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Are You In A Cult?

Updated on March 5, 2009

What Is a CULT?

Chances are many who would even consider reading this hubpage from the internet is NOT in a cult. Cults isolate people to gain better mind-control, and you can recognize isolationism as one key-element in any cult - whether asian, christian or of any other religious type.

Why are cults dangerous? Well, partly because they hinder free thinking. They are anti-democratic in nature and try to instill an attitude that claims to be all-knowing. Undermining the self-esteem of any aspiring candidate is primary to establishing (and maintaining) mind-control.

So, whether it's a friend or a family member who's in a cult, do yourself a favour and watch the YouTube video below. That way you may help the person who's in a cult much better by knowing just a bit more about how cults operate.

Becoming TOO specific into the many varieties of cults would lessen the value compared with single cults. That's why this video is worth watching. It applies to many types of cults.

How Cults Work - A Video Worth Watching

After watching the video..

Now is the time to use the comments field. Any thoughts or ideas that come to mind would be greatly valued. I will gladly help with more precise answers in specific hubs when the need arises.

I spent nearly a decade in one cult, and would gladly help anyone that needs information on how to exit cults. It brings great joy to help others understand the anatomy behind cults. One member who becomes an ex-members and begins to think for him- or herself again is worth every effort.

Feel free to make comments please. :-)


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    • h_blunck profile image

      Henrik V Blunck 6 years ago from Kalundborg - Denmark

      Hi Becky

      Thanks for sharing. I hope it helps the many readers of this hubpage. Much appreciated. :-)

    • profile image

      Becky  6 years ago

      Great job putting this out there. I was in an few abusive relationships that acted like cults. I found The Wellspring Retreat Center in Athens Ohio to be a great resource in helping understand what had happened, how it had happen and begin to develop skills to make sure it never happens again.

    • h_blunck profile image

      Henrik V Blunck 7 years ago from Kalundborg - Denmark

      Lj, I understand what you mean. However, outlawing these would just add to their role as martyrs - and would give them an alibi in their twisted mindset... :'-(

    • lightning john profile image

      lightning john 7 years ago from Florida

      Thanks HB. I really like that video. When one considers the damage that can be done by these groups, they should be outlawed. Lj

    • h_blunck profile image

      Henrik V Blunck 7 years ago from Kalundborg - Denmark

      I fully agree. Walter Martin did a good job with that book.

      Thanks for your comment, and feel free to comment anytime again. :-)

    • JY3502 profile image

      John Young 7 years ago from Florence, South Carolina

      Good subject. I'm almost finished reading a book called Kingdom of the Cults, and is full of things people don't know and how dangerous they can be. The author is a little wordy, but if you can wade through his attempts to sound intelligent, you might learn something.

    • h_blunck profile image

      Henrik V Blunck 7 years ago from Kalundborg - Denmark

      I have now created a blog on Armstrongism for those exiting that cult. You may want to visit the blog which can be found here:

    • h_blunck profile image

      Henrik V Blunck 9 years ago from Kalundborg - Denmark

      And let me add that getting out of a cult is only one thing. You might feel rather alone afterwards.

      But getting out and realizing the "outside world" isn't all that bad is a whole different feeling. It's very important to network with one another and see what things make cults attractive to some. When you avoid the cultic mindset you gain a whole new clarity on life.

      Feel free, as always, to make comments on this hubpage. It would be most welcome. :-)