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Ascension, Lords of Karma & Personal Destiny – Quick Fixes Don’t Exist & You Can’t Cheat Fate

Updated on December 31, 2013

While the concept of being able to free one's self from challenging karma by "asking ‘The Lords of Karma' for release..." is certainly appealing, we ask, what sort of karma does one expect to be able to dodge using this method?

Ongoing conflict with a family member? Noisy neighbors? Habits relating to over-indulgence?

Or, perhaps one expects to be able to erase much more significant karma and be released from the following, for example: physical handicaps or serious illness; moderate income with lots of work and little free time to learn other skills; the demanding burden of family members, like problem children or an ill parent who needs your constant support; being financially trapped with a spouse who does not give you what you want and who won't change; or repeatedly attracting unfaithful and hurtful love interests.

One must first identify their personal karma if they truly want to know that they really did eliminate it without balancing it directly. How do you know it is your karma in the first place? We find comprehensive astrology and numerology to be the most effective way to measure karma and its timing.

From our perspective, if significant karma really was removed from one's life, it would be identifiable in the charts before it was removed, as important life circumstance and events are consistently symbolized by comprehensive charting patterns.

What we are saying is, all too often, we hear of people talking about "erasing karma" (often times they refer to future circumstances that they claim are "just possibilities"). In all the cases we've reviewed, we've asserted that it wasn't their karma to experience in the first place after finding zero indications of the said "karma" in the charts, so they really didn't erase anything.

We are very interested in hearing about karma that anyone claims to have successfully bypassed without having to directly balance. We are constantly searching for evidence that would challenge or invalidate our theory that everyone's life is full of unalterable karmic events and circumstances. So far, we have found none.

For the record, as we state on our websites, we contend that at least 75% of the key themes, events, circumstances, and happenings in everyone's life are predestined. We also feel that everyone has their own unique "karmic framework," within which only the desired outcomes that fit within those boundaries will be able to be manifested. Yes, the universe "always says yes," and yes there are "unlimited possibilities" in this universe, but only on a soul level as you plan your next life before you incarnate into this dimension, where spiritual and karmic laws can't be compromised.

We admire those who strive to heal and improve themselves, their relationships, and other parts of their lives, but we would like to remind everyone that many of the complications and challenges of life serve a higher purpose. It would be nice if you could just erase what you don't like, but then that would defeat the primary purpose of being here.

It goes without saying that we feel the "Lords of Karma" concept is a myth. You are the only lord of your own karma. Most, if not all respected experts in the area of reincarnation, karma, past life regression, and life- between-life, based on years of unbiased research, agree.

We are disappointed that some promote the "Lords of Karma" concept because it encourages avoiding taking responsibility for one's actions. No one gets a "get out of jail free" card, no matter how much they pray, lie, deny, or bargain.

Ultimately, everything you do, say and intend will come back to you.

Furthermore, nobody "grants" you "ascension" or anything else and a talented writer saying something is so doesn't make it so. We find promoting such baseless concepts irresponsible and frivolous.

You can't live healthfully on a 100% junk food diet just by asking the Lords of Health to help you bypass health challenges.

You can't be fluent in Japanese simply by asking the Lords of the Japanese Language to give you that ability.

You can't sober up after downing 5 stiff drinks just by asking the Lords of Sobriety to free you of intoxication.

You do have free will to accept your karma, both the good and the bad, to forgive yourself and others, which will make it easier to deal with, and to react positively with unconditional love to the conditions and events in your life. But there are no simple wave-your-magic-wand solutions, despite what many New Age promoters cheerfully advocate.

Copyright © Scott Petullo, Stephen Petullo


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    • profile image

      Katt Terrance 6 years ago

      Is this too personal a question, if not, what astrological sign are you two? I am only interested because of my deep belief in in your awesome abilities and astrology.

    • profile image

      Sylvia 6 years ago

      Because of your accurate and amazing insight to these things, do you have a following (for lack of a better word)where I can keep up with your latest posts, etc.

    • profile image

      Sylvia 6 years ago

      I have read many of your publications but returned to this page where I posted the first time I found your website with user name Electra444 . I don't know why I was destined to go to the only psychic in the world who had a 100% track record. But I did and while at the time, 1970s, her predictions just were not going to happen. I even had phone numbers given to me to pull me out of the situation should it happen. You guessed it, the people who gave me their numbers died. I found you on the Internet when I was forced to move to Las Vegas from Thousand Oaks, CA and here is where I was supposed to be for my destiny to play out and play out it is. I have a question. Just what is a psychic looking at? She was specific, amazingly accurate for descriptions, details, personality traits, pain and suffering including a death, etc.(no misses) Do they "SEE" the future. She only looked at me and touched my wrist. Do they see what could have been planned but maybe changed (always the hope) What in the world are they looking at. If it weren't for this psychic I wouldn't be questioning these things. She brought me to the realization of reincarnation and fate with her unfaltering predictions. But where do they get their information about things 30 years in the future about people who were not even born yet?

    • profile image

      Electra444 7 years ago

      I was very madly in love with a man I work with and assumed by his actions that he was madly in love with me. One day a girl half my age starts working there and soon they are an item. Now she is pregnant and they are engaged. This all happened in a month's time. I have to watch it all happen around me. Your comments helped me about expectations on a soul level and some training I had in detachment. I thought I would have to leave the company which would really hurt me financially, but by using detachment and looking at the bigger picture, I was able to see life as you mentioned above and also as an added bonus, while everyone was waiting for me to fall apart, I was able to maintain in a dignified and regal manner. The ex boyfriend even seemed miffed by my casual attitude. I was very proud (oops hope that is not bad karma,pride) of my handling of a very painful situation which soon became less painful with enlightenment and detachment. Thanks again.

    • profile image

      Electra444 7 years ago

      I have to add a comment to what you said. You are exactly correct. I am expecting something from someone and cannot detach. That is what is causing the suffering and you were "right on" when you said I am expecting something should be a certain way because it was that way supposedly in past lifetimes, but not this one. You are very perceptive. I must detach and move on and the suffering will cease.

    • profile image

      Electra444, 7 years ago

      I am not feeling enlightened as I realize one that there really are some people out there who are true psychics and actually foresee detailed future events and how can you be enlightened when you are going through something that is causing you suffering. How can that be enlightening? The only thing I can think of is that it will stop some day and I am paying back bad karma. But to me, it just paying back bad karma and that is what the psychic said at the time of reading, "You did this to someone in a prvious lifetime". It might be fair, but not enlightening.

    • profile image

      Colleen 7 years ago

      Interesting post. I agree with it. When I was about two years into recovery from addiction to alcohol I had a dream where my Higher Self was acting like a defense attorney, arguing to the Lords of Karma that since I was not responsible for my addiction I should not be held responsible for the karmic consequences of what I did when under the influence. They listened attentively to the argument and did not disagree with the case my advocate was making. But they were absolutely unmoved. Implacable. Not budging an inch. I was going to have to deal with every bit of karma my actions generated, whether I was responsible for them or not. That's just how it works.

      I believe that the only way to escape karma is to become enlightened. When you stop fighting with the present moment and completely accept it, you can start acting in conscious alignment with universal consciousness instead of flailing around in blind ignorance of it. I am very grateful to have found a path and I hope that everyone finds their way.

    • profile image

      Electra444 7 years ago

      Oh I am here with my prediction from the psychic. I cannot change the circumstances. they just keep happening. I am scared. Will prayer help?

    • profile image

      Electra4444 8 years ago

      I would like to say that many years ago, a psychic made predictions that uncannily came true. she also predicted an event that would happen in the future, which is now. At the time I was impressed with her knowledge of the past and became impressed as her predictions - same of them unusual - came to pass. I am now in a situation where one of those predictions appears to be happening. I am trying to escape this event, but cannot. I would also like to know if there is anyway that the event can be averted. At the time of her reading I remember thinking that if what she predicted ever happened, I would run in the opposite direction. It seemed so far away and unprobably. But now I cannot run and I cannot hide.


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