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Are You Scared to Be An Atheist?

Updated on October 11, 2014
Are We Significant?
Are We Significant?

Many humans struggle with their belief in a god. They research different religions and look for the right answer. What happens when the individual decides all religions are false and in fact in the face of overwhelming logic there is no god?

If one comes to the conclusion there isn't a god then anxiety levels can reach unbearable levels. For without a god it becomes very difficult to answer questions about why we exist, where we came from and what happens when we die.

Or perhaps it the opposite, these questions become too easy to answer but the answers trouble us. For if there is no god then our existence may be futile, we likely were simply some sort of cosmic accident and nothing happens when we die, we simply cease to exist.

That we are forced to consider these questions is the human predicament.

Are the Animals the Lucky Ones?

Maybe it's the lesser forms of life on Earth that are the lucky ones. A dog or a monkey never questions why they're here or where they go when they die. They don't even know they are going to die. Yet as humans we know beyond a shadow of a doubt that not only will we die, but everyone we care about will as well, parents, children, spouses, all of them.

Is it no wonder being forced to live our lives with these questions weighing on our minds that as a species we developed the concept of god to alleviate the anxiety?

How comforting to deny the reality of our existence and naively believe we are here for god's purpose and that we will live forever in his glory.

Have you ever notice god is a he? Kind of a tip off we created him isn't it?

Remember Zeus? Ignorance is Bliss

Not too long ago many humans believed in Zeus. A god that lived in the clouds and threw lighting bolts. Nobody today believes in Zeus because the concept is clearly ridiculous.

How is today's god any less ridiculous? A god who lives in heaven, listens to our prayers and judges us? Santa Clause, the Easter Bunny, Zeus and the modern belief in god are interchangeably ridiculous concepts.

Did Zeus give people comfort? Undoubtedly he did, so perhaps like Zeus, god does serve a purpose. It allows us to quiet those troubling questions in our head and puts us back on equal footing with the animals. We live out our lives ignoring the questions of our existence because we have a false hope in everlasting life.

Is Atheism Freeing?

Many Atheists argue that the philosophy is empowering, like living life without a net. This is it, all the life we get so make the most of it and cherish every day likes it your last because it may be. And when the lights go out they're not coming back on.

It can be argued that not believing in a god makes humans more compassionate, understanding and caring. For if we are all in the same predicament the most comforting thing we can do is care for each other and make this existence the best it can be for all of us.

Counter that to what religion has done historically and what is continues to do today. If you do not share my belief then you are my enemy. Religion allows and even encourages judgment against our fellow humans. Wars and terrorism all in the name of religion.

Jesus Had It Right

Ironically the teachings of Jesus appear to be the best human response to a world without a god.

Cling to your fellow humans like you're in a sinking ship. Care for the weak, treat everyone well because like you they are only here for a fleeting moment in a vast and cold universe.

Perhaps god is not an entity; God is an idea. God is a concept in which we struggle together making our passing into oblivion a meaningful existence by loving as much as we can and making the lives of our fellow man better in the passing. In this practice we at the same time give our own life meaning and purpose.

Do You Believe In God?

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The Agnostics Really Have It Right

To be Agnostic is to say I don't know.

As smart as we as humans believe we are there's a good chance we're little better than the monkey in terms of IQ on a larger scale.

Humans use 10% of their brains currently. That could mean like the ant crossing the street we have no idea what's in the universe on a larger scale. We don't even know if we correctly understand space and time or reality itself.

One could argue linear time doesn't exist and our concept of it is wrong. In that case perhaps we have come full circle and we do in fact have never ending life. If space has no end then time also could have no end.

In the end we as humans get to contemplate these unanswerable questions and there's no sense judging those with different beliefs than your own. Mathematically speaking, whatever we believe, we're likely all way off the mark anyway.

Keep an open mind and be nice to your fellow humans, who could go wrong with that philosophy?


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    • James W Render profile image

      James W Render 3 years ago

      I believe that God does exist. God is the first cause that created the Big Bang. The Universe and Laws of Universe were created at that moment in time. Man is governed by these laws. All other Religious Philosophy is created by man to explain and deal with the life of man.

    • aidenw profile image

      aidenw 3 years ago from USA

      I am actually an agnostic-atheist, a term that I recently learned. I find it very hard to believe in God but on the other hand I can't absolutely rule out his existence. I often see God and religion as a security blanket which can be comforting in times of trouble, and they may very well be what keep most people going.

      They also serve to keep many in line. Sometimes I shudder to think what some people would do if they didn't believe in a God that knows everything and would punish them for their horrible acts. This is not saying that atheists are immoral, because I know I'm not, but unfortunately, it's a sad fact that many people still need to be "policed," and God serves as the unseen policeman.

      So I don't think society as a whole is quite ready to ditch God. Maybe some day it will as we all evolve into a higher level of consciousness. Some believe this is happening soon, but with all that's happening in the world today, I believe it will be quite a while yet.

      So to answer the question you pose in the title, I'm personally not scared to be an atheist. I just enjoy my life here on earth to the fullest, making the best of everything, being kind and loving to others, and that's all that matters. What happens afterward is anybody's guess, but why worry about something I can't control and have little knowledge of.

      In fact, not knowing the end (if there is actually an end like you said) is a thrill in itself, just like not knowing the ending of a movie or a novel until you actually get there. So I just enjoy the ride. But I am scared for society in general if all of a sudden everyone would stop believing in God.