said, Aquarius ought to be a bit cautious, so as to not fall into any form of debt that can have an everlasting effect the rest of the year. If an Aquarius is working in sales, they will get a bigger boost in it. It is also said to be a good year for students.


An Aquarius may be drawn to alternate means of health practices this year and they may benefit hugely from it. Other health practices can range from Homeopathy all the way up to acupuncture. These alternate means will be sought out because they may face health challenges in the early part of the year. This is opposed to the vibrant healthy lives they’ve led in the prior years. It may take them a few months to adapt to the new forms of healing but they will not have any serious or major form of setback.

Since, even career-wise, the mid part of the year will bring stress; it may also bring stress in the form of personal relationships. Good health is encouraged in 2020 because the stress of the professional and personal life may have a chance to take a heavy toll. This toll can be both mental and physical and since physical plays just as important a role as mental, it is advised to put good practices in place.

Moving on to the more domestic health remedies, good and healthy eating habits are encouraged alongside keeping a proper diet plan. It is predicted that someone older from their family may get sick so taking god care of family is one of the topmost priorities. This year, the position of Saturn and Mars can have an adverse effect on health. This can include mild headaches to severe migraines, high blood pressure, various types of cardio issues and the most common type of inheritable occurrence; Diabetes.

That being said, there is good news waiting as well. Towards the end of the summer, after the stressful part of the year has already taken its toll and has begun to pass, the state of health of Aquarius women will quickly improve. However, the health state of men is expected to take a slightly longer time.

The Overall Year

This is a year for an Aquarius to think more about their long term plans. They have to observe the bigger picture that is bound to unfold over the course of their lives. Onwards February, they will go through personal changes and the magnitude depends on the planets. Major changes are expected to be seen by the end of spring after the stressful moments have passed. To an Aquarius, we say that you should not be open to trusting quite so easily nor make a lot of hasty or impulsive decisions as mentioned above, especially when it comes to new partners or acquaintances. Some may not be so kind.

This year might need quite a lot of focus and sound attitude in determining any important decision. Loads of adventures and challenges are expected to come your way that may leave you overwhelmed and under pressure. A great way to deal with all this would be to keep an effective check on yourself. As per the findings, we would suggest that you don’t partake in any risky investments as that would not be ideal. This year will be a lot about you growing through all the rough patches and coming out even stronger. Though, we advise you to be patient throughout every process in order to rise above all the crappy things and feelings as tougher, savvier and oh-so successful.

Famous People Who Are Aquarius

Have you ever wondered which famous people have similar personalities to you? Well, look no further! With the same star sign as you, personalities including Oprah Winfrey, Ellen DeGeneres, Ed Sheeran, Harry Styles Cristiano Ronaldo, Michael Jordon, Ashton Kutcher, and Christian Bale are ought to experience similar things that you would this year. Apart from these, some who, unfortunately, are no longer in this world, yet still shared your zodiac include the following; Abraham Lincoln, Charles Darwin, Virginia Woolf, Bob Marley, Franklin D. Roosevelt, Charles Dickens and many others.

With such strong-willed and highly successful personalities sharing your zodiac, you should realize how much you may have in common. From traits to likes and dislikes, you could possibly be sharing so much with all these powerful people, all the while going through the same rough patches as them. This brings us to another advice; whenever you find yourself in a difficult position or a rough patch, think of how these people might be going through the same stuff and as a fellow Aquarian, Oprah Winfrey, once said, “Cheers to a new year and another chance to get it right, ” it may be time for you to dive all-in for this year. Wishing you all the best of luck!


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