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Are the Days of Signs and Wonders Over in the Church?

Updated on March 18, 2017

Are the days of signs and wonders over in the Church?

New churches and preachers are spring up daily. The gospel is being preached across the world using various means although there are obvious differences and disagreements among Christian sects so much so that some sects believe that other sects are false Christians. Some sects claim that other sects do not understand the scripture.

However, what most people do not consider is the subtle attack among preachers. Some preachers teach that people are only interested in churches where they can see signs and wonders or get solutions to their problems. Consequently, they preached that the devil is using signs and wonders to deceive people. Some preachers or Christian sects claim that the days of signs and wonders are over.

One peculiar thing about such preacher or Christian sect is that they cannot perform signs and wonders. It is likely for any preacher who can perform signs and wonder to speak against miracles.

Is it right to blame people for seeking signs and wonders?

Is it right to blame people for going to a church where they can find solutions to their problem?

It is a fact that the disciples of Jesus followed him because of the miraculous things he did. Some of the disciples did not believe that Jesus was the expected messiah until they saw the signs and wonders he performed. Even Jesus was aware of it that he used miracles to convince them that he is the messiah.

Why then are miracles gone in this age?

Why are we in an age where people are expected to listen to the gospel without witnessing God at work?

Those preachers who claim the days of miracles are over even use the scripture to support their claim and they accused others of using devilish power to heal and perform other miracles. Jesus was accused of doing the same and he answered, “A kingdom divided against itself cannot stand.”

Does it mean that Satan is now divided against itself?

Jesus said in the gospel according to Mark 16: 16 to 18 that those who accept the gospel and baptised shall operate on a different level. They shall cast out demons and do other miraculous things. Jesus did not only refer to preachers but to anyone who believes in his name.

Is it happening today?

How did the world lose the mysterious aspect of Christianity?

Considering the number of Christians in the world today, will not the world be a much better place if miracles follow all Christ followers as Jesus said?

Is it not better for Christians to go back to the age where they walk in miracles?

Is it not obvious that something has been missing thus far?

Is it possible that the real Christ followers who possess the secret to the mystery are known by other names?

Above all, is it still possible for the masses to learn the mysteries of the kingdom of God in an age when preachers and teachers are interested in attacking one another and claiming authenticity?

Will it not be better for those preachers who cannot perform miracles to focus on preaching without attacking those who can?

The fact remains that the need for these preachers to attract members will always make them speak against others so that people can be convinced to follow them. It follows that what is important to these preachers is to get members not really to save souls but to increase their income via an increase in church membership. It is said that people have different talents and gifts so they can focus on their individual gift.

There are some basic things all preachers should preach. These include love, forgiveness, peace, justice, unity, among others. Consequently, attacking other preachers or churches is the least even as some preacher will continue to do so because they allege that they want to save souls from being deceived.

The essence of Christianity is to be Christ-like. Then can Christians be Christ-like without the mysterious aspect of Christ?


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