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Ashes to Eternity

Updated on January 30, 2010

ashes to eternity


Ashes to Ashes.. Fear not what remains ...God's Promise is still the same

             Having 4 atheist friends, and yes I realize that is not a large enough number to do real stats on, but, I will at the very least write this article!  Two have passed  and the other two are still fearing their demise. All four are/were alcoholics and very much boisterous. Regarding that, we will all resort to dirt one day. Each with different, colorful personalities that always knew/know how to boldly persuade me to pull out my passion for God and life topics.

                My questions were always simple ones. How could one not believe in a higher being? Could they possible think they could have created something as awesome and in perfect working order as our universe? How could they have such  high morals and standards of living without the compass of the higher being?  Why do they look to the medical profession with such respect and admiration?  As if they are a higher being and can actually save them from the destruction they set up for themselves...mentally and physically.

            In my younger years, since they were many years my elders, I hardly ever brought the topic of religion up.  Always remaining firm on my beliefs but never with an arguement!  Now when speaking with them I show them through my gifts from God exactly what can be accomplished with a strong mind and a faithful stance within my higher being....God!  Well at least they are accepting of that there is a higher being and one is now searching for God!

           Wish I could say that time is not of the essence, however knowing there is no man that really can calculate the end of this earth or when the last call will be made! This is the time to ask those intelligent questions to gain the most insightful answers and a complete relief of stress that one allows on himself to believe that all that will remain is the vessel we came with...........There is love and joy in feeling free to love, accept, cherish and respect God applys to us ,  giving us free will and the ability to feel all emotions that we are born with.

             So my last question /statements here is........why is it that believers in God seem more content, less cynical, more able to handle dissappointment and tragedy?    Seems to me just more reasons to find where God is.......some might even be suprised that God is not only close by but lives within them as well!


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