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Are My Dreams Psychic, Are They Trying to Tell Me Something?

Updated on August 8, 2017

Listen to Your Dreams

Since the beginning of time I had hid the powers of dream interpretation because the bible say look to heavenly father for answers and not to the stars. So I never used that gift until one day the dream was so strong I couldn't forget it. I took a moment sat down and deciphered it. The time will come when I will need to remember this dream of mine it will dictate who I become for the rest of my life.

Physic Dreams



I think that I have the ability to have premonitions. Dreams are wonderful ways to tell the future if you look deep into your soul and mind and break the dream down into pieces. I think premonitions lead up to having minor psychic abilities about normal everyday life. I'm not saying that I am psychic or will become a psychic in this lifetime, I am just saying that I have very strong feelings about things that happen in the future. Sometimes I listen and sometimes I don't. Dreams are a symbolic language designed to communicate your inner wisdom to you while you are asleep.



How It Started

It started when I was little around four to be exact. I use to have the most horrible dreams and mom use to be so scared for me because similar things were happening in the news. One day the bad dreams stopped...maybe around six years of age. At least I don't remember anymore dreams. Then one day after I got engaged the dreams started happening again. I don't know why. Maybe because I was so involved emotional in this relationship that my mind couldn't handle the stress I allowed myself to under. All of senses were so intense whenever I would think of him or whenever I was around him.

Whenever he was around it felt like my heart would skip a beat. The way he smelled became so familiar to me. My body had chills whenever he would come around. It was amazing!


The Dream That Changed My Life For Good

One day my fiancé and I went out to get ice cream. The day was a beautiful day and all was right with the world. I was so happy. We were by the lake and the grass green and sky was clear. As we were walking down the sidewalk the grass turned in steps and alligators started coming out of the water walking up the steps. My fiancé grab my hand and we started running really fast. All of a sudden the water rose above the sidewalk and everything went black. When the light came back on in my dream, we were at the ice cream shop. I hugged and I was so happy because we made through the storm. When I woke up I knew everything would be all right and that we would live happily ever after...or so I thought


For the first time in my life I woke up with no voice but I didn't care I was happy. I called my finance and asked him if I could come over for lunch after work and he said that he didn't want me to because he was to busy studying for a test. That was fine. I called his cell phone later on I got no answer, so I called his house. His roommate answer the phone and said that he wasn't there and didn't know when he was going to return. Now I am starting to worry so I went to house and no one was there, or so I thought. There was a dog in the front of the yard and it was big and mean. I stopped and got back in my car and left. But something in my mind told me to go back so I did. But this time I went around to the back of the house and there were three cars back there. Some I didn't recognize. I walked into the house and his roommate was cooking, I tried my best to speak. There were so many people there and the music was so loud. Before I could open my mouth he said your fiancé isn't here. I said that's okay I will just wait in his room. When I went there I noticed the music had stopped playing. I opened the door and there was another woman sitting on the edge of the bed. I wanted to scream at the both of them but I couldn't because I had no voice. I looked she was one of my classmate from the college we were all taking together and I asked her why she was there because she knew we were engaged. She couldn't say anything so I left and he said don't make out of yourself. I looked at him and then I left.

The DREAM was wrong...or was it. The dream wasn't wrong. I interpreted wrong.

A you can call recall from earlier. Everything we dark...that meant we didn't make. The lady in the ice cream shop said that but I didn't want to hear it. Because we were there together. If we didn't make it why were we there together.

I think it was because my mind couldn't handle the thought of us not making it. So I saw and heard what I wanted to. But thankfully I didn't have a voice that day, because he gave me a chance to listen to him and whatever he would have to say for the situation he had placed us all in. I left after that day and I never turned back. THE END

Interpretation of Dreams

According to Wikipedia dream interpretation dates back to 5000--4000 BC, states that dreams can last for a few seconds or as long as minutes. People are more likely to remember the dream if they are awakened during the Rapid-eye movement (REM) phase. I wanted to take a moment to interpret my dreams to see if my interpretation was spot on. So I only took a moment to check one symbol which was the alligator from the dream.

When I looked up the "A" for Alligator the A stood for a new beginning. The alligator stood for treachery and deceit it went on to say I was running away form something disturbing that was destructive to my emotions. I got that information from were over 5000 keywords and symbols are with over 20,000 meanings.

Dreams can be amazing informative they are as some people say windows in the souls. Interpretations can possible happen for anyone. Some dreams are meant to forget and some are meant to hold on to for protection of everyday like. We all have some psychic on should I say intuition when it comes to protecting us or a loved one.

Has Your Ever Been Changed For the Better Through A Dream?

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