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Aries Woman and Libra Man

Updated on September 28, 2010

Do not be deceived by that whole "sun sign opposites attract" BS that so many astrologers like to mention. Nuh-uh. Aries woman and Libra man are both cardinal sun signs and sit opposite each other on the wheel, and that's about as close as the two should get. Initially, there will be a massive attraction. It may or may not be physical at first, but often develops into something of the sort shortly thereafter. If you can resist this, I'd advise you to do so unless you have extremely, extremely favorable charts that make you impervious to the standard problems Aries woman and Libra man will encounter once they start a relationship.

When it's good:

  • Fit together like pieces of a puzzle
  • Can finish each others sentences
  • Feeling like soul mates

When it's bad:

  • Petty baiting and bickering
  • Violence
  • Jealousy-based rage

Aries Woman

The Aries woman will admire the Libra man's sense of duty, honor and truth. After all, the Aries woman prides herself on having the same qualities and doing her utmost to uphold them. However, the Aries woman recognizes that the world is not black and white and therefore the solutions and answers to some problems will not always be black and white either. Libra man will disagree with this and from this point on you have two people who both believe they are fully in the right and therefore morally obligated to prove the other wrong. The Libra man is pretty good at taking this in stride because he's levelheaded and calm. The Aries woman will just come close to losing her freaking mind trying to explain his stupidity to him and this will put a heavy strain on the relationship. Before this stage the partnership will seem ideal. Once it reaches this point, however, almost nothing will be able to salvage it.

Libra Man

The Libra man adores the Aries woman's zest for life and truth. He does not, however, admire her neurotic fits, her jealousy, her temper or her other traits that he sees as less than ideal. That said, he invites this behavior when he remarks on the good looks of the women passing by, or openly admires the figure of some gorgeous film starlet. He knows this annoys (for lack of a better word) his Aries woman but he views it as simply being honest and thinks she ought to be more mature about the whole thing. After all, he wouldn't care if she told him she'd like to kiss Brad Pitt -- so why does she care if he says the same thing about Angelina Jolie? This sort of thing is maddening for an Aries woman and since neither of the two are likely to change, these types of exchanges can multiply and lead to a very unpleasant relationship at some stage.


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