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Televangelists: Preachers or Salespeople in Disguise?

Updated on May 6, 2011

An Experiment That Answers the Question

Being a Christian myself and growing up Pentecostal, I have always had faith in the word of God and salvation through the blood of Jesus Christ. I have also trusted in the fellowship that such beliefs bring. There is a reason God wants us all to congregate in His temples.

Therefore, tithing, or giving 10 percent of your income, is all that God physically asks of his brethren in order to help the poor and share with them the Gospel.

I have decided to put these Christian principles to the test. Of course, I was careful not to test God Himself, but rather the very leaders that claim legitimacy in their preachings. I compiled a list of ten of the most popular televangelists in the nation and drafted a letter addressed to each. The contents of the letter had one purpose: To inspire these TV ministers to give me just as they want us to give to them.

So, yes, I wrote in to them petitioning for money. To support such request, I shared with them in detail my financial struggles, which were true at the time. I thought, well, hey, why not be creative and curious so as to see if those ten TV ministries would be willing to share their blessings with me.

I mailed copies of the letters to the following popular televangelists:

  1. The 700 Club/CBN c/o Pat Robertson
  2. Joyce Meyer Ministries c/o Joyce Meyer

  3. Creflo Dollar Ministries c/o Creflo Dollar

  4. Kenneth Copeland Ministries c/o Kenneth Copeland

  5. Oral Roberts Ministries c/o Richard Roberts

  6. T. D. Jakes Ministries c/o T. D. Jakes

  7. Joel Osteen Ministries c/o Joel Osteen

  8. Billy Graham Evangelistic Association c/o Franklin Graham

  9. Ankerberg Theological Research Institute c/o John Ankerberg

  10. Zola Levitt Ministries c/o Dr. Jeffrey Seif

Three months later, I began to receive some replies to my requests, but they were not accompanied by a check. Instead, enclosed were pledge and membership forms from them asking me to become a partner in their ministries. They quoted Bible passages of prosperity by enticing monthly membership fees.

Funny. These so-called prophets of God are the heads of tax-exempt and supposedly "non-profit", "Christian" organizations and own lavish mansions and drive around in expensive cars. They take the Word of God and rewrite it in their own way so as to make a profit from such literature.

If I recall correctly, did Jesus not want for his followers to lead a life similar to His when He walked among us? Did He not, the Son of God, descend from the Kingdom of Heaven and choose poor Joseph and Mary to be His parents? Did He not enter the city of Jerusalem riding a donkey as opposed to being in a horse-drawn chariot?

These TV evangelists give Christianity a bad name and are not ashamed to cash in on it.


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