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Are you spiritually healthy?

Updated on July 17, 2012

What is spiritual health?

Do you have a concrete head? Are your eyes and ears covered with scales? Is your heart harden? Do you have feet of clay? Are you stiff - necked?

These are not standard terms used by mental health professionals or medical experts for diseases, you will not find these words in the medical or psychological text books. These are words that are used to describe a common sickness suffered by the majority of the world population. The illness that 'hardens hearts', create 'cement heads', put scales upon the eyes and ears and produce clay feet, is an unseen disease that grips people when they experience something unusual. It is not viral nor caught from bacterium but it is highly contagious passing from one human to another.

First the eyes and ears detect specific words which they immediately reject, this results in the eyes and ears simultaneously closing down, hence the scales cover them so that they cannot hear or see these sorts of words again. At this point the brain, which includes the mind, which includes the memory,also shuts itself down to these words and this is when the head becomes filled with concrete so that none of these words can penetrate the brain again.

If it wasn't for the ears, eyes and head closing down this individual might hear and see and understand -and be saved!

So what are these words that have such an effect on the human body and can this really happen to people? Well the words that have such an effect on the human mind and body (and more importantly the soul) are usually spoken or found written in the Bible-such words as - God, Yeshua, Bible, Sin, purity, Holy Spirit etc. As soon as the ear hears these words the person immediately enters into the defence mode and switches the mind to something else which causes a lock-down on the rest of the body. Their reaction is almost as if they are afraid that if they hear the wonderful message of God's gift of salvation and eternal life, they may die, instead of becoming alive!.

It is so hard for them to give up sin and wickedness or worldly behavior, because it is something (you) they have been born into, they (you) know no different, it is all they (you) have ever known. They (you) have never experienced holiness, purity, true unconditional love and certainly you have never known anyone who would be willing to die for you! So it will appear weird, it is much easier to accept the world of wickedness and accept it as part of life. So if any words reach your ears that suggest there is a righteous, pure and wonderful alternative, you are bound to react by shutting down your ears, eyes and brain - the disease called rebellion and hardness of heart then creeps in and invades your body!

God uses the words 'harden their hearts' to mean they have rebelled against him, refusing to listen to his words, so that they become literally 'hard' personalities. These personalities often seem pleasant (nice) on the surface, they appear to do everything that is considered good, they help people, give to charity, help their neighbours yet underneath,in the hidden depths, they think wicked thoughts, they fantasize evil thoughts and behind closed doors they perform perverted acts! Some people have a form of righteousness but this is all an act - a public display! But they cannot act for long, as a liar can only lie for a short while then they trip themselves up because they forgot what they lied about, so it is with the actor, they also reveal themselves for what they really are, eventually,

You can see and hear the hardness in a person's voice ( a coldness and lack of warmth in the tone), their body language and their attitude. Like dogs and cats their heckles go up when challenged or confronted (they raise their shoulders in the attack or defence position). Like these animals, the humans behave in the same way, when challenged by the Gospel Of Christ Yeshua, when confronted with their sinful nature that will lead them to death (eternally) if they do not REPENT! This is the most dreaded word of all - Repentance!

You can see the concrete heads because they become stubborn and refuse to accept the facts and truth spoken to them. They will argue fervently, point accusing fingers at the innocent, condemn the truth and blaspheme their creator! Sadly, when a person gets to that stage it is often too late to provide a cure that will heal them of this disease - often it is fatal!

You see, these concrete heads with hardened hearts they became diseased because they rejected the Gospel message that promised them everlasting life, a life of happiness and joy, where the lion lays beside the lamb, where babies can play safely with snakes, where there will be crying no more, and where there will be no more sickness and death!

You see, the atheists, the false teachers, the anti-christ leaders, the anti-creationists, they brainwashed the 'concrete heads with hardened hearts', telling them that such a place is a fallacy, a lie, a dream! They are told there is no future after death! They are told to meditate, ignore emotions such as guilt or fear of events after death, they are told it is okay to abort children, to have sex outside of marriage, to look at pornographic material, for men to marry men and women to marry women, it is alright to steal but it is wrong for a person to prevent the thief from stealing from them. The innocent victims get prosecuted while the thief, rapist or murderer goes free just like in the bible story of Yeshua being sent to his death on the cross while the people shouted for Barabbas, the murderer, to be set free!

In other words these concrete heads with hardened hearts and stiff-necks are happy to accept the wicked deeds of this world - excusing those who commit terrible things, seeing the good in everyone except those who have pledged allegiance to the Almighty Creator God and his son Yeshua ha Meshiach! (The Messiah)

These diseased beings are so bound in chains because of the sins of the world and their own personal sins that they spread the disease between one another because of their stiff-necks-because of their determination to fight against goodness, purity and holiness! They hate it so much that they shake, they tremble when near goodness, purity and holiness. So much so that they have to flee and go into hiding!

And now for the finale of this allegorical story-there will be a time in the very near future when this prophesy will be fulfilled, When all shall flee the wrath of God! BUT there will be no where to HIDE!

Now I suggest to those, who have not yet made their decision to close their eyes and ears from the Gospel of Christ and his promise of eternal life (which will be an everlasting peace and happiness), to listen and listen and listen to his words - then seek the truth -then earnestly open your mind to receive what you have heard, receive it into your heart - THEN and only then will you become immune to this fatal disease!

You will know that you have been set free from this disease because your heart will be soft, kind, loving and gentle. Your head will not be concrete because you will be able to remember the promises of God and you will acquire wisdom, and other gifts to help you understand God's kingdom and what it means to be pure and holy. You will know that you are loved because someone has given up his life for you! His name is Yeshua!

And now you with your new heart, mind and soul as a saved one- you are willing and ready to die for him! This is unconditional love!

You will now have feet of bronze instead of the brittle clay feet. And your neck will stand tall like the dove of peace holding the olive twig in his mouth!

Biblical verses for above:

Hardened Hearts: Hebrews 3:15 " If you hear his voice do not harden your hearts."

Ears / Eyes: Isaiah 42:18-23

An excellent example of scales over the eyes is of Saul who was covered with scales that made him blind, on the way to Damascus. Acts 9:18

Feet of clay: Daniel 2: 33 and verse 42

Stiff - necked:2 Chronicles 36:13 "He became stiff-necked and hardened his heart".

Cement heads - my personal term for stubbornness and rebellion and pride - these three cause a hardening of the mind-the refusal to listen or acknowledge truth!

Barabbas - Matthew 27:16 to 27:26


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