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Ashwini Nakshatra Characteristics

Updated on March 23, 2015

Ashwini is the first star of the zodiac having a spread from 0˚ to 13˚20' and is rules by the node Ketu.

Ancient Seers seen the constellation in the form of "Horse Head" in the form of 2 stars. These stars are known in Modern Astronomy as 'Alpha-Arietes' (Hamal) and 'β-Arietes' (Sheratan).

The Puranas relate that the 2 Aswini Kumaras were born to mother Sanga and father Sun. Ashwini rules all forms of transportation and fast travel. These are very active, always busy doing something and quick in action. Due to their propensity to jump into any kinds of activities, they may be called as hyperactive. Many times, it displays their qualities of initiative, however, at many times it results in failures due to jumping into something without prior evaluation of pros and cons of their action.They are ambitious and has a strong drive to create something on their own such a new thought, attitude, ideology or mundane things like business, enterprise etc.

Horse are characterized by nervousness, fidget and always prepared to run and so does the Ashwinis.

'Spontaneous' is the word which sums up this nakshatra's nature and functioning. These are direct, straight-forward people and appreciate the same in others. They have eye for need of others and very helpful in nature. Love to be Unique and different.

Period up to his 30th years of age will be full of struggle. He has to face obstacles even for smallmatters. From the 30th year of age, there will be steady and continuous progress which will continueup to 55 years of age.

Normally marriage takes place between the periods of 23 years to 26 years of age. However if themarriage takes place at young age, i.e., before 23 years, they might end up with divorce or separation.

Body-Parts: Knees and top portion of the Feet.

Quarters (Padas):

1st Pada:- Most Pioneering, Courageous and Physically Active.

2nd Pada:- More Practical and like to see Material manifestation of its thoughts and ideas.

3rd Pada:- These are very quick and adept all kinds of Mental activity said to be Speedy Jack of the Zodiac.

4th Pada:- These have Healing power and an eye for people's need.

Professions: Equestrian, Horse trainers and keepers of all kinds. Physicians, Therapists, Chemists, Counsellors, Transportation industries, Athletes and all Sports related Jobs, Herbologists, Explorers, Gardeners, Stunt-Men, Concretors, Soldiers, Generals, Mechanical Engineers and all those of Healing field.

Places: Grazing lands, Stables, Hospitals, Botanical gardens, Military bases, Health Clubs & Gymnasiums, Railway tracks, Kindergartens and Race Tracks of all kinds.

Mantras: "Om Am" , "Om Im" (recite 108 times when Moon transiting in this nakshatra).

Gotra (Celestial Lineage): This star is related to sage Marichi. The name of this sage translates into 'Light'.

Sexual Animal: Horse.


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