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Are Humans Interfering with God's Work?

Updated on May 29, 2009

So, I was reading the paper yesterday and came across this story. It was about some university doing genetic testing through an experiment, using an animal. By animal, I do not mean rodent, although, technically, rodents are animals, too. I can't recall, but I believe it was a chicken or another, smallish farm animal. The point is... I got to thinking: has this, whole, testing on animals thing gotten out of control? Is it ethical... morally, or religiously? If so, then which animals should humans be allowed to use for these "experiments..." only dead animals? Live ones?

The animal from the article was actually living, as I recall. To the reader's knowledge, this animal was just being used for its blood (the scientist would take it's blood, as many times as necessary, to draw the conclusions he/she needed for the experiment). So, surely, the animal- to some degree- felt/is feeling pain, while being stuck over and over again with a needle... in the exact, same way as a human would?!

Another thing that came to my mind, was... if these scientific "professionals" are using a variety of animal species, in their testing, don't the genes and information contained within differ from those inside a human body? Surely, we do not have the exact, same gentic make-up as, say, a goat... or else, we would be a GOAT (and vice versa)- right? That is a big question mark in my mind.

In my "unprofessional," but moderately intelligent mind, I definitely believe scientific testing has gotten out of hand. Think about it. If we go back to the very beginning of time- biblical times- NOWHERE in the bible does God advocate/condone genetic testing... or, testing on animals. Animals were to be under man's control (NOT ABUSE!) and live on the earth, the same way man was. Think about the stories, in the bible, where animals were present. The story of Noah and the ark comes right to mind. The animals, God said, were to be watched over and taken care of (fed, watered, groomed, etc.) by Noah and his family. There were actually laws, back then, governing what the people could eat, how they could treat and dispose of animals and their flesh.

Are there people that oversee universities and the scientists, who are then responsible and accountable to some higher authority... to ensure the animals are treated properly, that they're being fed and watered and well taken care of? From the stories I've seen/heard about, not really. How many times have we heard of animals being dismembered, cut open and otherwise tortured... in the name of "science?" To not be moved by something so dispicable is incomprehensible, in my opinion.

What place in our lives, in society, do animals have? The way I see it: many people genuinely love animals, respect and care for them the same way they might a family member. Others SAY they like animals, get a pet and proceed to neglect it, mistreat it and treat it like garbage. Those are people that shouldn't own pets. Then, we have people who simply dislike animals and anything to do with them. Those people should not own/be around animals. Are animals, today, just some "lesser beings" that we, as humans, can own, play with, hit and yell at whenever we feel like it? I think that's how most humans feel.

For one, strict oversight of these institutions/scientific "professionals" needs to take place. All the wasted money our government throws away... surely, they could come up with some reliable and efficient way of oversight, in this area. Then, as a society, we need to do everything we can (contact our state rep., send a letter to Washington, D.C., etc.) to ensure our opinions on this subject are heard. Lastly, we need to get back to the bible and truly LIVE by its principles. There is little room for "error" in God's word. Man's world is so much more different in that respect!

One more thing I want you to consider: whose place IS it to even do these "experiments" on animals, or... is it ANYONE'S place? Again... if you go back to the bible... the only medical "treatments/experiments" you hear about are done, strictly, by God's chosen ones (Jesus, namely). Nowhere will you read about "professionals" coming in and doing surgery, doing "experiments" on people/or animals, etc. In God's world, that does not happen. In man's world, however, "anything goes." Why is that?

All humans have intelligent minds and hearts that were given us, by God. The bible says, we were made in the image of Him (God), and... if that is true... there is NO reason why each and every one of us can not read his word and learn what is expected of us. For whatever reason, many humans do not care to do that. The ones who DO are the ones that will reap big rewards... now and in the future... for humans AND animals.


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    • audreana71 profile image

      audreana71 8 years ago from WV

      The hub was meant to seek answers to this question, but was written from a mainly religious point of view... hence the title, "...God's work?" That said, I understand where you're coming from; however, I think you can hardly suggest that taking fertility drugs and having a tatoo (which are your choice, not God's) are even remotely comparable in idea to animals being abused by scientists and other such "professionals." To begin with, the animals have no choice in the matter, therefore, negating responsibility on their part for the trauma caused them in the name of "science," and handing the responsibility for the act/s back to whom it does belong to... man (science). Furthermore, to imply a "gifted scientist" has God "in him" is just ridiculous. God is GOD... not in any man. He's our creator and the father of Jesus Christ. I think, the problem is... many people today have been ingrained to believe that the points you present are fact, which- in fact- they are not. According to the holy bible (as referenced in this hub), certain subjects are cut and dry, and that is as it should be. Unfortunately, our society has given us the impression that we can pick and choose what to do, what to say and how to act. Again... according to God's word, that is not so. I respect that you have disagreed with my writing; however, as I've stated, these are all truths that can be found within the pages of the holy bible. Thank you for your comments. Sincerely, audreana71

    • Lady Rogue profile image

      Lady Rogue 8 years ago from Cleveland Heights, Ohio

      I respect your passion, Audreana, and I agree with you up you a point. Your question reminds me of a commercial I saw asking, "Who says you should have a monthly period"? I replied, "God". The extent to which we should go in the medical profession is such a subjective topic that I think it should be left to a committe which, theoretically, is comprised of clergy and scientists. Aside from that. since we are made in his image, what boundaries SHOULD exist? A gifted scientist is accessing the God in him just like the painter or violinist. The bottom line, the resposibility lies with each indiviual. I won't take fertility drugs no matter how much I want a child BUT I have a tattoo and pierced ears. I take vitamins but avoid perscription drugs. The choices are endless, daily, and individual. In the end, each of us faces Him alone.