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Are We Truly Here For A Reason?

Updated on January 21, 2019
Samuel Frankline profile image

I'm a student and a thinker, I love writing on topics I'm passionate about. I write stories and novels also for suitable age groups.

Have you ever sat to think; why am I here, what is my purpose here, am I created to come here, struggle to survive, and die? Or like religion will say, am I here to serve God all the days of my life and keep his commands because he wants to test me to see if I'm holy enough to make heaven, a test he knows I will surely fail?

Am I just a pun in a chess game of skin colors, religion, class, nationality, language, social custom, sexual identity and profession, placed on a chess board, my next step decided by a higher entity that wants to improve on its skill? Or am I part of a vast reality Mother Nature has created to understand herself, a dispensable entity she puts out of place when she's done with her data gathering?

Is there is special reason why I won the race of sperms or is it just a mere coincidence that I am here? Is there a special reason I was the only surviving member in that tragic accident that claimed over twenty lives? If I was protected by an higher entity, why were the others not? Why was that three year old child killed and I wasn't, why was I deemed fit to see another day and she wasn't?

What really lies on the other side? Hell? The seven virgins? A place free of iniquity where we continue our life long worship? A factory of reincarnation? A place where we continue this life of loops? Nothing?

Will I really be thrown into a lake of burning bliss because I was caught and killed while stealing bread to save my siblings from dying of hunger?Or will I be continuously wiped for not being able to forgive a man that murdered my whole family and dying in that state?

What really is this life about, why do we all have different theories that point to different answers? Why do religious people have that belief that we are supposed to be serving God through an entity and that whosoever does not go through his or her own entity, such person will be casted in everlasting torment or made not to exist anymore after dying? And why do atheist believe there is no God and we were only created to come and go, while trying to survive altogether; is there any logic to this logical reasoning?

In my lowly opinion and my little experience I came to a conclusion that we should live according to what works for you.

If Christianity is your way and it works for you, don't condemn people of different faith and don't tell them they are not going km the right path. How sure are you that you're on the right path, apart from what you've read in the Bible and what you think you've seen, can you proof the existence of the God you claim you can only go to through his son Jesus?

If Islam is your way and it works for you, don't consider the lives of those that do not have the same believe as dispensible. How sure are you of the stories you've read, is your Prophet Muhammad really what you think he is, the greatest prophet there ever was?

If you're an atheist or realist and it works for you, do not condemn the religious ones by calling them dumb and foolish for standing by their beliefs. How sure are you that you're not the foolish one, thinking there's no God, how sure are you that you really understand what this life is all about? What makes you so certain that there's nothing after this life we are in and when we die, we actually seize to exist?

No one truly knows what is actually going on here, we can only claim and argue based on our beliefs but because you think you're so sure that it is the one true belief doesn't make it so. Life could be more or less than what you think of it and the only time we will be sure of what it is all about is when we get to the other side. Till then, we can only remain in our belief and hope it is the one true belief.

© 2019 Samuel Franklin


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