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Are the evils of Kaliyuga can be mitigated?

Updated on February 17, 2014

Evils of Kali and the ways to transcend them.

The characteristics of this dark age and the way to minimize evils!

Many people describe the Kali yuga as the dark age. Through the media, we perceive the same and come to the conclusion that the world has descended to an abysmal level, beyond human intervention. But what man can do to correct society? What is society for that sake? Many individuals and families constitute society. If every individual corrects himself, the society naturally gets corrected of all its negatives. Unfortunately, all the residual evils culminated into the Dark Age wherein there is no value for Truth or righteousness, compassion or sacrifice. Wealth is valued more than virtues and in fact, virtues are jeered at! In such an event, the creator himself had to intervene to set right the problems and transform the perverted behavior of all beings bearing a very few. This situation can be compared to law and order problems, the authorities face in the society. For minor scuffles, a constable can restore peace. If there is a street fight with minor weapons, Inspector of Police with his troops needs to be present in the place to restore the order. When there is a civil war, the Inspector General of Police will be present there to issue on the spot instructions!

The situation around the globe thus involves the intervention of the highest one! We have witnessed that neither the United Nations, nor any other legal organization in the world could restore peace in several places around the world. Not a day passes without a terror strike or suicide bombs. Terrorists have mushroomed in society and in such grievous situation; no single authority could enforce peace! We have also seen that in spite of the existence of UNO, no viable solutions could be found for any tussles at any place. The result is the exodus of common people, fearing for their life and their children seek asylum in other neighboring countries. When the population of each country is rising alarmingly and when governments are unable to cater for their own citizens, it is a stupendous task to accommodate and feed the multitude of refugees who travel secretly to other lands. This is the general trend of situation existing in all the countries excepting those where the immigration laws are very severe.

Fundamentally, peace has to start from each individual. There is a beautiful quote “When there is harmony in the home, peace will be in the society, for each family constitutes the society. How man can develop harmony? First of all, he should eschew hatred from his heart and love all selflessly. When someone starts loving selflessly, his ego is destroyed in due course. We are born in this world, not to enjoy the pleasures like the animal species. We should serve the society in which we are born. We should be ready to sacrifice even our life for the sake of wellbeing of society! Everyone should develop the human virtues of truth and tolerance, righteousness in dealings, inner peace, selfless love and non-violence. It is not a wonder that Mahatma Gandhi, Buddha and Jesus are venerated all over the world since they were selfless and loving and sacrificed everything for the welfare of the society. People jeer at autocrats and dictators. None will be pleased to name their children after the dictator’s name. People love to put the name of noble beings to their children. In India, there is a tradition to name the babies with the names of many forms of god!

Food, water, clothing and shelter are considered fundamental basic needs of every one. But we witness in the society that there is a huge disparity between the haves and have not. In such a situation, it is the duty of the wealthy to look after the basic needs of poor in society. Many kind hearted and philanthropic persons have born and bequeathed millions of dollars towards charitable causes. Rockefeller, Ford, Bill gates and others are always remembered for the huge funding for the underprivileged in society! They were big business tycoons. Once they were concentrating only on their business. Some mishaps in their life made them to think about other underprivileged poor people in society. In India also, many business houses have apportioned a part of their profit for philanthropic activities in Education, health and shelter. If we amaze wealth for our own sake and family, we are like the bitter fruit bearing trees. Those fruits are not eaten even by birds and beasts. But, the sweet fruit bearing trees are like those who are of charitable and loving nature. Of course all of us cannot become Tata and Birla to dole out wealth. Help need not be material. Even sharing a little bread with our brethren in society will go a long way. Unused cloths, utensils and medicines could be of use to many poor people. There is a trend of hoisting lavish parties in wealthy families. If we look at their dinner table after the dinner, nearly fifty percent lie as left over in the plates. In some places, voluntary organizations collect the left over and distribute it in the huts of poor people. This is one way. Even helping a blind to cross the road, removing glass pieces from foot path also constitute help. Some people visit hospitals, orphanages and interact with the patients and inmates with kind words. This kind of sharing relieves their pain and makes them happy!

Hence abhor selfishness in all your activities and share the extra resources with the have not in order to remove the darkness from this kali yuga!


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