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Aries New Moon: 10 April 2013

Updated on April 15, 2015

10th April New Moon in Aries

New Moon at 20º Aries, on 10 April 2013

The current lunar cycle started with the New Moon that occurred on Wednesday, April 10th, 2013, at 20 degrees (°) Aries. An Aries new Moon released energy to start new, or to return to projects that require energetic enthusiasm.

As ever, any realistic plans set into motion around the time of a new moon when the Sun and the Moon are conjunction, are going to germinate and show growth shoots, if they don’t become ripe for plucking approximately two weeks after at Full Moon. The full moon for this new lunar phase will occur on the 25th of April; the moon will reach its apex and shower us with its full nocturnal light. Unfortunately that light will be partially eclipsed at 5° Scorpio.

A New Moon in Aries, the first sign of the zodiac, is especially useful when you need to rely on following a hunch or taking a calculated risk. This is also a good time find ways in which we can learn to be more self reliant and to be happy about doing so. This will bolster self esteem and form a basis for our inner happiness because of the independence this affords you. In the main this new moon gives us an opportunity to revitalize ourselves through novel experiences.

This New Moon in addition to being conjunct to the Sun, it s also conjunct to Venus and Mars all in the sign Aries; this suggests an amplification of the qualities of Aries, that is more impulsiveness, passion, playful competitiveness, and excitement. The desire to win, initiate, innovate, and take action is strong, particularly when it comes to creative, financial, and romantic matters. The effect of these conjunctions will be felt most significantly by people with personal planets and points anywhere between 17 and 25 degrees of the Cardinal signs, that is, in the signs Aries, Cancer, Libra, and Capricorn.

The last two new moon phases have seen a stellium of four planets in the sign; the effect of a stellium by virtue of the number of planets involved is an amplification of the qualities of the sign, through a kaleidoscope of colour of the conjoining planets transiting the sign.

Lunar Zest Injected By New Moon

April 2013 Ephemeris

Click on link to enlarge
Click on link to enlarge

The Waxing Phase

The waxing phase lasts for about fourteen days (14). I’m going to cover only the first four days of this new moon, to give a small flavour of what the heaven in store for us. The last new moon took place in the sign of Pisces. It completed its waxing phase with a Libran full moon. The current new moon phase in Aries will complete its waxing phase in a partial eclipse at 5º Scorpion.

At the of last week Venus was conjunct Mars our egos got all tied up in how to relate to and with others. At the time we were driven strong desires for harmony, affection and desire in our relationships and interactions. However with Venus also semi-square Neptune there was also confusion, romantically this caused relationship ups and downs, due to the likelihood that a deception of some sort is being perpetrated, including self-deception that come to light as a result of the lively sexual energy expressed. On a cautionary level however, there is a chance that we may have taken the initiative to achieve sexual excitement in deceptive ways, and we get found out.

The semi-square aspect occurs when two planets are 45° apart from each other; they define a field of activity that is one-eighth of a 360° circle. This angular relationship is called semi-square, because it is half a square aspect, and that is a 90º relationship between plants and represents the 8th harmonic a circle. It is called the 8th harmonic because 360º / 8 = 45. As an energy activator it is a minor hard aspect. It activates sufficient friction that action to reduce the tension generated by the friction is sought, it’s an adjusting energy.

If the Venus/Mars conjunction manages to flow freely between all parties concerned, despite the semi-square to Neptune, then it is likely to have generated feelings of rewarding satisfaction. The energy was supported by creative desires from the Venus parallel Sun, also at playand exhibitinga strong desire for harmony and the expression of affection.

Venus paralleled Mars in declination around the time of the new moon from Tuesday to Wednesday, April 9th and 10th. The feelings activated at the weekend were further inflamed resulting in our passions becoming so strong, that we had to take action the initiative in our relationships, if not to act on our feelings. Social relations, as a result, may have become somewhat impassioned, demanding or extreme. In some cases this energy will have released an impulsive urge that causes an instant attraction or an erotic interlude. The Venus parallel Mars aspect activates intense passions that favour romantic and sexual relationships.

By the time it’s Friday April 12, the will be a Venus semi-square Chiron, when Love relations cannot be forced. The semi-square aspect is not a commitment-friendly aspect especially when transiting Chiron; because we may feel alienated as a result the activation of Chiron’s energy that focus the on protecting ourselves so with Venus involved, there will be an unwillingness to give of ourselves. On Sunday April 14, there will be a third Venusian 45º planetary relationship to one of the personal planets, if you include Jupiter in the list of personal planets, with Venus semi-square Jupiter aspect. The energy released here is a strong desire for more pleasure. Because of the inherent adjustment quality of this aspect, it would be wise to take care not to overstate our feelings or to set up unrealistic expectations in our partnerships

A soundtrack of revolutionary change plays as a back ground to all this activity is Uranus in Aries. Uranus entered Aries during the spring of 2011, on March 11th, 2011. The urge to start anew, afresh, to break free from restrictive attitudes or circumstances, to gain freedom through independence, to be able to totally redesign re-design our lives or specific areas in our lives is the governing principle during a Uranus in Aries transit.


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