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Are There Angels (Like Gabriel)? (With Some Familiar Angel/ Angelic Names)

Updated on September 15, 2017
Archangel Michael-- ancient mosiac
Archangel Michael-- ancient mosiac

Are There Angels? Or, Are Angels Real?

The Simplest answer for most Christians is yes, angels do exist. Yet, at the same time there are many differing points of view on that answer.

For some, angels come in the form of guardians, and to others they come as messengers. Angels who communicate the will of God to them, and angels who heal them to angels who send messages from the dead, to their loved ones. Of course, often there is no mention of God in this whole conversation. So, the question becomes are there angels that are there by God's will? Or, as some argue are angels a mere idea primitive humans created?

Which is true really?

What can be said for certain is this. There were angels from the beginning of time, with Adam and Eve and the fall of humanity, based upon religious texts. In Genesis God places an angel at the gates of Eden to protect it from humanity. Why? because Eve and Adam ate from the fruit of the knowledge of good and evil. There was another tree int eh garden which should a disobedient humanity ever eat from would produce far greater consequences.

God put the angel there. The angel it seems doesn't say a word, and it is the sword that the writer of Genesis comments on, the angel with the fiery sword. Once Adam and Eve are banished from Eden, that is the last one hears of this angel. The other thing to note is that the angel never speaks.

Some have even suggested that Noah, had an angel sent to him. Many people are misunderstood, as it was God who commanded Noah to build the ark, it was God who gave Noah and his family the convenant of the Rainbow. Noah and his family suffered a lot and prayed to God and not an angel, at least according to biblical texts.

There were in fact, no angels in this story, but there are others.

The Angel Gabriel

One of the best known is the angel Gabriel and his conversation with Mary. He announces to her that she will bear the Son of God. Mary, while frightened seems to understand what the angel is telling her, and responds with a most loving answer.

She would do as Good willed. If she would have a baby it would be so. There is no more mention of an angel appearing to Mary, but as one who has read the Christmas Story, there are more angels. The Shepherds in the fields with the sheep. To Joesph, before the birth of Jesus and then after his birth.

Jesus himself was comforted by an angel. This would lead to his death upon a Roman cross, one of the greatest tortures a human can stand. The angel was there to comfort him and not to stop what was to happen. Some might argue that the angel was doing his duty, but often comfort is the best, and only thing, people need.

In essence there are angels, and God created them. If you read the bible or at least the book of genesis, you'll find it's all about god and it's only after the fall that there is a real mention of angels.

The most important thing one is reminded of is that angels are not a "lower god" or are the all powerful, and this is one thing that our society thinks is fact. There is certainly angels in heaven, but I do not feel that they are on this earth. They watch over us, and according to some save us in times of need.

Are Angels Real?

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I don't believe the the myth of white light or angels with wings, but in the comfort they can offer. For some reason they seem closer to human than God. Not Jesus, he was human and god after all, but they aren't god, or gods or anything of the sort.

Angels as many have said are more than human but less than god. Even so most people identify with angels. Perhaps because they give people peace. With God there is judgement, with angels, we can only hope that they bring peace. Even Jacob fought with God, but the angels remain more in people's mind than the fight between him and God. Simply say jacob's ladder to understand this.

Perhaps because often angels are something we feel as a comfort. I believe we see Jesus as being comforted by angels. Even the Bible seems to have a special place for angels, in the beginning in Genesis, and then in many other Bible books, all beloved by many people. Perhaps it is the angels we recall and this is a reminder of God for us.

Angels are really there to praise God, in all the instances of the angels in the Bible, they focus the person's attention of God and not on themselves. This is the most vital thing about angels, the show God's will and his love for people.

N.B.: This is my first attempt at expressing my Christian beliefs I hope that I have given something new and interesting.


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