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As We Forgive those who Trespass

Updated on September 23, 2014
The reason we can forgive. Our example the Lord Jesus Christ.
The reason we can forgive. Our example the Lord Jesus Christ.

Forgiveness is a value we need. We need the Heavenly Father's forgiveness and we need to forgive those who trespass against us and we need to forgive ourselves too. It really does matter how important you deem forgiveness. Is it valuable to you? It is a value which influences how we think and the decisions we make. Forgiveness gives us the ability to use our renewed mind. It is a new feature of our born again spirits. Prior to salvation there wasn't much emphasis placed on it.

The thing about not making amends and changes in our attitudes is the root of bitterness which can spring up and trouble us and defile others. A speedy response of forgiveness is what every situation needs. The transgression is sin, but the trespass comes first. A trespass happens when we do not respect boundaries. Boundaries are necessary to protect us against being a trespasser and being trespassed against. Jesus counsels that we ask the Father to be forgiven our trespasses, as we forgive those who trespass against us. Amending our relationships are of the utmost importance, but respect for boundaries is a precursor to understanding how and why we operated in trespasses which ultimately will lead to trespasses and sins of omission, if we are not careful. Sins of omission are those we fail to acknowledge and repent of. Can you imagine going into your prayer closet with those kinds of skeletons?

Forgiveness has to be given as fast as a trespass takes place or there may be too much time to think to hard about it. Our values guide our decisions. Jesus exhorts us that if we fail to forgive others, we are making a unprofitable decision if we want the Heavenly Father to forgive us our trespasses. Trespasses happen just as fast as the speed of light. It is having a value system in place which influences us to forgive that counts. How much value do we place on God's forgiveness? Forgiveness is a value only God has proven He will always succeed at. His mercy endures forever. The rebuke for us is how long will our mercy last? Will we run out and refuse to forgive? Or will we seek His mercy until it floods our hearts and changes us?

"For if you forgive men their trespasses, your heavenly Father will also forgive you: But if you forgive not men their trespasses, neither will your Father forgive your trespasses" (Matthew 6:14-15 KJV).

What is a trespass? How will we know that someone has trespassed against us? Picture if you will sitting alone at a bus stop in a peaceful state, meditating within yourself and waiting for the bus to arrive. A certain person comes and sits down as well and waits. The both of you exchange your cordial greetings. Out of the blue the conversation is steered to homosexuality and in the midst of the conversation, you can only take a stand based on the Scriptures and what the Word of God provides as the biblical stance regarding it. The conversation then veers unto eunuchs and one thing after another. The person endeavors to tell you about what the world has to say about these things. You in turn make a decision to tell them what the Word of God said. This person says to you that you should keep and open mind. You try to explain to them that you believe that holy men spoke as they were moved by the Holy Ghost, and that you do not have to entertain any other kind of mind. Who is the trespasser in this scenario? or who didn't respect boundaries? The person who was sitting quietly waiting at the bus stop or the debater? It really doesn't matter who initiated the trespass, it entails not desiring to place blame anywhere. Forgiveness is the only option. I would have to forgive myself for being seduced into a conversation, that I could very well have avoided if I had just held my piece and peace; and I must forgive the person for violating and not respecting my space. It was a gloriously beautiful day and the weather was indeed stellar.

There is somewhat of a history with this person in terms of riding the bus and she is very opinionated regarding any issue. She will strike up a conversation with anyone at the bus stop or on the bus who will listen to her go on and on. I usually limit my conversations with her because of this reason. She is very opinionated concerning how the world conducts itself and these aren't topics I delve into readily. It is written is the only biblical stance to take to avoid controversy and strife and keep your peace. She seemed somewhat bothered and I did ask her to forgive me. Sometimes it is not what we say, it may be how we say it. Afterwards I asked the Father to forgive me. Isn't that a premise to think about, not intentionally meaning any harm, yet finding yourself in the middle of a turning wheel.

This is a scenario to ponder. How someone sitting alone minding their own business, and is approached with an off the wall conversation, which is not Christ centered and has no real purpose is a trespass . This is trespassing and shows a lack of respect for someone else's mind. There are so many things you can talk about, why discuss what is an offense and abomination to God and disregard what He pronounces concerning it. We should always conclude dialogue which excludes what God says about something with, it is written period. Solution over problem, sin is always a problem that only the Word of God and the Spirit of God can cancel.

These days it is not profitable to engage in conversations about people who are sin sick, the only stand to take is prayer. My heart tells me if you are not willing to pray for sinners, you really don't have the right to discuss them at all, if you are not willing to take them in the prayer closet to God. He saves sinners every second of the day and night. A trespass is not respecting boundaries. Gossip and small talk about others is menial chatter, big talk is prayer. It means you see the bigger picture of why Jesus chose to die for sin. Homosexuals are sinners that need a Savior just like every one of us. The why's or how they chose the lifestyle dosen't amount to anything that makes it easier to understand the sin committed. Sin is first an offense to and against God, it is God that is being trespassed against, when what He wills is violated by immorality. He is the God of morality. Morality is beauty!

King Solomon said, "Here is another bit of wisdom that has impressed me as I have watched the way our world works" (Ecclesiastes 9:13 - NLT). The world system is a prayer-less orb, it doesn't deem talking to God about everything and anything something they desire to do. God gave them free will to choose, it is sometimes referred to as the right to choose, the problem with the two terminologies not being interchangeable is that to experience the right to choose, you will have to choose righteousness. We as Christians cannot adopt the same stance as the world system, because we should be striving to talk to God about everything and not take on the world system's prayer less identity characteristics.

Beloved, forgive and don't let it live, don't let the darkness of the devil and demons in, forgive do it today, send it away, let mercy reign, forgive! Come back to grace, we never will deserve it but the Father chose to give us this precious gift. Forgive!


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    • mabelhenry profile imageAUTHOR


      4 years ago from Harrisburlg, Pennsylvania

      Hi there, "lambservant" Yes, indeed this is quite a challenge for human nature. As you declared we can do all things through Christ who strengthens us. This is when grace is sufficient because of our weakness and His strenghth is what we depend on. We must value forgiveness so that it can manifestly influence our decision to forgive. I find that it has to be a quick decision that goes pass our reasoning or we will spend a lot of time thinking about who is right and wrong. This is the place when we deny ourselves and follow our leader Jesus and just do what He has shown and told us. Forgiving others because if we don't the Father won't forgive us gives it a final twist. Jesus asked the Father to forgive all who were in agreement with His crucifixion because they knew not what they were doing. Sin is insanity. This is the place we need to draw from, if Jesus could forgive, how can we not forgive. We have not resisted unto the blood shed of crucifixion. Yet it is a challenge each and every time we are faced with it.

    • lambservant profile image

      Lori Colbo 

      4 years ago from Pacific Northwest

      Why is forgiveness so hard for us? It's so easy to tell others to forgive, but much harder to do it ourselves. Jesus said to deny ourselves, take up His cross and follow Him. Denying ourselves doesn't mean we let people abuse us, and never draw boundaries, but we need to give up our right to be bitter and retaliatory. This is not in our earthly DNA, but we can do all things through Christ who strengthens us.


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