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Lost your Job or Otherwise Desperate?

Updated on September 2, 2014

Sermon "The Man at the Fence"

What do we do when we feel desperate?

Everyone of us, from time to time, arrives at a place and a time in our lives when we can feel overwhelmed or -- we might feel there is little we can do to climb out of a difficult situation. Perhaps -- our concern is for someone else we love who is struggling in this way. Trials and tribulations often come suddenly upon us and sometimes they "creep into" our lives like a flood that starts slowly but increases beyond our ability to escape. Life is often like this -- sending things our way which form the lessons we must endure if we are to develop the kind of Character necessary to reach our full spiritual potential. But keep in mind that Jesus says "he never leaves nor forsakes us" and we are told in Hebrews that HE is our High Priest who absolutely is "touched" with our infirmities. The scriptures also tell us that GOD "chastens" those whom HE loves. All of these understandings are meaningless if we allow ourselves to lose focus on the true source of the "power" in our life. Follow the link below to view my sermon on trusting in GOD. This is a recent message which shows the importance of maintaining a proper focus when the trial is heavy.

You Tube Link:,d.b2U


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