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Aries, Leo, Sagittarius - These Three Are Benefactors of the Gift of Fire. Smolder, Inflame or Rule, but Be Conscious!

Updated on June 28, 2020
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Christofer spent 10 years in family counseling. Later he obtained a Psy. D.. His focuses: Health, History, Astrology, Politics and Fables

The First of Fire - Aries -- Everybody Watch Out!

Zeal and Courage

Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius are about the perpetuation of the current order.

They are the—fire elements: Zeal and Courage.

Since they have their certainty, the unknown and the unexplored, they can face life with aplomb and with alacrity.

They seldom show fear and are confident in their actions.

Without retreat or hesitancy they surge forward.

Its more like they don't recognize defeat. That's better than fighting off fear.

They get their power from their Soul.

Crackling Fire and Smoldering Natures

When you hear an astrologer say of Aries and Leo, or Leo and Sagittarius or Sagittarius and Aries -- "Well, at least your both fire signs?" What does that mean?

A chief phrase: "FIRE SIGN" tells the subject or the astrologer that you process information and life and stimulation and relationships a certain way.

You could say: "Oh, its the way Aries, Leo and Sagittarius process information. And people in the know, or think they are in the know, understand what is meant when this is said...but still....

What does it mean?

Righteousness is indeed a powerful element. Feeling an inner sense of certainty over righteousness, their sense of placement and importance emboldens them. The unknown then becomes territory that should be made right. Thus, they conquer without fear. Think of ALLIED concepts: Martial arts, Law enforcement, Social Order, Combatting enemies of the Good. Crusades, Improvements, Projects to improve Society. "Getting it done". Sounds simple, but oh, the way these things manifest.

The Great Mission

At this point, it might be instructive to allude to a point, that will be common to all articles. You see, Twelve people go out on a secret mission in the woods. They want to go to an old mine and see if they can find a treasure there. But, if they can't find the treasure, they will just have lunch at the mine, where there is a little lake and a waterfall. Swim after lunch and go home.

So How Do Aries, Leo and Sagittarius as Fire Signs Fit Into The Mission?

We will speak of Air, Earth, Water triplicities and of course, today: Fire Signs. The Aries heard about the Mine, the people who wanted to go, and the food and fun many wanted.

The Aries came up with a date to launch on. Aries pushes for something new. They think anything is slow or backward unless it is in forward motion. The Leo joined in and wanted to lead the way into the Mine in a scout formation. He was not afraid of injury and knew that God would be with them. The Sagittarius leaped over the fence on the road to the mine. The Sag wanted to ride point and clear the way. Like a cavalryman waiting for the flash of his sword in the glare of the sun, he wanted to be remembered as capturing the secret treasure. There was already a potential conflict between the Leo and the Sagittarius.

What About The Mission?

Early in the plan, Aries became known as the one who came up with the idea, even though it was not him. Aries was always talking about it, making it happen. Leo was proud to be a recruiter because they called him "Captain". Leo came up with a plan for departure and plotted a plan for approaching the Mine and dividing the prey, even before it was gained. Sagittarius rallied the troops and got some supplies. The Centaur wanted to not only lead the way, but provide a rear guard for any group that knew about the treasure, and the food and the fun at the lake. It would not be fair, if the plan was spoiled.

More Clinical Aries

Aries leaps into action and delivers a sense of rightness to a new endeavor. They are not very good finishers, so he might seek a ride on one of the horses or vehicles that Sagittarius was providing. Aries seeks control and a glad hand and a sense of significance. Aries liking the appreciation of others is pushing his personality forward so the mission will succeed.

Clinical Leo

Leo has a regal and proud way. That comes from their abiding sense of certainty about the knowledge and information that they have. They make good soldiers, designated leaders and great CEO's. They tend to not like work that much, so getting junior achievement individuals will help. Leo knows its enemies, and so worked on the public relations side to make sure the list was well protected. When a local cop stopped their group on the way to the woods, Leo handled it well.

More Clinical Sagittarius

Sagittarius is good for our mission. Full of positive talk. The troops are always rallied. When they gather at the Mine, the Sagittarius pats the back, talks up the game and builds up all the competitors. Not like the Leo, insisting on leadership, the Sag just works his way toward the front of the battle. The Sag wants to die talking and fighting. A great help with a mission like this. If he can avoid offending the top leadership he will be good. He also wants to guard the treasure.

A Little Fire Flying From The Eyes

Aries in the spring is a great place for starting up an idea and letting others finish off the details. The Sagittarius might be the second one to marshal the troops. Free to insult, cajole and kick derriere, Sagittarius can keep people on lid on mission. Leo will be glad to lead people to the mine, rest at the falls and the lake, and watch the other sex swim. That's how your Fire signs work their way in your world and on our mission.

3 Never Forgets

When you are one of these --RESPECT YOURSELF.

With all your Observation of Others -- LOOK FOR OTHERS' STRENGTHS

And Most of all, and the Biggest Mistake -- DON'T IGNORE OTHERS' STRENGTHS!

Costner Was Very Sagittarian in "Dances With Wolves"

Leo signs love uniforms and can be garish and outlandish, especially if it has

Something to do with their identity or official mission.

The guy who caught off his arm to remove himself from a wedge in the cliff, to save

his life was probably a Sagittarius.

Kevin Costner's move in "Dances with Wolves",

Riding in front of the rebels who were in line to shoot him, was very Sagittarian.

Fire Signs Galore

© 2010 Christofer French


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