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Article About Angels

Updated on September 8, 2017
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Candace is an Independent Spiritualist Minister, Healing Minister, URI Master Gardener, artist, author, wife, mom and lover of life!

Angels Among Us

Angels Among Us

We all know there are such things as angels and that angels help us in our times of need. We have all seen angels depicted in art and on television. We even know some of the names for the most popular angels. What we don’t know, however, are that angels are more than what society has shown us. Angels play an even greater role in our lives and they are closer to us than we think.

We often think that angels are floating high above in the heavens, playing harps just looking down upon us from their place in the clouds. We think of winged beings. None of this is wrong and not one perspective is the only right one.

Angels are celestial beings of a very high vibration. Their vibration frequency is much higher than our spirit guides. They are with us when we engage in Spirit communication and often come to our rescue in life and death situations. They also are here to teach us life lessons.

Angels are androgynous, meaning that they are neither male nor female but can appear to us in an acceptable human form of a specific gender. They have never lived human experiences nor do they have any karma to work out. They are part of our consciousness and represent realms beyond mental thought.

The vibrational frequency of the angels of the highest hierarchy is so high that they can be in the presence of the Divine and experience no harm.

Although angels are here to protect and nurture humans, restore lost faith and act as healers, certain classes of angels serve specific purposes. These angels are not part of the highest hierarchy of angels and may or may not have experienced human incarnation during a lifetime(s).

Guardian angels often serve as lifelong guides of humans. Often people have one Guardian Angel per lifetime. Within this class of Guardian Angels are other types of angels. For example, there are nature angels who watch over particular areas of the earth such as the ocean, the forest, the mountains etc.. There are Archangels who serve as protectors for the entire planet (Archangel Michael is one of these). Messenger angels are angels who take on human form in order to deliver messages, to help us or to teach us. There are actually nine orders of angelic beings who exist within three rings (think of “spheres”) around the Divine Source, with the first ring being the highest order and the closest to the Divine. The first ring of angels consists of angels who serve as heavenly counselors; the second ring consists of angels who work as heavenly governors; the third ring consists of angels who act as both heavenly messengers and protectors.

For more information on angelic beings and the hierarchy of angels, read The Celestial Hierarchy by Dionysius. Angels are around us even though they may not be visible to the naked eye. Even for the skeptic, there is a Guardian Angel. We all have at least one so, maybe it’s time we get to know them?

Rev. Candace Nadine Breen

Sources: The Book of Psychic Symbols by Melaine Barnum

Complete Mediumship Home Study Course by Imagine Spirit Intuitive Arts and Carol Nicholson

© 2017 Candace Nadine Breen


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